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Задание 5. Замените русские фразы соответствующей формой герундия. Переведите предложения на русский язык

1.Children like (когда им читают — read) fairy -tales. 2. Are you fond of (танцевать — dance)? 3. (Поднимать — lift) such weights is not easy. 4. You can open this door by (толкая от себя — push) it. 5. (Чтение — read) books helped me in my work. 6. They should think of (поездке — go) to the South. 7. Why did your sister leave without (не проща­ясь — say good bye)? 8. The teacher began (проверять — check up) our tests. 9. (Обсуждение — discuss) the work in details is the best way of (выполнить -do ) it well. 10. We sat on the shore (молча - without speak). 11. Please, stop (раз­говаривать — talk) at the lesson. 12. And what about the idea of (навестить — visit ) our parents? 13. It is no use (ждать -wait) for them. 14. When will you start (искать — look for) a new flat? 15. She prefers (тратить- spend) money on travelling. 16. Would he mind my (приеду — come) home on Monday? 17. Does this car need (ремонт — repair)? 18. The doctor advised your friend to give up (курить — smoke).

Задание 6. Употребите нужную форму герундия.

1. Do you remember (having shown / having been shown) this picture to her already? 2. My son is very sorry for (being interrupted / having interrupted) you. 3. Does she like (inviting/ being invited) to our place? 4. Would you mind his (helping/ being helped) us? 5. Little children are fond of (being read / reading) interesting books. 6. How do you like the idea of (being cooked / cooking) a good dinner for our guests?

7. I felt better for (doing/ having done) the work myself.

8. New plan needs (improving/ having improved). 9. Are you sure of (being sent/ having sent) them a telegram? 10. There was no way of (avoiding/being avoided) this visit. 11. After (being read/ reading) the book I returned it to the library. 12. The girls kept on (having talked/ talking). 13. The delegation left without (being visited/visiting) the old fortress. 14. Is there any chance for your daughter of (studying/having studied) abroad? 15. Ann, stop (being cried/crying), please.

16. Do you see the way of (having solved/solving) this problem?

17. He is afraid of (being failed/failing) at the exams. 18. I
can't explain why she left without (being said/saying) good­
bye. 19. She didn't like (criticizing/being criticized) by others.
20.The students began (having written/writing) their tests at
9 o'clock.

Задание 7. Образуйте от данных глаголов нужную фор­му герундия и дополните следующие предло­жения.

1. Is this film worth ....? 1. bring up

2.1 don't mind your ...

3. This girl had no chance of ... to our 2. come


4. Do you prefer ... on foot? 3. cook

5. What is his reason for... so early?

5. Практическая граммат. англ. яз.

ББК81.2Англ. В 29




Задание 1. Определите вид предложения.

Венявская В.М.

В29Grammar drills. Практическая грамматика английского языка. — Ростов-на-Дону: Издательство «БАРО-ПРЕСС», 2003. — 184 с.

Grammar drills представляют собой практическую грамматику английского языка, включающую 26 тем, содержащих большой выбор тренировочных упражнений, предназначенных для активизации навыков перевода основных грамматических явлений, типичных для текстов бытовой, страноведческой, общенаучной и общетехнической тематики, в режиме аудиторной и самостоятельной работы. При составлении работы использовался материал В.М. Венявской «Практическая грамматика английского языка». Ростов н/Д.: РГАСХМ, 1998.

ББК 81.2Англ.

ISBN 5-94004-

© Венявская В.М., 2003 © Оформление:

Издательство «БАРО-ПРЕСС», 2003


1.The sun rises in the East.

2. What is your name?

3. My sister doesn't like poems.

4. Open the window, please.

5. Is he your brother?

6. How well she speaks English!

7. This is our house.

8. Open your books at page ten.

9. Do you live in Moscow?

10. They don't know this man.

11. Give me some water.

12. Are there any new pictures in your collection?

13. They are such nice girls!

14. Answer my questions.

15. There are several museums in our city.


16. Who has done the task?

17. Have you ever been to France?

18. What a good boy you are!

19. The Petrovs returned where they had lived before.

20. Nobody could answer his question.

1. Повествовательное

2. Вопросительное

3. Повелительное

4. Восклицательное

5. Отрицательное


Задание 2. Укажите подлежащее и сказуемое следующих предложений.

1. Our city new stadium is situated far from the center. 2. Both his sons are the students of the University. 3. To whom did your teacher read his book yesterday? 4. My friend's younger brother studies at school. 5. Once there was a large park in our city. 6. To the joy of my friends I was well now. 7. Did his son take this book in the library? 8. Some years ago our family moved to Rostov-on-Don. 9. On the left is our city largest library. 10. Who knows where this man lives now? 11. Usually one keeps one's books in the book-case. 12. What a wonderful story your father told us! 13. Is his younger sister a schoolgirl? 14. Having done the task we went home. 15. There was nobody in the room.

Задание З. Укажите второстепенные члены предложе­ния.

1. Дополнение 2. Определение 3. Обстоятель­ ство

1.There were many interesting books in his collection.

2. Your brother is the best student of our group.

3. As a rule the second lesson begins

at 10 o'clock.

4. Moscow is one of the most beautiful

cities in the world.

5. On Monday the delegation will

leave for Great Britain.

6. The students translated this text

last lesson.

7. You may take this book in our


8. Has anybody seen him today?


9. The boys were running quickly to the stadium.

10. Can your son swim well?

11. There is a beautiful park in the center of our city.

12. Today English is one of the most important languages in the world.

Задание 4. Составьте и напишите предложения, исполь­зуя данные слова.

