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Упражнение 4. Определите синтаксическую функцию причастия II и переведите на русский язык

1) Compiled by Women's University, the report is the fourth of its kind to be carried out since 1991. 2) The most commonly discussed recent therapies teach interpersonal skills for improving relationships.
3) Uniformed authorities were trying to deal with a clamour of questions. 4) He managed to get involved into the conversation. 5) They were standing in a hushed corridor carpeted in off-white. 6) This man was Jay's undoubted father. 7) Meg stooped down to look at the brush strokes almost obliterated by yellow mould. 8) We were at sea, off the coast near Spain rolling about on an eighteenth-century man-of-war, commanded in the film by me. 9) Many municipalities in Japan cut the branches of roadsides before the leaves turn in the autumn, because residents find fallen leaves dirty and messy. 10) Smudged and dishevelled and battered, Muriel held her other hand up. She didn't even feel surprised. 11) The study, conducted last year among 900 children, found that Japanese youngsters spend significantly less time outdoors than previous generations.


Упражнение 5. Проанализируйте значение причастия II, переведите на русский язык.

1) Не had the indrawn tenseness of someone placed in a physically close situation. 2) Privates could be cruel too, given half a chance. 3) Seated in a stenographer's chair, tapping away at a typewriter he wrote a series of guidebooks for people forced to travel on business. 4) After the smallest snack he felt overfed. 5) He was unnaturally cool-headed. 6) Even the dog was discouraged. 7) He couldn't help feeling touched by the man's despairing face. 8) Don't cross your eyes, they might get stuck that way.
9) But companies find that given the long and hazardous commutes by train, employees are unable to bring their children to the daycare facility in central Tokyo. 10) He had that familiar feeling, a mixture of grief and relief, we all experience when prevented from doing a tedious job. 11) It might solve one of the long-standing puzzles in modern physics, known as the black hole information paradox. 12) Nevertheless, she wasn't much inclined to make these cozy little evenings a regular event. 13) He didn't look particularly grateful. He himself was resigned. 14) That was a low-voiced conspirational discussion. 15) The maid was pasty-faced and breathing hard, so I sat her down on the top step.


Упражнение 6. Найдите объектный причастный оборот, определите его структуру. Переведите на русский язык.

1) Не imagined her glaring straight in front of her and pretending not to notice. 2) For some reason, Sarah had found this irritating. 3) He found the cafe taken over by vegetarians. 4) He hated her crying. 5) When he took hold of the iron railing, he found the metal beaded with moisture. 6) These days the institute no longer gets its electricity cut off because of unpaid bills. 7) Bennett had had all the kitchen part-fitted with oak units and the floor carpeted in. 8) Florentine red and a big cupboard built for James's toys. 9) His nose began to run and he could hear his breath moving in his chest. 10) It would have wrenched his soul to have Ethan chosen last for any team. 11) I'm shut in the pantry; your dog has me cornered.
12) Naturally such a sound in the midst of the battle had all the officers running hither and thither like hens. 13) Since Jason had gone, he sometimes found himself looking at his own sons with fiercely protective paternal feelings. 14) Mrs. Fenton's sister had one of those very strange things done. 15) They would have swum naked only Rufus's father had discovered them doing this. 16) Thomas had even heard it said that fat little Goring had once paid a call on Theo. 17) Seeing Penny looking, Esther gave her a jolly little wave. 18) Do you think he might be having me watched? 19) Why would he be having me watched? 20) It's been worth all the agony I've put myself through just to see you suffering the way you made me suffer.

Упражнение 7. Переведите предложения на русский язык, используя глаголы to have или to get и объектный причастный оборот.

1. Я переделала свое зимнее пальто. 2. Когда вы, наконец, настроите свой рояль? Он совсем расстроен (to be out of tune). 3. Я не починил вчера часы, так как мастерские были закрыты. 4. Когда вы оклеили комнату? 5. Вам уже побелили потолок? 6. Где вы снимались? 7. Вам следует переплести свои книги 8. Где вы делали себе это платье? 9. Я выкрасила свое платье, и теперь оно совсем как новое (выглядит совсем новым). 10. Где вы починили велосипед?

Упражнение 8. Найдите субъектный причастный оборот, определите его структуру. Переведите на русский язык.

1) Samantha was found determined to remain a wide-eyed child. 2) He was seen playing with the child. 3) Even the dog was seen plodding and discouraged. 4) His breath was heard moving in his chest. 5) The plane from London was reported landing. 6) He was sometimes found looking at his own sons with fiercely protective paternal feelings. 7) Muriel, smudged and dishevelled, was seen holding her hand up. 8) We were kept working all day long. 9) That new idea of his was understood as being too difficult to comprehend. 10) She was believed arrested by hijackers. 11) The man was reported lost in battle. 12) The case is considered closed.

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