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VI. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в соответствующем времени. Предложения содержат придаточные предложения условия. (Реальное или нереальное условие)

  1. We wanted to go out yesterday, but the weather was terrible. If it (to be) a nice day, we (to go) for a picnic.
  2. Why don’t you explain everything to him? If you (not to tell) him the truth. I’m sure you (to regret) it one day.
  3. Jennifer was here not long ago. If you (to come round) earlier, you (to see) her.
  4. Apparently, the ferry company are planning to close the port in this town. If that (to happen), the town (to lose) a great deal of money.
  5. I (to help) you with it if I (to have) more time, but I’m afraid I haven’t got any spare time at all at moment.
  6. The government is expecting to win the next election, but if it (to lose), the Prime Minister (to resign) from politics.
  7. I am so glad that you took me to your friend’s party. If we (not to go) there, I (never to meet) Adrian.
  8. It’s ridiculous that trains are so expensive. If fares (to be) cheaper, I’m sure more people (to use) the train and leave the car at home.
  9. Fortunately the explosion took place at night when the streets were empty. It (to be) a disaster if it (to happen) in the middle of the day.
  10. They have been married for 20 years now but I don’t think she (to marry) him if she (to know) what a selfish man he was.
  11. Children spend too much time watching television and playing computer games. I’m sure they (to be) happier if they (to spend) more time playing outside.
  12. Ben has everything he wants but he’s always moaning. I’m sure that if I (to have) so much money, I (not to moan) all the time.

VII. Speak about yourself:

a. Where do you work?

b. Is it a public or a private company (partnership, sole proprietorship, joint venture)?

c. How long have you been with the company?

d. Where is your head office based?

e. What is the size of the work-force?

f. What is your position?

g. What are your responsibilities?

h. What benefits does your job offer (excellent salary, bonuses, company car)?

i. Do you enjoy working in a team and dealing with the public?

j. Are there any chances of promotion?

11. What are your long-range goals?

VIII. Выберете правильный вариант:

1. A heavy ..... was imposed on the company because it broke the contract.

a) sum; b) incentive; c) penalty.

2. ..... is a business system in which a company sells an individual the right to operate a business using its brand name and reputation.

a) retailing; b) franchising; c) wholesaling.

3. Our team is carrying out the research to determine the best way to ..... employees.

a) suit; b) motivate; c) rationalize.

4. We are planning to invest a great sum of money in sponsorship in order to improve our firm’s ..... .

a) image and reputation; b) financial position; c) accounts.

5. When two or more people want to start a business together they can set up a ..... .

a) corporation; b) concern; c) partnership.

6. The credit ..... which they suggested can’t be accepted. They seem too tough.

a) terms; b) conditions; c) loans.

7. We decided to carry out a market research to discover what ..... people had of our product.

a) confidence; b) perception; c) manage.

8. To share responsibilities to let others take decisions.

a) lead; b) delegate; c) manage.

9. Big companies can’t rely exclusively on their ..... markets. They have to become more international in their outlook if they want to survive.

a) consumer; b) competitive; c) domestic.

10. ..... is the business of selling goods in large quantities and usually at low prices.

a) retailing; b) wholesaling; c) franchising.

IX. Вставьте нужный вспомогательный глагол с перфективным инфинитивом.

1. I’ve done all calculations. But you (not do) all that work. We have a computer to do that sort of thing. You (tell) me! Then I (not waste) my time!

2. He failed the exam, but he (pass) it (He had the ability to pass it). It’s all his own fault. He (work) much harder during the term.

3. Passenger: Fares are awful! I had to play 2 pounds for my ticket and 1 pound for the baby.

Another passenger: But you (not buy) a ticket for the baby. Babies travel free.

4. I bought a sweater at Marks and Spenser’s last Sunday. You (not buy) it on Sunday. Marks and Spenser’s is shut on Sundays.

5. I had to walk home yesterday. I had no money for my fare. You (tell) me. I (lend) you the money.

6. I found they knew all my movements for the past week. They (bribe) one of my colleagues to give them the information.

X. Дополните следующие предложения придаточными предложениями условия.

1. If my job were more important ..... .

2. If she hadn’t worked hard ..... .

3. If I had fringe benefits and promotion like you ..... .

4. She wouldn’t have given up her job if ..... .

5. They would have paid you more if ..... .

6. If you took a course in computer programming ..... .

7. Why didn’t you say that you were short of money? If I had known I ...... you some.

8. Unless the company had issued bonds ..... .

XI. Выберете к словам и словосочетаниям русские эквиваленты:

1. chairman a. правление компании

2. managing director b. председатель

3. production manager c. менеджер по рекламе

4. marketing manager d. менеджер по маркетингу

5. purchasing manager e. начальник производства

6. sales manager f. менеджер по закупкам

7. chief accountant g. менеджер по продажам

8. advertising manager h. главный бухгалтер

9. training manager i. менеджер по подготовке кадров

10. board of directors j. управляющий по административно- хозяйственной работе


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