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B. Speak about the things you have done this week What other things have to be done?


Ex,591. Read and translate the text. Comment on the words in bold

"You are a vile, repulsive, repellent, malicious little brute!" the Trunchbull was shouting. "You are not fit to be in this school! You ought to be behind bars, that's where you ought to be! I shall have you drummed outof this establishment in utter disgrace! I shall have the prefects chaseyou down the corridor and out of the front-door with hockey-sticks! I shall have the staff escortyou home under armed guard! And then I shall make absolutely sure you are sent to a reformatory for delinquent girls for the minimum of forty years!" The Trunchbull was in such a rage that her face had taken on a boiled colour and little flecks of froth were gathering at the corners of her mouth. But she was not the only one who was losing her cool. Matilda was also beginning to see red. She didn't in the least mind beingaccused of having donesomething she had actually done. She could see the justice of that. It was, however, a totally new experience for her to be accusedof a crime that she definitely had not committed. She had had absolutely nothing to dowith that beastly creature in the glass. By golly, she thought, that rotten Trunchbull isn't going to pin this one on me! "/ did not do it!" she screamed.

(after R Dahl)

Ex. 592.Translate into English

I. Каждая женщина знает, что если у нее плохое на­строение, то она должна купить что-то новое или же сделать прическу. 2. Мне подарили новые серьги. Нужно проколоть уши. 3. Мне опять разбили окно в машине. Нужно срочно установить сигнализацию. 4. Три месяца назад мы подали заявку на установ­ку нового телефона. Мы все еще ждем. 5. Нужно пройти техосмотр. Но перед этим нужно сменить покрышки, зарядить аккумулятор, залить бак. 6. У него отобрали права за то, что он нарушил правила движения. 7. Смотри, чтобы тебе не прищемило паль­цы дверью. 8. У моей бабушки частые головные боли. Ей нужно проверить сосуды. 9. — Реклама говорит, что если хочешь иметь ослепительную улыбку, нуж но отбелить зубы.— Мне нужно их сначала заплом бировать. 10. Если ты не хочешь, чтобы у тебя опять угнали машину, держи ее в гараже, а не на улице II. Мне нужно сделать встроенные шкафы в кварти ре (to recabinet). 12. Они собираются окрестить свое го ребенка в следующее воскресенье. 13. Вам нужно подписать все бумаги, прежде чем идти к юристу. 14. Пока не пришла зима, мне нужно сдать в чистку все зимние вещи. 15. У него сдуло ветром шляпу и унесло далеко в море. Нужно покупать новую. 16. Я проявила пленки и заплатила целое состояние за это. 17. Мне нашли комнату. 18. Им доставили пиццу в комнату. 19. Им должны установить новую копиро­вальную машину в четверг. 20. Фермер собрал уро­жай в конце августа.

Ex 593.Use the right form of the verbs in brackets Use prepositions if necessary

1. Do you remember (say) it a few months ago? 2. We are tired (push around). 3. Who is responsible (clean) the rooms? 4. The whole house needs (redecorate). 5. She loved (sing) at the top of her voice. 6. Congratulations on (pass) your driving test! 7.1 am not afraid (misunderstand). 8. Have you finished (talk) yet? 9. Nobody wants Laura (hurt). 10. "Money should (make) to work," she announced. 11. As a financial man you should know that money is a tool (use) to make more money. 12. The candidates waited for the questions (distribute). 13. Are you afraid (punish)? 14. We all enjoyed (swim) in the cool lake. 15. She knew what (do) to preserve it all. 16. Justice should (do). It must (do) in the name of those millions who died. 17. What can't (cure), must (endure).


Ex 594. Translate into English

1. Он стоял, словно громом пораженный. Непредви­денный поворот событий заставил его почувствовать себя побежденным. 2. — Я сейчас читаю «Униженные и оскорбленные» Ф. Достоевского. — А я читаю «От­верженные» Виктора Гюго. 3. Представьте себе, сколь многого мы еще не знаем., сколь многое остается скры­тым от нас. 4. Застигнутый врасплох, мальчик спря­тал руки за спину. 5. Мы ценим все усилия, сделан­ные вами. 6. Гости разъехались по домам, весьма за­интригованные. 7. Хлеб, выпекаемый в этой пекарне, особенно вкусен. 8. Давайте будем считать это дело решенным. 9. Она выглядела глубоко обиженной. 10. Ребенок рыдал над разбитой игрушкой. 11. Войдя в столовую, мы увидели (обнаружили), что стол уже накрыт. 12. Методы, используемые для тестирования знаний студентов, не всегда эффективны. 13. Давно забытые мечты ожили в его душе. 14. Обещание, дан­ное ею в последний момент, тяготило ее. 15. Когда этот роман был экранизирован, он имел мгновенный успех. 16. Незамеченный, он внимательно наблюдал за всем и всеми. 17. Увядшая роза— символ давно забытой любви. 18. Заново отремонтированный, дом выглядел новым, как с иголочки. 19. Предоставленный самому себе, мальчик стал разбирать новую игрушку. 20. Скон­струированный по последнему слову техники, автомо­биль вызвал всеобщее восхищение.

