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I. Спишите предложения, поставив сказуемое в пассивном залоге. Используйте предлог by, где это необходимо


The customers can pay their household accounts by electronic transfer.

The household accounts can be laid by the customers by electronic transfer


1. The insurance company payscompensation in case of a natural disaster.

2. We have promoted our goods and services on the points of sale throughout the year.

3. My friend has just advised me to deposit my savings with a bank.

4. They are repairing my car now. I can’t drive it.

5. We had already reached the decision before the general discussion began.

6. The customers bought there articles during the sale. We can’t exchange them.

II. Спишите предложения и подчеркните сказуемые, содержащие модальные глаголы с перфектным инфинитивом. Переведите предложения

1. The results were completely wrong as a scientist she should have planned the experiment more carefully.

2. The personnel director might have chosen Mike for the job, he looked happy after the interview.

3. The firm must have become bankrupt, it is selling out its shares.

4. He couldn’t have taken part in the negotiations. He was on a business trip at that time.

5. Let’s go and discuss the problem with Mike. He must have finished working by now.

III. Спишите предложения, подчеркните причастия, укажите их форму и функцию (см. модель)

1. Impressed by Alan’s work, the manager extended his contract for year.

2. Being unemployed, Dave had time to consider what job he really wanted.

3. The consumers usually study the quality of goods offered by foreign producers at a particular market.

4. Knowing exactly what I wanted, I didn’t spend much time shopping.

5. Unless properly packed, the goods won’t attract the customers and sell well.

6. Having established the main values of the company, the members of the Board passed over to the discussion of the short-term objectives.

IV. Из данных групп предложений, содержащих придаточные предложения условия, спишите те, в которых действие могло бы относиться к настоящему или будущему времени. Подчеркните сказуемые и переведите предложения

1. а) If more users were connected to computer networks, e-commerce would develop more rapidly.

b) If more users had been connected to computer networks, e-commerce would have developed more rapidly.

2. a) The company would have achieved a higher sales level, if the retail price had been decreased.

b) The company would achieve a higher sales level, if the retail price was decreased.

3. a)Unless experienced managers were hired, such a big corporation would not run business so successfully.

b) Unless experienced managers had been hired, such a big corporation would not have run business so successfully.

4. a) If governments had reduced restrictions and tariffs, it would have promoted the expansion of world trade.

b) If governments reduced restrictions and tariffs, it would promote the expansion of world trade.

5. a) If the enterprise applied innovations more effectively, its profits would rise.

b) If the enterprise had applied innovations more effectively, its profits would have risen.

V. Из трех слов выберите одно, соответствующее определению, которое дано выше. Подчеркните его


The variety of goods that a company produces or sells

a) rank b) range c) choice

1. a company which sells goods to another company

a) customer b) retailer c) supplier

2. a charge paid to a person or a bank for the money borrowed

a) loan b) rent c) interest

3. a person who reports to you

a) supervisor b) subordinate c) leader

4. a group of people that might buy the company’s goods

a) competitive market b) local market c) target market

5. a sudden collapse

a) boom b) rise c) crash

6. payment to a person after injury

a) benefit b) compensation c) incentive

7. a person responsible for promotion and distribution of the company’s goods as well as for market research

a) production manager b) marketing manager c) sales manager

VI. Выберите подходящие по смыслу слова и вставьте в пропуски. Подчеркните их

Market Research

It is impossible todevelop and …1… а product solely on the basis of ….2… That’s much too risky. You can't just trust the intuition of senior managers or product managers; you have to do market research. We collect and …3… information about the size of а potential market, about consumers’ tastes and …4…, their reactions to particular product features, packaging features, and so on.

Lots of people think that market research just means going out and asking consumers for their ...5… of products, but that's not true. Асtuаllу, talking to customers is а relatively minor market research tооl, because it's very expensive. In fact, personal interviewing is the very last thing we'd do. We usually find that our own …6… which keeps records of sales, orders, and so on, is а far more important source of information. Our sales representatives are another good source.

There are also а lot of printed sources of secondary ...7… we can use, including daily, weekly and monthly business newspapers, magazines and trade journals, our competitors …8… reports, official government …9… , and reports published by private market research companies. We …10… data from customers, middlemen, and so on, if both internal research (analysis of data already available in the accounts and sales departments) and secondary data (available in printed sources) are inadequate.

lf we do go out and do field work it's usually а survey, which you can use to collect information about product and …11… features, and to measure the effectiveness of advertising copy, advertising media, sales …12… distribution channels, and so on.


Analyse, annual, data, gather, guesswork, habits, accounts department, launch, opinions, packaging, promotions, statistics

Спишите и переведите словосочетания:

1. to develop and launch a product

2. the consumers’ tastes and habits

3. to keep records of sales

4. to gather data

5. to do a survey

6. advertising media

Вариант №2

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I. Спишите предложения, поставив сказуемые в пассивном залоге. Используйте предлог by, где это необходимо
In, at, on (position/ предлоги места) (1)
IV. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в соответствующую форму. Помните о согласовании времен в придаточных предложениях условия и времени.
V. Принцип гласности правовой деятельности и необходимость сохранения служебной тайны.
V. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в правильную форму. Помните о соответствии времен в придаточных предложениях условия и времени.
Анализ фондоотдачи и использования производственной мощности. Необходимость и пути повышения фондоотдачи
Бывает необходимость на одной дороге выделить не одну, а несколько проезжих частей, отделяются проезжие части с помощью разделительной полосы.
В зависимости от ряда существенных моментов будет зависеть , какое право подлежит применению в споре и на что необходимо опираться пр подготовке иска.

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