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Task 1

Choose the right variant

1. Have you ever visited other countries?- Yes, I (….) to Italy and Austria this year.

a. was

b. had been

* have been

7would be

2. Another new type or segment of the hospitality industry ( ... ) the timeshare hotels.

a. is

b. are

с. is being

d. be

3. In recent years motel owners and franchisors ( ….. ) more aware of guest security

a. became

b. have become

c. had become.

d. becomes

4. Hotel rooms (…... ) to allow guests to identify their room.

a. are usually numbered

b. usually numbered

c. usually numbers

d. is usually numbered

5. Freeway hotels and motels (…..) into prominence very important in the 1950s and 1960s.

a. have come

b. came

c. comes

d. had come

6. A tourist wants to know.. (.....)

a. where are guided tours

b. are there guided tours

c. where can they buy guided tours

d. if there are guided tours

7. The entertainment team .. (.....)

a. isn't performing a show tonight

b. isn't performing tonight a show

c. don't perform a show tonight

d. is performing not a show tonight

8. When I stayed at the Hilton, I (….) gymnastics every day.

a. did

b. was doing

c. have done

d. have been doing

9. In 1912, in Altena Castle in Germany, Richard Schirrmann (…...) the first permanent Jugendherberge or "Youth Hostel"

a. have created

b. had created

c. was creating

d. created

10. Sorry, I don't know the word hospitality. What …?

a. does mean this word

b. does this word mean

c. means this word

d. is this word meaning


Task 2

Fill in the gaps with the correct verb form (ways of expressing future)


To open

a. A new hotel ...next month. (......)

b. If you want to go shopping today, you should find out when the shops …. (.....)

  1. It's stuffy in the room. I... the window. (......)

d. When I graduate from the University. I....my own travel agency (…...)

To finish

a. The holidays ….on Sunday, so I will be at home on Monday. (….)

b. The speaker ….his presentation in a minute. (.....)

  1. The construction work …..next month. (…...)
  1. To have

a. What are your plans for the weekend? - I....a scuba-diving lesson. (.....)

b. What time you ..... the first lecture tomorrow? (…...)

  1. Our receptionist …..a baby soon. (…..)


Task 3

Choose the correct form.

1. B&B’s (are usually located– is usually located) in someone’s current or former home, so they (have - has) a limited number of rooms (often one), and will offer a familiar atmosphere, with breakfast included.

2. Campsites (provides - provide) either rooms, beds in bungalows or big army-like tents. You are also welcome to bring your own tent. The cheapest hostels in some cities (is -are) often campsites just outside the city limits. Here you can mingle with a wide array of people from young to old. (Don’t forget - doesn't forget) to bring your own sleeping bag.

3. Some people (rent - rents) a whole apartment, for a number varying from two to four or more people. Apartments are usually self-contained, complete with a kitchen, sheets, towels, etc.

4. A Guest House is basically a Bed and Breakfast, without the breakfast. A home that (offers - offer) rooms or beds to travellers, usually at cheaper rates than hotels. This is a great way to learn more about the people and cultural traits of the country you (are visiting - visit). If you are open and willing to new experiences, you could be more than likely offered to have a traditional meal with the accommodating family.


Task 4

Open the brackets. Use active or passive forms of the verbs.


The first youth hostel (to found) ( ) by Richard Schirrmann around 1909. Schirrmann (to be) ( ) a German teacher who (to organize) ( ) trips and visits with his students. During one of these excursions, a sudden rainstorm (to force) () his group to seek shelter in an empty school.

It was then that Schirrmann (to have) ( ) the idea of using schools that were empty during holidays as guest houses for young people that (to travel) ( ) in groups in the countryside. The idea (to catch) () on very quickly, and by the 1930s there were more than two thousand hostels in Germany.

The idea spread out in the rest of Europe, and after an important international conference in 1932, the idea (to export) ( ) to the United States and many other countries, and the International Youth Hostel Federation (to be born) ( ), with the idea of providing cheap accommodation for young travellers.

With time, the concept of hostel (to broaden) ( ), and now hostels accept guests of all ages, providing cheap but comfortable accommodation and a unique atmosphere that cannot be found in hotels.

Task 5

Insert prepositions.