Test the Verbals

Ex. 595.Read the texts, translate them and comment on the verbals

1. Meredith cleared her throat, and went on, "I never had any sense of identity when I was young. Not knowing who you are and where you come from is very frightening. It's almost like being a non-person. Since I didn't have an identity, I invented myself. But now getting my birth certificate means a great deal to me." 2. Always, in the past, Meredith had used work to subjugate heartache, bring it to heal. Working hard until she dropped had enabled her to keep her mind off her troubles, to function properly. 3. Left alone, Meredith and Eunice looked at each other carefully without speaking. It was Eunice who finally said at last, "You've grown up to be a wonderful-looking woman, and you've certainly made a go of it, you really have. Living in America, owning all these inns." 4. Reed Jamison was speechless. In all of his forty-one years he had never been discarded by a woman. He had always been the one to end affairs or start them controlling, manipulating, pulling the puppet's strings and getting his own way. He continued to stare at Meredith. She was the only woman who had ever bested him, and a terrible rage began to fulminate in him. He leapt to his feet, glaring at her. "I'm glad I found out what kind of woman you really are! Before I made the terrible mistake of marrying you!" he shouted. 5. After that she managed to put the matter out of her mind; she had always had the ability to pigeonhole problems until it was the appropriate time to deal with them. And so she managed to get through the next few days without dwelling too much on her health or mental state. 6. After this sleepless night I was eager to see Mr. Rochester in the morning, but there was no sign of him. He had obviously told the servants that he had accidentally set fire to his room by knocking over a lighted candle. As I passed his bedroom, I saw Grace sitting inside, calmly mending the curtains. She certainly did not look mad enough to have tried to murder her master. But I decided to investigate.

Ex, 596. Open the brackets to make the story complete Retell it

Finding Shelter

After (travel) for two days in the coach, I was put down at a crossroads on the moor, with no money or possessions, as I realized now that I had left my parcel inside the coach. I was glad (see) there were no towns around as I did not want people (question) me or pity me. After (search) for quite a long time, I found a dry place (sleep), there (be) no rain and it (be) a warm night. In the morning I happened (find) a small village. I needed all my courage (knock) on some of the doors, (ask) if there was any (pay) work I could do, only (refuse) politely. And I could not (bring) myself (beg) for food, although by now I felt weak and faint. All I ate that day was a piece of bread, which I still had to beg from a farmer (eat) his supper. The next day I spent (walk) from house to house, (look) in vain for work. By the end of the day j began (wonder) why I should struggle (stay) alive, when I not (want) (live).

The wind and the rain (beat) down on me, I finally arrived at a long, low house, (stand) (isolate) in the middle of the moor. (Hide) near the door, I could (see) into the kitchen through a small (uncurtain) window. I saw an elderly woman (mend) clothes, and two young ladies, who seemed (learn) a language with dictionaries. The ladies looked so kind and sensible, that I dared (knock) at the door. The elderly woman opened it, but she (must) (think) I was a thief or a beggar, because she refused (let) me (speak) to the young ladies. The door closed firmly, (shut) me out from the warmth inside.

I dropped on to the wet doorstep, (prepare) (die). There the young ladies' brother found me, (return) home a few minutes later, and he insisted (bring) me into the house. They gave me bread and milk, and asked my name. "Jane Elliot," I replied. I did not want anyone (know) who I was and where I had come from. (See) that I was too tired (speak), they helped me upstairs to a bedroom. For three days and nights I lay in bed (exhaust) by my experiences. When I felt strong enough (go) downstairs, the sisters looked after me very kindly, and made me (feel) welcome in their pleasant home. They were sensitive enough (avoid) (ask) questions which would hurt me. I told them only that, after (leave) Lowood school, I became a governess in a wealthy family, where an unfortunate event made me (run) away. I offered them (do) any kind of work, (teach), (sew), (clean), so that I (can) (become) independent again.

(after Charlotte Bronte)

Ex. 597. A. Read the text and translate it

Sing Your Stress Away!

When was the last time you really sang your heart out? For most of us, the answer is likely to be at school — and that's a real shame, because singing can do a lot more for us than just creating entertainment.

It's terrific for our emotional and even our physical health. If your reaction is "Not me — I can't sing a note" or "I'm tone deaf", then think again. According to the experts, if you can speak, you can sing — you may never do it in the Bolshoi or in the Albert Hall but if you enjoy doing it and feel better for it, who cares?

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