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Look at the picture. What do you think people are saying? Reproduce their conversation

7. Language Functions

A. Read the dialogues and write out the expressions which can be useful when making an appointment.

2a Зак. 541

— When canwe meet? How are you fixed next week?

Letme see. 1 can see you any day except Monday.

OK. WillTuesday suit you?

— Are you busy tonight?

— I'm afraid yes. I'm having an important meeting. We have dinnerwith our partners from Australia.

— Oh, I see.

— I'd like to make an appointment with the Director.

— Can I ask you what it's about?

— Yes. It's about the future contract.

— OK. Will Monday suit you?

— How about Tuesday or Wednesday?

— Sorry, he'll be away.

— OK. Let it be Monday.

— I'm sorry, but your appointment is cancelled.

— Can I ask why?

— The director can't keep the appointment because he is away all this week.

— What time is it?

— It's a quarter to five.

— Aren't we supposed to be at the meeting by five o'clock?

— Five or five-thirty? I don't remember the exact time.

— Then we'd better come at five.

B. Give English equivalents:

чем ты занят на следующей неделе?; посмотрим...; в любой день, кроме понедельника; во вторник подойдет?; у меня важная встреча; договориться о встрече; его не будет; пусть будет по­недельник; ваша встреча отменена; прийти на встречу; который/ час?; разве нам не надо быть на собрании?; тогда лучше придем к пяти.

2. Reading

A. George Colby is making some appointments. Read the dialogues and complete the chart.


  day/ date time purpose of visit
Harry Norris      
Mariko Tanaka      
Dr. Epstein      

Dialogue One

A: Harry? Good to hear from you! How are things?

B: Pretty good, thanks George. But there are a few problems. I'd like to come and talk to you about them, if 1 could.

A: Be glad to see you, Harry. When do you have in mind?

B: How about tomorrow?

A: That's the 13th, right? The afternoon is OK, but I'm busy in the morning.

B: The afternoon would be fine. What about 2:30?

A: Fine. 2:30 it is. See you then.

B: Right. Bye, George.

Dialogue Two

A: Ms. Tanaka? How are you?

B: Fine, thank you, Mr. Colby. I'd like to show you our latest catalogue. Are you free tomorrow?

A: I'm sorry. Tomorrow is difficult. I'll be out of town. How about the day after tomorrow, the 14th? Say two o'clock?

B: Friday the 14th at two o'clock? That would be fine. Oh, no, wait a moment. I have an appointment from two to three. Could we say four o'clock?

A: Four o'clock would be fine. Goodbye.

B: Goodbye.

Dialogue Three

A: Good morning, Dr. Epstein's office. May I help you?

B: My name is Colby. I'd like to make an appointment for a check-up sometime next week.

A: Certainly, Mr. Colby. Dr. Epstein is free on Tuesday at ten.

B: Well, I'm busy on Tuesday. How about Monday?

A: I'm sorry, Dr. Epstein is busy all day Monday. What about Wednesday? He's free at nine in the morning.



В: ОК. That would be fine. Goodbye. A: Goodbye, Mr. Colby.

B. Which dialogue sounds less formal? Why? Reading & Role-Playing

A. Read the letter and answer the questions.

1. Who is the letter addressed to?

2. Who is the letter from?

3. What is the main subject of the letter?

4. Where are Mr. Large and his colleagues invited?

5. Why are they invited there?

6. Why is Linda Chamberlain going to call next week?


Mr. H. Large 1 Shaftesbery Road

Marketing Director London W1

Peterson Holiday Co. The Edinburgh Building Wivenhoe Place London W1

23rd May, 2004 Dear Mr. Large,

The name Rhodes and Baker is probably familiar to you. We have carried out extensive market research and our creative team has developed some exciting new ideas for advertising holidays and foreign travel. We would like to present our findings to you. Would you and some of your colleagues like to be our guests for the presentation? May I suggest that you come over at about 11.30 one morning? You could then join us for lunch at which we would continue the discussion informally. I will call early next week to see if we could arrange a convenient date to meet.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Chamberlain Managing Director

B. Role-Playing

Student A: You are Linda Chamberlain. Make a phone call to Hugh Large to arrange an appointment.

Student B: You are Hugh Large. Talk to Linda Chamberlain on the phone and decide on the date to meet.

C. Here is a dialogue between Linda Chamberlain and Hugh Large but the lines of their conversation have been mixed. Restore the dialogue and compare it with your own dialogues you made up in ex. B. The first line has been done for you.


Ms. Chamberlain Mr. Large
___ That's Tuesday, isn't it? ___ OK. Good. See you then.
1 Good morning. This is Bye now.
Linda Chamberlain of ___ Yes? That's right.
Rhodes and Baker. I hope Hold on. How's the last
you've got my letter. week in June for you?
____ Suits me fine. We'll see Let's say the 28th.
you... what about eleven ____ Morning. Yes, I have
thirty? discussed your letter with
___ Bye. my colleagues. 1 should
____ By all means. When would say we'd quite like to see
be the most convenient what you've got.
vtime for you.  

4. Role-Playing

This is your appointments diary. Your task is to arrange meetings with other businessmen. Each meeting will take either a whole morning or a whole afternoon.



  Morning Afternoon
18 Monday    
19 Tuesday a trip  
20 Wednesday   a conference
21 Thursday   a meeting
22 Friday    
23 Saturday a holiday
24 Sunday


Word Combinations

in stock regular customer

в наличии постоянный клиент (покупатель)

7. General Comprehension

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