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Упр. 371. Перефразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя независимый причастный оборот

1. As the front door was open, she could see straight through the house. 2. Rip had no desire to work on his farm, for it was to his mind the worst piece of land in the neighbourhood. 3. They stood there; the night wind was shaking the drying whispering leaves. 4. As the situation was urgent, we had to go ahead. 5. When the greetings were over, Old Jolyon seated himself in a wicker chair. 6. The town of Crewe is known to be one of the most busy junctions in England: many railway lines pass through it. 7. We set off; the rain was still coming down heavily. 8. After a private sit-tingroom had been engaged, bedrooms inspected and dinner ordered, the party walked out to view the city. 9. Dinner was served on the terrace, as it was very close in the room. 10. Thoughtful, Andrew finished his omelette; his eyes were all the time fixed upon the microscope. 11. There was in fact nothing to wait for, and we got down to work. 12. The question was rather difficult to answer at once, and I asked for permission to think it over. 13. He stood leaning against the wall, his arms were folded. 14. There was very little time left; we had to hurry. 15. Of an evening he read aloud; his small son sat by his side. 16. The new engines were safely delivered, all of them were in good order. 17. Our efforts to start the car had failed, and we spent the night in a nearby village. 18. As our work was finished, we went home. 19. If the letter is posted today, the news will reach them tomorrow. 20. If mother permits us, we shall go to the theatre. 21. When the working day was over, she went straight home. 22. As a storm was arising, the ship entered the harbour. 23. When the packing had been done, the girls left for the station. 24. As the stop was a long one, the girls got off the train. 25. As the weather was perfect, Lydia played tennis every day. 26. As the last month was a very busy one, she could not answer her friend's letter. 27. If time permits, we shall come a few days earlier. 28. When the third bell had gone, the curtain slowly rose. 29. As the underground station was not far, we walked there. 30. Bill could not sleep the whole night, as there was something wrong with his eye. 31. As the rules were very strict, the doorkeeper did not permit Bill to enter.

Запомните следующее предложение:

Time permitting, we shall go for a walk. Если время позволит, мы пойдем гулять.

Упр. 372. Переведите на английский язык, употребляя независимый причастный оборот.

1. Так как было очень поздно, собрание было закрыто. 2. Если погода позволит, мы пойдем на каток. 3. Так как все было готово, она решила отдохнуть. 4. Так как было уже поздно, они никуда не пошли. 5. Так как погода была холодная, Джек спрятал руки в карманы. 6. Так как быстро темнело, она поспешила домой. 7. Когда солнце зашло, сразу стало темно. 8, Так как наш разговор был закончен, я пошел домой. 9. Когда письмо было написано, она быстро побежала на почту отправить его. 10. Так как оставалось еще полчаса до отхода поезда, мы решили поужинать на вокзале. 11. Если погода будет благоприятной, спортсмены могут показать хорошие результаты. 12. Мы долго разговаривали: он задавал мне вопросы, а я охотно на них отвечал. 13. Если условия позволят, я приеду к вам на лето. 14. Так как было очень тепло, дети спали на открытом воздухе. 15. Когда все приготовления были закончены, мы отправились в поход. 16. Корабль медленно плыл вдоль берегов Белого моря; сотни птиц кружились над ним. 17. Было очень темно,

так как на небе не было ни одной звездочки.

18. Когда солнце село, туристы развели костер.


I like seeing a good film.

Seeing a good film is a pleasure.

We thought of seeing a film after supper.

He went home without seeing the film.

Упр. 373. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на герундий.

1. Have you finished writing? 2. Taking a cold shower in the morning is very useful. 3. I like skiing, but my sister prefers skating. 4. She likes sitting in the sun. 5. It looks like raining. 6. My watch wants repairing. 7. Thank you for coming. 8. I had no hope of getting an answer before the end of the month. 9.1 had the pleasure of dancing with her the whole evening. 10. Let's go boating. 11. He talked without stopping. 12. Some people can walk all day without feeling tired. 13. Living in little stuffy rooms means breathing poisonous air. 14. Iron is found by digging in the earth. 15. There are two ways of getting sugar: one from beet and the other from sugar-cane. 16. Jane Eyre was fond of reading. 17. Miss Trotwood was in the habit of asking Mr. Dick his opinion.

Упр. 374. В следующих предложениях замените придаточные дополнительные герундием с предлогом of.

E.g. She thought she would go to the country

for the week-end.

She thought of going to the country for

the week-end

1. I thought I would come and see you tomorrow. 2. I am thinking that I shall go out to the country tomorrow to see my mother. 3. What do you think you will do tomorrow? 4.1 don't know now; I thought

l would go to the zoo, but the weather is so bad that probably I shan't go. 5. I hear there are some English books at our institute book-stall now. - So you are thinking that you will buy some, aren't you? 6.1 thought I would work in the library this evening, but as you have come, I won't go to the library.

Упр. 375. В следующих предложениях замените придаточные времени герундием с предлогом after. E.g. When she had bought everything she needed, she went home. After buying everything she needed, she went home

1. After I had hesitated some minutes whether to buy the hat or not, I finally decided that I might find one I liked better in another shop. 2. When she had graduated from the university, she left St. Petersburg and went to teach in her home town.

3. When he had proved that his theory was correct, he started studying ways and means of improving the conditions of work in very deep coalmines.

4. After she took the child to the kindergarten, she went to the library to study for her examination.

5. When he had made a thorough study of the subject, he found that it was a great deal more important than he had thought at first.

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