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Venice — La Serenissima

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For these two days Vanessa became Frank's and Bill's guide, showing them places in Venice. These were small, 63

unique art galleries, museums and churches off the beaten track,shops where the best bargainswere to be had, popular eating places favoured by Venetians in the know."Shall we take a gondola up the Grand Canal,Vanessa? It's still the most spectacular trip,isn't it?" Bill asked, feeling a sudden rush of happinesssurging up in him. "Absolutely. And I'd love it. It's ages since I've done it myself, and I guess the Grand Canal personifies Venice, doesn't it? Besides, I find gondolas a very relaxing way to travel."

They sat with their backs to the gondolier,who was in the prow.Now they were facing St. Mark's Basin, the vast expanse of waterthat rolled up to the quay. The gondolaslid slowly up the Grand Canal, past the ancient palazzos, full of priceless treasures, worksof art by the great masters. The houses were built on stilts, just as Venice itself was built on pilingspounded into the sand, silt, and rock centuries ago. Sinking, Vanessa thought, with a shudder,they say it's sinking. And it was, very slowly, even though some of the rot had been stopped. How terrible if it all sinks. What a tragedythat would be. Directly in front of them now were the island of San Giorgio, the Church of the Salute, and the Dogana,the three pearl buildings to the entranceof Venice, which were turning golden in the late afternoon sunlight. "The lightof Turner," Bill said, "and the skyhas gone a peculiar yellow, the yellowwhich Turner captured so perfectly on canvas.I've always loved the paintingshe did of Venice." Fading sunlight caught the cupolas of the Basilica, giving the pink, terra-cotta, ocher, and powdery yellow adusky, golden cast.All these colours of Venice blended in a delicate mix, with just the hint of greenhere and there. And everywhere the sense of blue ... bluesbleeding into watery grays.

Ex. 103.Use the article if necessary.

I. Glancing up, Bill scanned ... sky. It was ... soft, cerulean blue, filled with ... white clouds. There were no ...warplanes in ... sight. ... armored Land Rover came down ... street and came to ... stop next to him. ... driver was ... British journalist, Geoffrey Jackson, ... old friend, who worked for ... Daily Mail. "... explosion came from over there," Jeoffrey said, "Want ... lift?" "Sure do, thanks," Bill replied and hopped into ... Land Rover. As they raced along ... street, Bill said aloud, "It was more than likely ... bomb was lobbed into ... Sarajevo by ... Serbs in ... hills, don't you think?" "Absolutely," Geoffrey agreed, "but we are supposed to leave ... town today. For ... week's relaxation and rest in Italy."

II....light in ... piazza was silvery, ... sky leaden, ... faint mist was rising from ... lagoon and ... canals were in ... veil of ... grey on this cold winter's afternoon. Bill walked slowly across ... St. Mark's Square, not caring about ... weather in ... least. It was ... relief to be in ... Venice after ... battlefields of ... Bosnia. ... Venetians loved this city, La Serenissima they called it, this city of ... churches and ... palaces floating on ... water, brimming with ... treasures of ... art and ... architecture. Bill thought it was one of ... most intriguing and evocative places in ... world.

Ex 104. Read the text and comment on the use or on the absence articles. Retell the text.

Bill Fitzgerald, chief foreign correspondent for CHS, the American cable news network, was now a war correspon­dent, and it was his job to bring the news to the people. World news. American news. Business news. Bill Fitzgerald was a renowned newsman, the undoubted star at the Cable News Systems, noted for his measured, accurate but hard-hitting reports from the world's battlefields and troublespots, be it Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel or Iraq. Whenever flare-ups happened, Bill and his crew were right in the thick of it. Feverishly filming, wanting to be graphic, moving, vivid, and hard-hitting.

People trusted him, had confidence in him, and his newscasts had huge success on television. Bill always followed the old journalistic rule of thumb: WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHAT, and HOW, which had been taught to him by his father, a respected newspaperman. As a newsman Bill could never become involved with the events he was covering. He had to be dispassionate, objective and balanced. Like a bystander, watching in a sense. But sometimes, he couldn't help getting involved. It got to him occasionally, ... the pain, the human suffering. And it was always the innocent who were the most hurt. Wars killed the soul, drained the spirit, and damaged the psyche.

