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I. Спишите предложения, поставив сказуемые в пассивном залоге. Используйте предлог by, где это необходимо


The company had opened two outlets by the end of the year.

Two outlets had been opened by the company by the end of the year.


1. I have decided that the company would pay my monthly salary into my account in the bank.

2. Before developing a new product our firm will set up a team of experienced marketing specialists.

3. All the Ministers will see the President off at the airport.

4. The shop owners believe that business environment has improved the trade.

5. Renault produced more than 400,000 cars last year.

6. Last year the company went bankrupt and made all employees redundant.

II. Спишите предложения и подчеркните сказуемые, содержащие модальные глаголы с перфектным инфинитивом. Переведите предложения

1. He spent three weeks on the work that should have taken only a day or two.

2. Mike isn’t home yet. He must have been held up at work.

3. Nobody knows when the documents disappeared. They might have been stolen.

4. He can’t have forgotten about the meeting. He talked to me about it only this morning.

5. I don’t know why they are so late. They could have got lost.

III Спишите предложения, подчеркните причастия, укажите их форму и функцию (см. модель). Переведите предложения

1. Having decided to offer me the job, the sales manager asked me for a reference.

2. The consultants, being outsiders, are usually less able to judge how well a candidate will fit into the organization.

3. The information obtained during the market research will be used in decision-making.

4. Offering a salary the applicants couldn’t reject, the personnel manager convinced them to accept the job.

5. Having failed in every career he had attempted Van Gogh turned to art.

6. Changes in consumers demand have influenced goods quantity and quality demanded.

IV. Из данных групп предложений, содержащих придаточные предложения условия, спишите лишь те, в которых действие могло бы относиться к прошедшему времени. Подчеркните сказуемые и переведите предложения

1. а) If more users were connected to computer networks, e-commerce would develop more rapidly.

b) If more users had been connected to computer networks, e-commerce would have developed more rapidly.

2. a) The company would have achieved a higher sales level, if the retail price had been decreased.

b) The company would achieve a higher sales level, if the retail price was decreased.

3. a) Unless experienced managers were hired, such a big corporation would not run business so successfully.

b) Unless experienced managers had been hired, such a big corporation would not have run business so successfully.

4. a) If governments had reduced restrictions and tariffs, it would have promoted the expansion of world trade.

b) If governments reduced restrictions and tariffs, it would promote the expansion of world trade.

5. a) If the enterprise applied innovations more effectively, its profits would rise.

b) If the enterprise had applied innovations more effectively, its profits would have risen.

V. Из трех слов выберите одно, соответствующее определению, которое дано выше. Подчеркните его


General term used for all types of stocks and shares

a) investment b) income c) securities

1. a document giving permission to sell something

a) license b) contract c) agreement

2. a person associated with another person, often in business

a) employer b) partner c) founder

3. to give money temporarily on the condition that it will be returned

a) lend b) borrow c) pay

4. reduction in the original price of a product

a) turnover b)discount c) profit

5. request from the customers for something

a) complaint b) order c) invoice

6. a person who starts his own business

a) accountant b) entrepreneur c) shopkeeper

7. a charge paid to a person or a bank for the money borrowed

a) loan b) rent c)interest

8. working extra hours

a) in shifts b) in time c) overtime

9. people who buy goods or services

a) users b) customers c) suppliers

10. a company or a person who is competing against you

a) partner b) franchiser c) rival

VI. Выберите подходящие по смыслу слова и вставьте в пропуски. Подчеркните их

What is Marketing?

А market can be defined as all the potential customers ...1… а particular need or want. Marketing is the process of developing, pricing, distributing and promoting the goods or services that satisfy such needs. Marketing therefore combines market research, new product development, distribution, advertising, promotion, product improvement, and so on. According to this definition, marketing begins and ends with the customer. Truly successful marketing …2… the customer so well that the product or service satisfies а need so perfectly that the customer is desperate to buy it. The product almost …3… itself. Of course this will only happen if the product or service is better than those of competitors.

Companies are always looking for marketing opportunities - possibilities of …4… unsatisfied needs. Marketing opportunities are generally isolated by market segmentation ­…5… а market into submarkets or segments according to customers' requirements or buying habits. Once а target market has been identified, a company has to decide what goods or services to …6… always remembering the existence of competitors.

Marketers do not only identify consumer needs; they can ...7… them by developing new products. They will then have to design marketing strategies and plan marketing programmes. Once the basic offer, for example а product concept, has been established, the company has to think about the marketing mix - the set of all the various elements of а marketing programme, their integration, and the amount of effort that а company can expend on them in order to ...8... the target market. The best-known classification of these elements is the 4 P's: Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

Aspects to be considered in marketing а product include its …9…, its features, style, brand name, size, packaging, services and guarantee, while price includes consideration of things like the basic list price, …10…, the length of the payment period, and possible credit terms. Place in а marketing mix includes such factors as …11…, coverage of the market, locations of points of sales. Рromotion groups together advertising, publicity, sales promotion and …12… .


Anticipate, dividing, filling, influence, distribution channels, personal selling, offer, discounts, sharing, sells, quality, understands

Спишите и переведите словосочетания:

1. to develop a product

2. to satisfy the needs

3. to offer goods and services

4. to anticipate the consumer needs

5. to influence the target market

6. to consider credit terms


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I. Спишите предложения, поставив сказуемое в пассивном залоге. Используйте предлог by, где это необходимо
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IV. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в соответствующую форму. Помните о согласовании времен в придаточных предложениях условия и времени.
V. Принцип гласности правовой деятельности и необходимость сохранения служебной тайны.
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Анализ фондоотдачи и использования производственной мощности. Необходимость и пути повышения фондоотдачи
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В зависимости от ряда существенных моментов будет зависеть , какое право подлежит применению в споре и на что необходимо опираться пр подготовке иска.

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