1. Front desk agent represents the hotel … ( ) the guest throughout all stages … ( ) the guest's stay.

2. Travel and tourism industry has now become the largest civilian industry … ( ) the world

3. A Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is a private home … ( ) which guests can be accommodated … ( ) night in private bedrooms (which may or may not have private bathrooms).

4. … ( ) the guest stay, the housekeeping status … ( ) the guestroom changes several times.

5. Some chain hotels have strong control… ( ) the architecture, management and standards of affiliate properties.

6. Motel is a lodging facility that caters primarily … ( ) guests arriving… ( ) automobiles.

7. … ( ) hotels the rooms are categorized and priced according… ( ) the type … ( ) bed, number of occupants, number of beds, decor, specific furnishings or features and nowadays special even the special theme available … ( ) the room.

Task 6

Match each word on the left with the correct equivalent on the right


1. Индустрия гостеприимства A. adjoining room
2. места для отдыха и развлечений B. secretarial services
3. доступ в Интернет C. to work the night shift
4. более узкий набор услуг D. food and beverage
5. работать в ночную смену E. a smaller range of facilities
6. отель экономического класса F. Internet access
7. еда и напитки G. services and entertainment
8. смежная комната H. well-heeled clientele
9. услуги секретаря I. recreational facilities
10. сфера обслуживания и развлечений J. economy hotels
11. богатые клиенты K. hospitality industry



Task 7

Match each word on the left with the correct definition on the right.


A. Hotel 1. a place, amenity, or piece of equipment provided for a particular purpose.
B. Hospitality 2. luxurious or sumptuous; of a superior kind.
C. Industry 3. a place that is frequented for holidays or recreation or for a particular purpose.
D. Facilities 4. the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.
E. Resort 5. activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.
F. Recreation 6. is the relationship between guest and host, or the act or practice of being hospitable.
G. Cater 7. the action of helping or doing work for someone.
H. Entertainment 8. is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis.
I. Deluxe 9. provide people with food and drink at a social event or other gathering.
J. Service 10. a particular form or branch of economic or commercial activity.


Task 8

Fill in the gaps with the words given.


Parking area, motel, motel chains, highways, cabins, accommodation, motorists, routes.


A motor hotel, or … (….) for short (also known as motor inn, motor court, motor lodge, tourist lodge, cottage court, auto camps, tourist home, tourist cabins, auto cabins, cabin camps, cabin court, or auto court), is a hotel designed for … (…..), and usually has a … (…..)for motor vehicles. Initially the word motel referred to a type of hotel consisting of a single building of connected rooms whose doors faced a parking lot and, in some circumstances, a common area; or a series of small … (…...) with common parking. Motels are often privately owned, though … (…..) do exist.

As the provincial… (….) and the United States Highway system began to develop in the 1920s, long-distance road journeys became more common, and the need for inexpensive, easily accessible overnight… (…..) sited close to the main… (…..) led to the growth of the motel concept. Motels peaked in popularity in the 1960s with rising car travel, only to decline in response to competition from the newer chain hotels which became commonplace at highway interchanges as traffic was bypassed onto newly constructed freeways.


Task 9

Make up one sentence of the two given using Complex Object.

1. The receptionist called the porter. I heard it.

2. The porter took my luggage. I saw it.

3. Some guests left the hotel. The doorman saw it.

4. Their receptionist is good at English. They think so.

5. Our partners are responsible. We know it.

6. The staff speak English fluently. Everybody believes it.

7. The motel is rather comfortable. She considers it.

8. Our room is lovely. We think so.

9. The guest wants another cup of tea. I think so.

10. The staff are friendly. I expect it.



Task 10

Make the following sentences into Indirect Speech


1. 'I'm starting a new job next week,' she said.

2. 'A lot of people visit museums,' he said.

3. This is a very famous statue,' the tour guide told us.

4.'I found this wallet under the table,' said the waiter.

5.'I've already done the shopping,' she said.

6.'There is too much noise in this room,' says Mr Smith.

7.'Where is your luggage?' she asked him.

8. The waiter asked me, 'Have you finished with your coffee?'

9. 'Serve those customers, please!'
10. 'Don't look so serious'






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