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Unit 5 Hotel Departments and Jobs

Text 1


Name all hotel departments you expect to find in a typical full-service hotel.

Try to describe a hotel department structure.


Look-through-the text activity

Find in the text those departments you have not mentioned yet.

Name all differences in the department structure of a limited-service and full-service hotel.


A hotel organizational structure is a comprehensive plan by a hotel owner to define departmental activities and responsibilities. This structure brings order to every aspect of hotel operation from the front desk and room service to the human resources department. Hotel organizational structures are necessary to ensure maximum profitability from each room, restaurant and bar on a daily basis. A hotel can run efficiently if it creates an organizational structure that is easy to understand.

A typical full-service hotel has four main operational divisions: administration, accommodation, food and beverage, engineering. Much the same departments can be found in every big hotel, but the actual details of organization may slightly differ.

Those parts of the hotel whose employees are in everyday contact with guests are sometimes called front-of-the-house, while departments whose staff are usually unseen by guests are called back-of-the-house.

Administration includes various departments responsible for management, sales, finance, accounting, marketing, PR and personnel.

Accommodation or room division consists of a reservation department, a front office, sometimes called a reception, a concierge or secretarial service, bell service and housekeeping. The Head Housekeeper is in charge of all chambermaids; however, housekeeping is not only about cleaning rooms, but also about keeping all public areas pleasant, clean, tidy and welcoming. Porters, doormen and bellboys also report to the Head Receptionist.

Food and beverage division is in charge of planning, preparation and serving meals and beverages in all dining rooms, bars and lounges. Banquet department, which organizes all functions in the hotel, is often a part of the food and beverage division, too.

Engineering division is responsible for maintenance and security.

In all hotels the reception office is the central point. Receptionists are expected to be tactful, diplomatic and capable of dealing with members of the public as well as carrying out innumerable tasks that ensure the smooth and efficient running of the office.

Whether that office is a small centralized office of a medium-sized hotel, or the front office of a large hotel with clearly defined areas for advance reservations, cashier and billing, accounts, telephone and front desk reception, its function is to sell accommodation.

There are many types of hotels worldwide, each with a different structure and operating system. Some hotels are part of a corporate chain, while others are independently run. Still, the basic service a hotel provides - lodging customers-does not change. While there may be subtle differences from hotel to hotel, the list of basic departments is fairly consistent from one property to the next.


Hotel and lodging industry Departmental structure

(a) departments of a limited-service hotel;

(b) departments of a full-service hotel (under 500 rooms)



What is the role of a hotel structure?

What are main divisions in a typical full-service hotel?

How is front-of-the-house different from back-of-the-house?

What does administration include?

What is included in accommodation division?

What is food and beverage department responsible for?

Which department is in charge of security?

What is the central part in any hotel?


Task 1 Vocabulary

1.1 Find words and phrases in the text with the following meanings:activity, essential, provide, elements, staff, in charge of, responsible for, communal, drinks, events, main part, lodging, the same.

1.2 Match the following words given in the text with their definitions:

1.Profitability a. finding new people to work in a company, join an organization, to do a job etc.
2. Purchasing b. the people who work in a company
3. Accounting c. a female worker whose job is to clean and tidy bedrooms, especially in a hotel
4. Recruitment d. happening or operating successfully, without any problems
5. Personnel e. when a business or an activity makes a profit, or the amount of profit it makes
6. Running f. the repairs, painting etc. that are necessary to keep something in good condition
7. Chambermaid g. buying something
8. Maintenance h. the profession or work of keeping or checking financial accounts, calculating, taxes etc.
9. Smooth i. the process of managing or organizing a business, home, organization etc.

Task 2 Comprehension

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