Bill's crew were his cameraman, Mike Williams, and Joe Alonzo, his soundman who had done telecasts to the States with him for many years now. They had met about ten years ago and had been fast friends ever since. And even when they were in different parts of the world, they still stayed in constant touch. They were exceptionally close, shared the same interests and understood each other perfectly, they were usually on the same wavelength.

(after B. Bradford)

Ex. 105.Insert the article if necessary

1.... teachers are like weather, one minute good, one minute bad. 2. Opening ... fridge door, Jake took out ... beer, opened it and drank ... cold beer from ... bottle, enjoying it; ... beer always tasted better from ... bottle. 3. She is on ... diet, so she ordered ... calorie-free dinner.

4. ... evidence of ... happy marriage is when ... husband and ... wife obviously enjoy each other's company. 5. We'd like to have ... wedding in ... fall, in ... early October, just as ... foliage begins to turn yellow. 6. Emma's eyes rested on ... memorandum again. Here was ... opportunity she had been waiting for and she seized it. 7. ... red suits her; she's got ... great style. It's ... special kind of chic only ... French seem to have. 8. ... plane now was climbing up through ... sky, so blue that its clarity hurt ... eyes. It's ... sky from ... Turner painting in ... National Gallery, Emma thought, ... Yorkshire sky on ... spring day when ... wind has driven ... fog from ... moors. 9. He is ... music man and makes ... constant travels from one end of ... globe to ... other. 10. After ... light supper she went to ... bed early. Almost immediately she fell into ... sound sleep, and it was ... dreamless sleep for most of ... night. Then just as ... dawn was breaking she awakened with ... start and sat bolt upright in ... bed.

Ex. 106.Insert the article if necessary

1. My Grandmother was ... true original. Strong of character, she truly ruled our family with ... iron hand. In ... velvet glove, of course. 2. Maxim was at ... centre of her thoughts. He was her world — ... sun, ... moon, ... stars. 3. He had ordered ... chilled white wine; it was ... young wine and it was ... perfect choice. 4. It was ... beautiful night, warm, balmy, gentle. ... ink-black sky was sprinkled with ... stars, and there was ... hazy full moon. 5. "Harrow! That's ... marvellous school! Winston Churchill, ... Prime Minister of England, went to Harrow." 6. I'm looking for ... Miss Rosie. I was told she was ... barmaid here. 7. "Yes," she said in ... soft whisper. "Why, you sound like ... scared little church mouse." 8. ... marmalade is usually made from ... oranges. It is usually eaten for ... breakfast with ... toast. 9. ... woman must be ... genius to create ... good husband. (Balzac) 10. "... Royals" is ... serial, which portraits ... life of ... members of ... Royal Family in ... United Kingdom. 11. It was ... cold Saturday morning at ... beginning of ... month. ... first snap of ... frost was in ... air, after ... mild October of ... Indian-summer weather. But nonetheless, it was ... sparkling day, sunny, with ... bright blue sky.


Ex. 107. Insert the article if necessary

I. It had rained earlier in day and as Maggie left house, she lifted her eyes to sky. Sun was coming out again, and quite suddenly rainbow trembled up there above trees, perfect arc of pink and blue, violet, and yellow. Maggie thought it was good omen. Her mother had been most positive person she had ever known, one who had always believed in pot of gold at end of rainbow, and bluebirds bringing happiness. Mom was eternal optimist, she thought.

II. I lay in bed, staring at clock in dim light of room. I had awakened sooner than I usually did. Although I was early riser, and always had been, I generally slept until six. Sliding out of bed, I went to window, opened blind, and stood peering out. It was still dark, but soon it would be dawn. I let myself drift with my thoughts and felt rush of tears. Blinking them away, I took firm hold of myself and went to bathroom. After pinning up my hair under cap, I took quick shower. Few minutes later, as I toweled myself dry, I found myself glancing at corner of bathtub near taps.

Chapter III.


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