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Task 2. Comprehension

Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your reasons. Prove your opinion with the sentences from the text.

Use for agreement: -That’s right…; -Definitely…; -I agree…

Use for disagreement: -That’s not quite right…; -It’s quite opposite…; -It says in the text…

1. Hotel services are not the same as hotel facilities.

2. All hotels provide concierge service.

3. Housekeeping services in luxury hotels are given twice a day.

4. Mid-range service hotels provide food and beverage room service as they do not have any restaurants.

5. The proportion of staff members to guests in luxury hotels is high enough.

6. Limited service hotels never offer food and beverage facilities to their guests.


2.2 Complete the following passage with given words:room,market, wealthy,cuisine, provide, offer, service (2), quality, located, target, suites, average, limited, to appeal.

Luxury or deluxe hotels e.g. Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons ----- to affluent travellers. They provide a high level of quality and service and charge high rates. The facilities include several restaurants with various types of service and -----, a fitness center and various boutiques and gift shops in the lobby. These hotels also ----- specialized personal services, complete room ----- for 24 hours, laundry and valet service, hair care, etc.

First-class or executive hotels e.g. Hilton, Inter-continental, Sheraton strive to maintain above-average ----- and luxury. The characteristics of these facilities are very similar to deluxe hotels.

Executive hotels are usually ----- in urban areas with business travellers as the primary ----- market. These hotels usually run large banqueting or congress departments and offer business ----- to provide business executives with an office away from the office.
Mid-market hotels e.g. Holiday Inn, Ramada market to the ----- business travellers and vacationing families. The range of ----- offered by these hotels is smaller in comparison with the first two categories of hotels.

Economy establishments are designed ----- to budget-conscious travellers. Services are -----, and staff and facilities are kept to a minimum to maintain low operating costs and, thus, to maintain below-average ----- rates.
There are other types of lodging establishments catering for ordinary, not such ----- travellers. They are usually designed for a specialized market segment and ----- only some on-the-premises catering service. Among these are motels, boarding houses, aparthotels, youth hostels, camping sites, etc.



Text 2




What extra facilities and services in a hotel can you think of? Are they profitable? Give your reasons.


Look-through-the text activity

Make a list of additional facilities mentioned in the text. Why do you think they are not included in the room rate?

Hotels often generate additional income from offering the use of their facilities to guests and the public. The more facilities hotels offer the more money they earn.

Meeting and Conference Facilities

  • Larger hotels typically have meeting rooms and conference facilities that can be reserved by overnight guests as well as the public. The meeting and conference rooms can be set up to meet the needs of the function being given, such as training seminars, award ceremonies, business meetings and luncheons. If attendees are traveling from long distances to attend the function, having it inside of a hotel makes it convenient for them to stay overnight before journeying back home. Some hotels have ongoing contracts with companies and organizations that utilize the meeting facilities regularly, such as for board member meetings or religious services.

Banquet and Reception Facilities

  • Banquet and reception hotel facilities can provide adequate room and an ideal setting for wedding receptions, proms, dinner and birthday parties. In addition to spacious rooms, hotels with these services usually offer plenty of parking spaces as well. Hotels offer catering, along with a waiter service, to serve food to individual tables, or to give the option of having a buffet-style set-up. Some hotels also have restaurants where guests can have breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as host smaller parties if they choose.

Pool, Spa and Fitness Facilities

  • Many hotels contain amenities to keep guests entertained, pampered or relaxed during their stay. People who enjoy swimming or lounging by the side of the pool can do so at hotels that offer outdoor and/or indoor pools. Some hotels also have saunas and hot tubs as well. Hotel facilities may include fitness rooms where guests can work out on exercise machines such as treadmills and stationery bicycles. Those hotels featuring a spa may offer services such as massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, while others may contain a hair salon and barbershop.

Laundry Facilities

  • Another facility offered by many hotels is the on-site laundry room. Washers and dryers are available to guests for washing their clothes and some hotels offer this service for free or have coin-operated appliances installed. Some laundry facilities also have televisions, vending machines and provide washing detergent for guests to purchase. Services like this can help travelers pack lighter bags, especially during extended stays.




Without consulting the text speak briefly about each extra facility and service. Would you need any of them during you stay at a hotel?


Task 1 Vocabulary


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