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Задание 5. Определите временную форму сказуемого

1. Who is playing the piano?

1. Present Indefinite 2. Past Indefinite 3. Future Indefinite 4. Present Continu­ous 5. Past Continu­ous 6. Future Continu­ous


2. My mother often writes letters to me.

3. All our specialists know English well.

4. They were playing in the yard till the


5. When will your father come home?

6. What are these children doing here?

7. Yesterday we went to the cinema.

8. The students will be working in the

lab the whole morning.

9. Next summer we shall go to the South.

10. What were you speaking about?

11. As a rule I go to the Institute on foot.

12. What combines is your plant producing now?

13. In the evening we often watch TV.

14. Do you speak French?


15. Where is the delegation going?

16. What family does his friend come from?

17. I shall be waiting for you till ten o'clock.

Задание 6. Составьте письменно предложения. Model — You (read)a book now. — You are reading a book now.

1. He (go) home when I met him. 2. I (do) my home work at the moment. 3. The pupils (write) tests at 10 tomorrow. 4. We (speak) English now. 5. Listen, somebody (come) here. 6. My sister (help) our mother about the house tomorrow morning . 7. They (walk) in the park yesterday from 10 till 12. 8. Now she (clean) the rooms. 9. We (translate) this text during 2 hours. 10. Last October the plant (produce) the Don combines.

Задание 7. Заполните пропуски нужной формой сказуе­мого. А.

1. write
2. writes
3. wrote
4. shall write
5. will write
6. am writing
7. is writing
8. are writing
9. was writing
. were writing
11. shall be writ-
12. will be writ-

1. We often ... letters to our parents.

2. What ...you ... now?

3. Yesterday they...tests from 9 till 10.

4. Who ...this letter tomorrow? 5. I ... some letters last week.

6. What... you ... tomorrow at

9 a.m.?

7. As a rule he ... tests well.

8. When we came home my mother ...

a letter

9. Do you often ... letters to your

grandparents? 10. I ... not... the article now, I... it tomorrow.


Задание 8. Выберите адекватный вариант перевода ска­зуемого.

Задание 9. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужное вре­мя. 1.Our teacher (speak) several foreign languages. 2. Who (speak) now? 3. Where is Ann? She (play) the piano.


11 ... he... his report at the moment? 12. What ... she... the whole evening yeaterday?

13. They ... not...course papers tomorrow at 10.

14. ...we ...this test next lesson?

1. Usually I... TV in the evening.

2. What film ... you ... now?

3. I... TV the whole morning

4. Children ... TV every day.

5. When I returned home my brother... TV.

6. We ... this program next Sunday.

7. ... you... TV when I came in?

8. Who ...TV tomorrow?

9. ... your father ... this football match now?

10. My younger sister ... cartoons at 12.


1. The students ... this text last


2. Tomorrow at 6 p.m. I ...my article

from Russian into English.

3. As a rule we ... such texts at


4. ...she ...the second text now?

5. Nobody could ... this article.

6. What ... she ... when we entered

the room.

7. ... we ... this text at home?

1. watch

2. watches

3. watched

4. shall watch

5. will watch

6. am watching

7. is watching

8. are watching

9. was watching

10. were watching

11. shall be watch­ing

12. will be watch­ing


1. translate

2. translates

3. translated

4. shall translate

5. will translate

6. am translating

7. is translating

are translating was translat­ing

8. Yesterday my son ... into Russian

an interesting article from the British Journal.

9. Both of you ... this text next time.

10. What ...your friend ... at the

1. We always discuss new films.

2. What are you discussing now?

3. Our group discussed this

problem yesterday.

4. Who will discuss the experiment


5. We shall be discussing his plan at


6. What were you discussing the

whole evening.

7. At the moment they are

discussing our marks.

8. When did the engineers discuss

this plan?

9. We shall discuss this film soon.

10. What questions will you be discussing at the.

11. Conference tomorrow?


10. were trans­lating

11. shall be translating

12. will be translating


1. обсуждаем (сейчас /вообще)

2. обсуждает (сейчас/ вообще)

3. обсуждаете (сейчас/ вообще)

4. обсуждают (сейчас/ вообще)

5. обсудила

6. обсуждала

7. обсудили

8. обсуждали

9. обсудит

10. будет обсуждать

11. обсудим

12. будем обсуждать

13. будете обсуждать

4. I (go) home when we met. 5. Listen, my daughter (sing)

6. They (translate) this text last lesson. 7. You (do) some

exercises tomorrow. 8. It (rain) when I went for a walk. 9. We

(discuss) your plan tomorrow at 10 a.m. 10. What she (do)

here? 11. I (not smoke) at the moment. 12. The friends

(translate) the article the whole evening yesterday. 13. He

(come) here? 14. Our engineer (leave) for Moscow some days

ago. 15. The train (leave) in some seconds. 16. When you

(go) to visit your grandfather? 17. The delegation (arrive)

next Monday. 18. You (know) this man? 19. Look, how

quickly they (run). 20. As a rule I (go) to my work on foot.

21. I (phone) him tomorrow? 22. Everybody (work) in the

lab now. 23. They (walk) from 9 till 12.

Задание 10. Употребите нужное время сказуемого

1. Itoften snows here, but it (not snow$ now. 2. You are always busy, and what you (Ho) at 10 tomorrow? 3. Yesterday I watched TV, but I (not watch) it the whole day. 4. Every term we write some tests, but the test I (write) at the moment is very difficult. 5. The students (translate) this text the whole lesson tomorrow? 6. This rain started in the afternoon and it (rain) now. 7. At whom she (look) when I came in? 8. The boys often play various games and now they (play) football. 9. My children took this book in the library and they (read) it the whole evening. 10. Don't close the lab, please, the students (work) here from ten till twelve.

* Задание 11. Дополните предложения соответствующими обстоятельствами.

1.Who is playing in the yard ...? 1. Always

2. ... she was going to the cinema. 2. Now

3. We ...attend English classes. 3 Tomorrow


4. tomorrow from 10 till 12 5. the whole evening 6. When I saw her 7. when we came home. 8. yesterday

4. The students were working in the lab ... 5. Will you do this work ...?.

6. My son visited us ...

7. You will be writing tests ...

8. It was raining ...

9. What are they doing ...? 10. I shall be watching TV ....

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