1.Many, you, friends, how, have? 2. Is, best, she, student, our. 3. Or, this, is, Russian, man, Spanish? 4. The, learn, different, institute, of, students, our, subjects, many. 5. You, of, have, free, do, time, a lot? 6. The, is, Russia, of, the, country, world, largest. 7. In, there, your, many, university, students, are? 8. Postgraduates, research, many, scientific, work, carry on. 9. We, in, the, 3 room, in, live, a, of, flat, center, the, city. 10. Reading, my, is, younger, fond, son, of, stories, detective. 11. In, city, there, any, interest, are, of, your, places? 12. Summer, we,to,every, the, go, seaside.

Задание 5. Определите вид следующих предложений и пе­реведите их на английский язык.

1.Обычно он ходит в кино с друзьями. 2. Младший брат моего друга хорошо плавает. 3. На прошлом уроке студенты работали в лаборатории. 4. Кто знает, где он учится сейчас? 5. Какой хороший друг ваш сын! 6. Никто не смог выполнить задание. 7. Дети читали новую книгу с большим интересом. 8. Можно я возьму вашу книгу? 9. Откройте окно, пожалуйста. 10. У вас есть младшая сестра? 11. Дайте мне вашу ручку. 12. Какой это прекрас­ный город! 13. Мы не знали, кто приходил к нам. 14. Где работает ваш отец?


Задание 1. Объясните наличие/ отсутствие артикля перед существительным.

1. Last week I met a friend of mine. He was with a young girl. The girl was very nice. 2. This is a pencil. The pencil is red. 3. Ann is a teacher. She is our teacher of English. 4. It is a lake. The lake is deep. It is one of the deepest lakes in the world. 5. There are many flowers in our garden. The flowers are beautiful. 6. Did you write a plan? Give me your plan, please. Is this plan effective? 7. The Black sea is in the South of Russia. 8. This is Mike. He works as an engineer. Mike is a highly skilled specialist in Physics. 9. There are some schools in this region. The schools are new. 10. Gagarin was the first cosmonaut of the world. 11. In summer the sky is blue and the sun shines brightly. 12. The Petrovs are very friendly. 13. This is Ann's book. 14. Do you like such films? 15. In the North and in the South this country is washed by many seas.

Задание 2. Употребите нужный артикль.

1. a 2. an 3. the


1. Lomonosov,...great Russian scientist, was born in ...small village on ... shore of... White sea.

2. London is situated on ... Thames.

3. Chkalov was ...first man to fly over ... North Pole.

4. My daughter will go to ... school ...next year.

5. We decided to visit ... Smirnovs, but they were not at ... home.

6. In summer I usually live in ...country.


7. ... Russian Federation is ... largest country in ... world.

8. Yesterday I saw ... new film, but... film was not very interesting.

9. Is your dress made of... silk or ... cotton?

10. ...Peter's brother is ... architect by ... profession and I am ... engineer.

11. What would you like ...apple or ... orange?

12. What... strange man he is!

Задание З. Заполните пропуски соответствующими ар­тиклями.

1...Volga is ... longest river in ... Europe. 2. ... History and ... Literature were ... my favourite subjects at ... school. 3. What is ... nearest way to ... Drama theatre? 4. ... butter and ... cheese are made of ...milk. 5. Usually I get up at ... seven o'clock in ... morning. 6. ... Rostov is situated on ... Don, 7. Will you have ... cup of... tea. 8. What ...good friend you are! 9. There is ... book on ... table. ... book is written by ... Pushkin. 10. We shall go to...cinema...next week together with ...Smirnovs. 11. Do you see ... sun in ... sky today?

12. What is ... your brother? He is ... engineer by ... profession.

13. ... Ann was ... first who answered ... my question. 14. I and ... friend of mine are fond of... music. 15. ...boys studied at... same school. 16. ... UK is situated on ... British Islands.

Задание 4. Употребите где нужно соответствующий ар­тикль. Объясните его необходимость или от­сутствие. А.

1. It was ... first book which I read. 2. ... United States of America is ... fourth largest country in ... world. 3. It was ... fine morning, ... sun was shining brightly. 4. People of ...


Globe speak more that ... 3 000 languages. 5. She was .. .only

child in ... her family. 6. In ... midnight... moon moved to ...

west. 7. It is one of... most beautiful cities in .. .this country.

8. They studied in ... same school. 9. Let's go ... home

together. 10. In ... morning ... sky was in ... clouds. 11. Every
day I switch on ... radio and listen to ... latest news. 12. There

was ... milk in ...glass. 13. Let me go to ... cinema. 14. In ...

afternoon the travelers had ... rest. 15. Yesterday I read ...

newspapers which you brought me — ... Morning Star and

... Telegraph. 16. ...Rostov-on-Don is situated on ... Don.

17. There were ...three books and ... alarm clock on ... table,



1. They were speaking to ... boy, ... boy was young

and rather tall. 2. Taganrog is not ...large town but it is ...
town where I was born and I like ... this town very much,
3. Is ... Volga ... long river? Yes, it is one of... longest rivers

in ... Europe. 4. She took ... apple from ... plate, ... apple
was big and red. 5. ... Petrov was ... best friend of mine. ...
Petrovs moved to ... our city in 1997. 6. Recently we have
bought ... new car. ... car is very nice and comfortable.
7. There was ... girl in the room. She was one of ... girls I
knew well. 8. Some day I met... old man, ... man asked me
to help him. 9. Let's plant ... tree in front of our house. In
spring ... tree will be in blossom. 10. English is ... foreign
language. Today many people speak ... this language. It is
one of ... most important and widespread languages in ...

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