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Задание 1. Определите тип инфинитивного оборота. А

1. The delegation is likely to come on


2. Your brother seems to know English

well. 3. I want you to help me.

4. We expect the train to come in time.

5. The weather appears to be fine.

6. Ann is sure to visit you soon.

7. It is for him to decide.

8. Your brother proved to be a good


9. The first thing for our engineer to do

is to make a plan.

10. His son is said to live abroad.

11. The water seems to be boiling.

12. They wish the work to be done at once.

13. You are said to be writing a new book, aren't you?

14. The telegram is unlikely to come today.

'15. My mother saw the children enter

the house. 16. The Rostselmash is known to

produce grain combines. 17. I want him to study better. 18. These are the books for you to read

in summer.

19. New ship was reported to be the largest in the UK.

20. The Smiths are said to have been living in London for many years.


1. Paul is said to have been appointed an advertising manager in your company, isn't he? 2. The weather is too cold today for the children to walk. 3. I just want you to pay a visit to my parents. 4. Their method is supposed to be used at our enterprise. 5. I heard you speak to my father. 6. It is too late for me to phone them. 7. She knows me to be right. 8. This text is not difficult for you to translate. 9. Nobody expected the machine to stop. 10. It is high time for you to pass all your exams. 11. The boys were seen play football. 12. She let me go to the cinema. 13. Did you hear the town clock strike twelve? 14. The train is reported to have arrived in Paris on time. 15. Here are the machines for your partner to repair. 16. You know Mike to be a good son. 17. The teacher made us repeat the rule again. 18. It is not easy for me to say such things. 19. We believed you to be writing your report in the evening. 20. Yesterday I happened to see my father's old photos.

Задание 2. Выберите соответствующий вариант перевода. А.

1. Our students are likely to take part in the conference.

а) Наши студенты любят участвовать в конфе­ренции.

в) Вероятно, наши студенты примут участие в этой конференции.

2. I heard your son play a guitar.


а) Я слышал игру вашего сына на гитаре, в) Я слышал, как ваш сын играл на гитаре.

3. The engineer appeared to know the process well.

а) Инженер показал хорошее знание процесса, в) Инженер, оказалось, хорошо знает процесс.

4. It is high time for your friend to answer my letter.

а) Вашему другу пора ответить на мое письмо, в) К этому времени ваш друг ответит на мое

письмо. 5. We want the students to discuss this problem at the


а) Мы хотим обсудить эту проблему со студен­тами на уроке, в) Мы хотим, чтобы студенты обсудили эту

проблему на уроке. 6. His sister is said to know several foreign languages, а) Его сестра сказала, что знает несколько ино­странных языков, в) Говорят, что его сестра знает несколько

иностранных языков. 7. This is the rule for you to learn well.

а) Вот правило, которое вам нужно выучить


в) Это правило вы выучили хорошо. 8. Nobody knows him to be a first class swimmer.

а) Никто не знает этого пловца - первораз­рядника.

в) Никто не знает, что он пловец первого раз­ряда. 9. They seem to have already finished their work.

а) Им кажется, что они уже завершили свою


в) Кажется, они уже завершили свою работу.

10. The mechanism is provided for the system to function


а) Этот механизм обеспечивает автоматичес­кую работу системы.

в) Этот механизм предусмотрен для того, что­бы система работала автоматически.

11. Many books of the English classics are known to be

translated into Russian.

а) Многие книги английских классиков стали известны после того, как были переведены на

русский язык.

в) Известно, что многие книги английских клас­сиков переведены на русский язык. 12. Here are the tests for the students to write this term. а) Вот - тесты, которые студентам нужно на­писать в этом семестре, в) Вот - тесты, написанные студентами в этом



1. Он полагает, что мы будем друзьями.

a) Не believes us as friends.

b) He believes us to be good friends.

2. Вот книги, которые детям нужно прочитать летом.

a) Here are the books for children to read in


b) Here are the books which children read in


3. Вы слышали, как он играл на фортепиано.

a) Have you heard him play the piano?

b) Have you heard about his playing the piano?

4. Маловероятно, что опыт будет успешным.

a) The experiment is not to be a success.

b) The experiment is unlikely to be a success.

5. Говорят, что ростовчане разработали новую тех­

a) The Rostovites speak about the newly developed technology.

b) The Rostovites are said to develop new technology.

6. Ученые думают, что температура будет доволь­
но высокой.

a) The scientists think the temperature to be rather

b) The scientists think about rather high

7. Оказывается, статья была опубликована за ру­

a) The article appears to have been published abroad.

b) The article appeared while being published abroad.

