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B) в вопросительную форму

1. We wanted to go to the theatre last night. 2. They posted the letter three days ago.3. His elder sister worked hard when she was a student. 4. Ben saw you in the café last night. 5.Mary met her husband in 1992. 6. I caught a cold last week.7.They left school a year ago. 8. Amanda knew what to do.

Упр. 100. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форму Past Simple.

1. Mother (clean) the windows twice last month. 2. Susan (not/play) tennis yesterday. 3. You (watch) the horror film last night? – Yes, but I (not enjoy) it. 4. They (not go) to Spain last year.5. You (see) Kate yesterday? – Yes, we (have) lunch together. 6. Nobody (help) me to bake this cake. I (do) it myself. 7. John (fall) and (break) his leg at the last PT lesson, didn’t he? – No, it (happen) on the stairs. 8. Paul often (fight) with his brother when they (be) young. 9.Steve (stop) going to the gym six months ago, when he (be) seriously ill. 10. Where you (go) on Friday night? 11. What time she (get up) yesterday? 12. How long the journey (take)? 13.What you (do) last Sunday? 14. Who (discover) America? 15. Who (write) Romeo and Juliet? 16. Who you (go) with?


Упр. 101. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форму Past Simple.

1. When I (be) at school, my parents often (help) me me with my homework. 2. They (decide) to have their holiday in September? 3. Lucy’s father (give) her a car for her 21st birthday. 4. When the economic situation in the world (become) worse? 5. I (not go) out on Sunday because I (have) so much work to do. 6.The police (look) everywhere for the money, but they only (find) an empty bag.7.Why you (drink) a litre bottle of mineral water? – We (be) very hot and thirsty. 8. Who you (see) in the park? 9. The Berlin Wall (fall) near the end of the 20th century. 10. How many times Brazil (win) the World Cup? 11.Who (go) skating on Saturday? 12. What books you (read) last year? 13. Is it true that Robin Hood always (wear) green? 14.I (not understand) what they (say) to me. 15.She (come) home early because she (feel) very tired. 16. We (go) to the shopping centre yesterday, but we (not buy) anything.


Упр. 102. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форму Present Simple или Past Simple.

1.I (watch) TV at eight o’clock every day. 2. I (watch) TV yesterday. 3. He usually (spend) the weekend at home. 4. He (spend) his last weekend at home. 5. They (not rest) after lunch on weekdays. 6.They (not rest) after lunch yesterday. 7. Fiona (not like) milk. 8. She (not like) milk when she was a child.9.You (have) coffee every day? 10. You ( have) coffee yesterday? 11. She (enjoy) classical music? 12.She (enjoy) yesterday’s concert? 13. When they usually (go) on holiday? 14. When they (go) on holiday last year? 15. Where Lily (live)? 16. Where she (live) five years ago?


Упр. 103. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форму Present Simple или Past Simple.


1. I (go) to bed at 11 p.m. every day. 2. The students (have) a meeting yesterday. 3. He (work) as a policeman two years ago.4. My father (not/read) newspapers every morning. 5. You (come) home from the Institute at 6 p.m. yesterday? 6. When you usually (come) home after classes? 7. I (not/ see) this film yesterday. 8.She (not/know) much about computers. 9. His sister (sing) in the school concert three days ago. 10. You (study) English or German last year? 11.Where Sophia (work)? 12.Why Roger (go) to bed late last hight? 13. Who you (see) yesterday? 14. Who always (bring) you a nice present on your birthday? 15. What (frighten) them yesterday? 16. How he (drive) a car? – Very dangerously.

Упр. 104. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форму Present Simple или Past Simple.

1. Jane always (visit) a dentist twice a year. 2.She (visit) a dentist last week. 3. You (eat) much fruit? – Yes, I … I (be) fond of fruit. 4. Robert (go) to the gym yesterday? – No, he … He (come) late from work and (be) very tired. He (watch) TV and (go) to bed early. 5.What she usually (do) on her days off? – On Saturday she (go) shopping and on Sunday she (have) dinner in a restaurant with her friends. 6. Olga (like) writing stories. Last month she (write) a funny story about her school life. 7. Who (water) plants in your family? – Usually our daughter Lucy … . And who (water) them yesterday? – Granny … Lucy (leave) for St. Petersburg the other day. 8.You (like) painting? – Yes, I … - You (know) Claud Monet? – Yes, he (be) a famous artist, who (create) a new kind of art called Impressionism.


Упр. 105. Исправьте ошибки.

1. I were born in Africa 1970. 2. My parents move back to Russia when I was five. 3. I went to college in three years ago.4. He had an accident at last night. 5. I am buying a car a few weeks ago.6. I didn’t went home for the weekend. 7. They worked in a fast food restaurant in last year. 8. It happened at seven o’clock in the evening? 9. Who did help you with this difficult text?


Употребляется для выражения действия, которое произойдет в будущем, может обозначать как однократное, так и многократное действие.

Утвердительная форма

полная сокращенная


I will ‘ll

He / She / It will ‘ll phone.

We / You / They will ‘ll

Вопросительная форма


Willhe / she / it phone?

Willwe / you / they

Отрицательная форма


полная сокращенная

I will not won’t

He /She / It will not won’t /wqVnt/ phone?

We / You / They will not won’t

Индикаторы Future Simple:

tomorrow - завтра

the day after tomorrow - послезавтра

next week / month / year - на следующей неделе /

в следующем месяце / году

tonight - сегодня вечером

soon- скоро

in a week / month / year - через неделю / месяц / год



В придаточных предложениях условия и времени, относящихся к будущему, вместоFuture Simple употребляется одна из форм настоящего времени (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect).


Придаточные предложения условия и времени вводятся союзами:

if - если as soon as - как только

when- когда till (until) - до тех пор пока

before - до того как while- в то время как

after - после того как


If the weather is fine, we will go to the country for the weekend. –

Если погода будет хорошая, мы поедем за город на выходные.



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