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Задание 1. Определите функцию глагола «to be»

1. глагол-связка 2. вспомо­гатель­ный глагол 3. модаль­ный глагол 4. смысло­вой глагол \

1. Our house is in the center of the city.

2. My friend is a doctor.

3. What are you doing here?

4. All the students are to take their exams in June.

5. The operators are working in the lab now

6. Our train is to leave at 10 o'clock.

7. Is your son a teacher?

8. Last week they were in Moscow.

9. She is a well known writer.

10. This work will be done in time.

11. Are we to do this exercise at home?

12. Where is this museum?

13. There was nobody in the room.

14. Both of you are to attend these seminars.

15. Who is this man?

16. New machines are being tested now.

17. Everybody is present today.

18. When is the plane to arrive in Rostov on Don?

Задание 2. Поставьте предложения в Past и Future Indefinite, употребив соответствующий инди­катор времени.

1. The days are short in winter. 2. I am 17 years now. 3. It is warm today. 4. We are busy now. 5. My father is at


home. 6. You are late today. 7. At present I am a teacher.

8. There are many people in the park now. 9. Who is absent today? 10. The students are in the lab now.

Задание З. Поставьте предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную формы.

1. My son was ill last week. 2. They are free on Sunday. 3. It is cold today. 4. Our engineer will be busy tomorrow.

5. The classes are over at 4 o'clock. 6. Your friend is fond of
music. 7. They were absent yesterday. 8. I am a new partner
of his father. 9. We shall be at home next week. 10. She was
in the cinema on Tuesday. 11. The children will do this work
themselves. 12. Both girls were in the garden. 13. I am your
daughter. 14. Lectures on Physics will be on Monday.
15. There are many mistakes in his test. 16. This book is
published in Russia.

Задание 4. Напишите следующие предложения в вопро­сительной форме и дайте краткие утверди­тельные или отрицательные ответы.

1. Many years ago my father was a worker. 2. He is an engineer now. 3. These children are little. 4. We shall be economists in some years. 5. Your daughter is very nice.

6. They are good boys. 7. I am a first year student. 8. Our mother
is a teacher of English. 9. We were at home in the evening. 10.
You are my best friend. 11. It will be warm tomorrow. 12. He
was present at the conference yesterday. 13. These boys will be
good sportsmen. 14. Soon I shall be an engineer.

Задание 5. Образуйте множественное число.

1. She is a woman. 2. He was a pilot. 3. It is a table. 4. He is a boy. 5. I am a student. 6. She was a pupil. 7. He is a man. 8. This is a book. 9. I was a worker. 10. She will be a

teacher. 11. It is an apple. 12. I shall be an engineer. 13. This child is his son. 14. This book was on that shelf.

Задание 6. Употребите нужное местоимение.

1. ...is my brother. 2. ... is a woman. 3. ...is a pencil. 4. ...are my parents. 5. ...is a classroom. 6. ...were on the table. 7.... am 18 years old. 8. ... are flowers. 9.... are my best friends. 10. ... was my sister's husband. 11. ... am his son. 12. ... is her daughter. 13. Next year ... shall be students and now ... are pupils. 14. Who are ...? 15. I see no book here, where is ...? 16. Why were ... absent yesterday? 17. Is ... your teacher? 18. Look at this house, isn't... beautiful?

Задание 7. Устно ответьте на предложенные вопросы.

1. Are you a pupil or a student? 2. What year student are you? 3. Who are you? 4. How old are you? 5. What school are you from? 6. What were your favourite subjects at school? 7. Was English your favourite discipline too? 8. Were you a good pupil? 9. Who was your best friend at school? 10. Is he a student now? 11. Are you going to be an engineer or an economist? 12. Is your higher school large? 13. Are there many faculties in it? 14. Will you be a good student? 15. What will you be after graduating from the higher school? 16. Will you be an engineer or an economist? 17. What is your native city? 18. Is it large or small? 19. When was it founded? 20. Where is it situated?

Задание 8. Заполните пропуски нужной формой глагола

«to be»

1. Не ... born in 1984. 2. His name ... Mike. 3. I ... a first year student. 4. At school they ... good friends. 5. What ... you now? 6. Soon we ... qualified specialists. 7. Last year he ... in London. 8. It ... an interesting book. 9. At present my


father ... a worker. 10. In some years he ... an engineer. 11. Where ... this book? 12. It ... on the shelf yesterday. 13. Usually our classes ... over at three o'clock. 14. Who ... on

duty today? I.......... 16. What ... the results of our tests?

17. ... anybody absent today? No, all ... present. 18. Ann ... absent tomorrow. 19. What... their names? 20.... your flat on the second floor? 21. Where ... you yesterday? 22. The students ... in the lab now. 23. What group ... in this classroom next

lesson? 24. Who ... these men? 25. What country ... you from?

26. ... they his children? 27. Peter ...your friend, ... not he?

28. When ... he born? 29. ... you ... at home tomorrow?

30. How ... you? I... fine.

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