8. Известно, что Россия - самая большая страна в мире.

a) Russia is known to be the largest country in the

b) Russia is the world known largest country.

9. Сегодня многим людям необходимо знать иност­
ранные языки.

a) Today many people believe it is necessary to know foreign languages.

b) Today it is necessary for many people to know foreign languages.

10. Мне нравится, что вы так хорошо выполняете

a) I like the work done by you so well.

b) I like you to do the work so well.

Задание З. Заполните пропуски соответствующей фор­мой инфинитива. А.

1. write 2. to write 3. to be written 4. to be writing 5. have written 6. to have written 7. to have been written


1.Не seems ... a letter at the moment.

2. I heard the students ...no course

papers yet.

3. This article is said ... by your son,

isn't it?

4. Mother wants you ... her a letter.

5. I'd like this letter ... by tomorrow.

6. Ann appeared ... something when I


7. The letter appeared ... recently.

8. Let us ... this exercise now.

9. We are glad ... the test already.


10. It is late for you ... an article for our newspaper.

11. The teacher liked the students ... the tests well.

12. Look, your friends seem ...something.

  1. do 2. to do 3. to be done 4. to be doing 5. have done 6. to have done 7. to have been done


1. Do you want me ... this work?

2. The teacher watched us ... the


3. They seemed ... the work


4. Here is the task ... in the


5. The exercise appeared ... by the

students before.


6. When we entered the room our

son seemed ... his home work.

7. I was sorry not ... the work


8. The task was said ... well.

9. This is the exercise ... now.

10. It is high time for you ... your morning exercises.

11. Didn't you hear me ... the work already?

12. Both of you are said ... the task before the teacher came.

Задание 4. Используя соответствующий тип инфинитив­ного оборота, замените сложно-подчиненные предложения простыми и переведите их на русский язык.

1. It was reported that the train had arrived on time.

2. The travelers didn't expect that the route would be so long.

3. Do you want that my friend will visit you? 4. It was very important that we should meet with our partners as soon as possible. 5. It is unlikely that our engineer will go to Moscow. 6. I saw that the girl entered the house quickly. 7. The text was too difficult that the students could translate it. 8. It is said that Ann is learning French now. 9. The teacher asked that we should sit down. 10. We expected that the film would be interesting. 11. It is impossible that he should be a spy. 12. I heard that he is a good son. 13. It is known that our Earth is round. 14. I asked that my secretary should send these letters. 15. It was too late that we should invite them. 16. It appeared that she had received a good education abroad. 17. My mother wants that we should be healthy and lucky. 18. It seems they have been translating such texts every

lesson. 19. Do you know we learn French? 20. It appeared the students were writing their course papers.

Задание 5. Выберите нужную форму инфинитива. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Did you hear the Kremlin clock (strike/to strike) ten?

2. Nobody seemed (know/to know) what happened. 3. The
British museum is known (have/to have) one of the largest
libraries. 4. Let us (to wait/wait) for him (come/to come) back.
5. Somebody opened the door for me (bring/to bring) in the
New Year tree. 6. I made my son (go/to go) to the doctor.

7. Please, ask Ann (to be phoned/to phone) me in the evening.

8. The stranger seemed (think/to be thinking) over something.

9. Your daughter is likely (become/to become) a good
mother. 10. She waited for me (read/to read) her letter.

11. Russia is sure (be/to be) the largest country in the world.

12. New technology is likely (to use/to be used) by us soon.

13. They appeared (wait/to be waiting) for me in the street.

14. This is not the right thing for you (to do/to be done).

15. Where is the detective? He was seen (leave/to leave).

16. This rain is unlikely (to stop/to have stopped). 17. It's no use for him (to be invested/to invest) in this company. 18. Will you let me (take/to take) this dog with me? 19. We thought you (fish/to be fishing) in the morning. 20. Don't make me (forgive/to forgive) him. 21. He appeared (to be returned/to have returned) home already. 22. I'd like my children (to invite/to be invited) to the circus. 23. We didn't expect the delegation (to leave/to have left) recently. 24. It would be better for them (to be learned/to learn) English.

Задание 6. Найдите и исправьте ошибки.

1. This is you to decide. 2. Do you want me help you?

3. His sister to know seems English well. 4. The water is cold


7. Практическая граммат. англ. яз.


1. зависимый причастный оборот 2. независимый причастный оборот

for you swim. 5. I like people tell the truth. 6. A.C. Doyle is known be a popular writer. 7. The weather appears to improving. 8. It is necessary your grandfather consult the doctor. 9. The goods unlikely to arrive in time. 10. This ship said to be the largest in the UK.

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