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Упр. 46. Поставьте прилагательное в скобках в сравнительную или превосходную степень


1. Which is (big): Canada or Australia? 2. The Supreme Court is (high) Judicial organ of the US. 3. (Famous) name connected with the British police is Scotland Yard. 4. I have two sons. My (old) son joined the Army and now my (young) son wants to join the Police. 5. This is (dangerous) road in this district; there were three serious accidents on it last year. 6. He is very shy. But when he gets to know people quite well he becomes much (self-confident). 7. Travelling by train is (interesting) than travelling by plane. 8. Since we’ve lived in the countryside, we’ve been much (happy). 9. Do you know which is (small) planet in our solar system? 10. She’s (young) than the others in the group, and she’s (good) than most of them as well. 11. It is (easy) to swim in the sea than in the river. 12. He was (careful) than I was. 13. What is your height? You are (tall) than me. 14. Which is (hot) month of the year? 15. (Tall) trees in the world grow in California.


N.B. Мы употребляем as … as, когда хотим сказать, что два человека или предмета обладают одинаковыми качествами. В отрицаниях мы употребляем not as … as или not so … as. as … as - такой же… как / так же… как … not as … as - не такой … как / не так … как as … as possible - как можно …


Упр. 47. Прочитайте и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на выделенные словосочетания.


1. He is as good as any boy in our school. 2. You should see as much as you can at this exibition. 3. He runs as fast as his brother. 4. This exercise is not as easy as it looks. 5. Other universities are not as old as Cambridge and Oxford. 6. I don’t read as much as she. 7. My shopping bag is as heavy as yours. 8. Coffee isn’t as healthy as milk. 9. The work must be done as quickly as possible. 10. Read the article and try to understand as many details about the accident as possible. 11. She is a perfectionist. She tries to do everything as well as possible.


Упр. 48. Заполните пробелы, используя конструкцию as … as и слово в скобках. Переведите предложения.


1. Mike is …………. (tall) Pete. 2. Kate is not ………… (nice) Ann. 3. My room is ……….. (light) this one. 4. This book is not ………… (thin) this one. 5. Paul is ……….. (old) Michael. 6. She is ………… (young) Tom’s brother. 7. This woman is ………. (attractive) that one. 8. Nick’s English isn’t ………. (good) his friend’s. 9. I am not ……….. (tall) Pete. 10. Kate is …………. (lazy) her brother. 11. I am …………. (thin) you. 12. This man is ………… (young) that one. 13. Our house isn’t ………… (big) yours. 14. We are … (proud) of our Institute … you are of yours. 15. My composition isn’t …………. (long) yours.


Упр. 49. Заполните пробелы as … as или than. Переведите предложения.


1. She felt … strong … her brother. 2. We started earlier … you. 3. He is … tired … you. 4. She was not … attractive … her mother. 5. A bus is faster … a tram. 6. Better late … never. 7. Oil is lighter … water. 8. His book was worse … mine. 9. She is not … busy … I am. 10. Nick’s handwriting is … good … yours. 11. The Sun is a million times larger … the Earth. 12. Spain isn’n … cold … Finland.


Упр. 50. Заполните пробелы, поставив слово в скобках в правильную форму.


1. We don’t travel as … as our friends (much). 2. India has … people than France (many). 3. The old car is … than the new car (slow). 4. Chris isn’t as … as Laura (intelligent). 5. He doesn’t work as … as I do (hard). 6. The petrol station is … from my house than the bank (far). 7. This knife is … than that one (sharp). 8. Ben is not as … as Henry (thin). 9. Your car was … than mine (expensive). 10. This writer isn’t as … as Jack London (famous). 11. Los Angeles is … than Vancouver (polluted). 12. Our house is less … than yours (modern). 13. They are as … as the Browns (rich). 14. Spain is as … as Greece in the summer (hot). 15. Jack’s brother is … than he is (clever). 16. Going by train isn’t as … as going by plain (fast).


Упр. 51. Переведите предложения с конструкцией “the … the … ”.

Например: The sooner the better. – Чем скорее, тем лучше.

1. The more you read the more you know.

2. The sooner you start the sooner you will finish.

3. The warmer the weather the better I feel.

4. The more you earn the more you spend.

5. The more people have the more they want.

6. The more expensive the hotel the better the service.

7. The younger you are the easier it is to learn.

8. The less people think the more they talk.

9. The longer the phone call the more you have to pay.

10. Some people believe that the more something costs the better it is.


N.B. Если перед прилагательным в превосходной степени стоит слово much, то оно переводится словами «намного», «гораздо». much larger - намного больше much more expensive - гораздо дороже  


Упр. 52. Переведите словосочетания.


much stronger man much deeper lake

much more important result much easier work

much nearer to the centre much less difficult task

much more ancient culture much worse option

much less comfortable chair much better program

Упр. 53. Заполните пробелы правильной формой прилагательных.


Например: A. Life in the country is slower than city life. (slow)

B. Yes, the city is much faster.

1. A. The country is … than the city. (quiet)

B. Yes, that’s true. The city is much … .

2. A. New York is … than London. (safe)

B. No, it isn’t. New York is much … … .

3. A. The streets of Bagdad are … than the streets of Paris. (clean)

B. No, they aren’t. They are much … .

4. A. Paris is … than Madrid. (big)

B. No, it isn’t. It’s much … .

5. A. Madrid is … … than Rome. (expensive)

B. No, it isn’t. Madrid is much … .

6. A. The buildings in Rome are … … than the buildings in New York. (modern)

B. No, they aren’t. They are much … .

7. A. The Underground in London is … than the Metro in Paris. (good)

B. No, it isn’t. The Underground is much … .

8. A. Playing basketball is … … than playing the piano. (exciting)

B. Yes, for me, playing a musical instrument is much … … .


Упр. 54. Поставьте прилагательные в скобках в нужную форму.


1. Her sweater is (grey) than mine. 2. This is the (wonderful) I have ever seen in my life. 3. It is autumn. Every day the air becomes (cold), the leaves (yellow). 4. The Moon is much (massive) than the Earth. 5. He is as (talented) as his father. 6. The (much) we get together the (happy) we are. 7. He was the (fat) man in the club. 8. Our Philosophy lecturer is very (clever). 9. This exercise is the (simple) of all. 10. My (old) sister is two years (old) than I am. 11. Venus is not as (large) as Jupiter but it is the (bright) planet in the sky. 12. After the storm his house was in a (bad) condition than ours. 13. The Crimea is one of the (good) places for a holiday. 14. This story isn’t as (interesting) as I thought. 15. The traffic in Moscow is much (heavy) than in our town. 16. Picasso’s paintings are very (expensive). 17. Whales are not as (intelligent) as dolphins. 18. This sleeping bag is (comfortable) than that one.


Упр. 55. Исправьте ошибки.


1. Nick is the older than his brother. 2. I am tallest than my friend. 3. He knows Spanish much best than his father. 4.This is the interestingest story by this writer. 5. This text is the most short in the book. 6. Today is the worse day in my life. 7. My friend is a happiest man in the world. 8.Which is the most biggest ocean on our planet? 9. Which country is the smaller: Scotland or England? 10. It was as colder as in winter there. 11. The sun is now not as hotter as in the afternoon.12. The long I stay here the better I like it. 13. Russia is a very largest country.




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