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A. Read the dialogues and write out the expressions which can be useful when making contact by phone

— Can I speak to Jim White, please?

— Hold the line, please.

_ May 1 have a word with John, please?

— Just a moment. I'll find out if he's in.

— Could 1 talk to Jill, please?

— Hang on a moment. I'll just see if she's in.

— Sorry, Mr. White is out. Can I take a message?

— It's Tom Hay here. Would you ask him to call back?

— Certainly.

— I'm afraid Mr. White is at the meeting.

— This is Jill Bakers. Would you tell him I rang?

— Sorry, Mr. Bells is not here. But he'll be back soon.

— Can you tell him to ring me when he gets back?

— OK.

— Sorry, Mrs. Green's been in, but she went out again. I expect her any minute.

— Could you take a message, please?

— Can I have your name, please?

— Thwaites.

— Sorry, would you spell it?

— OK. T-H-W-A-I-T-E-S.

— Can I have your number, please?

— It's 148-75-76.

B. Give English equivalents:

могу я поговорить с; подождите; минутку; не кладите трубку; он вышел; что ему передать; попросите его позвонить мне; его здесь нет; он скоро вернется; она была здесь, но снова вышла; с минуты на минуту; произнесите по буквам; хорошо; конечно.

2. Reading

A. Joan Atkinson is Managing Director of Atkinson Berkeley Productions. They make publicity films, documentaries and television commercials. Richard Matthews is Public Relations Manager of Vector Petroleum in London. Sharon is his secretary. Joan is calling Richard. The lines of their conversation have been mixed. Restore the dialogue. The first line has been done for you.

Sharon: Vector Petroleum. Richard Matthews' office. Joan: Hello. Can I speak to Richard Matthews, please? Sharon: Just a minute.


Joan Richard
We'd like to come over and talk to What can I do
you, if that's all right. for you?
Yes, fine. See you at two o'clock Tues- Right.
day then. Thanks, Richard. Bye. 1 Hi. Hallo Joan!
Well, how are vou fixed next week? How are you?
Tuesday afternoon would be good When would vou
for me. like to come?
How are vou? I'm fine, thanks. Yes. Tuesday's
Well, it's about the North Sea oil fine. Say, two
film. We think we might make o'clock.
something of it, but there are one  
or two questions we'd like to ask  
you before quoting a price.  

B. Write what Richard has put down into his diary. It concerns meeting Joan.








C. Recollect the telephone conversation. Who said the following and why?

1. I am fine, thanks. 2. What can I do for you? 3. You were at the meeting this morning. 4. How are you fixed next week? 5. Tuesday afternoon would be good for me. 6. Say, two o'clock. 7. See you at two o'clock Tuesday, then.


A. Complete this pronunciation reference chart. Go through the alphabet saying each letter and deciding which column to put it in. (The first three have been done for you.)



Sound Sound Sound Sound Sound Sound Sound
[с] [i:] [e] [ai] [3U] [u:] [a:]
as in see ten five home too arm
A В С          

B. Spell your full name to a foreign partner.

4. Role-Playing

Your boss, Mark Sim, has given you a list of people to call and some messages to give them.

the breakfast meeting is cancelled

please call the accounts department this

Mr. Wong

Mrs. Arnold afternoon

Jeff Fernandez 1'U meet him at the golf course at 10:30
^ Pam Janner
can she send us the report as soon as possible?

Tom Williams please fax the price list to our New York office

Wendy Cash dinner tomorrow will be at the Grand Hotel

With a partner, take turns being A, and calling the people on the list. The other person should be B, and answer the call. Use the dialogue below as a model.

A: Hello, I'm calling on behalf of Mark Sim of TGT. Could I speak to Mr. Wong, please?

B: I'm afraid he's not in the office at the moment.

A: Do you know what time he'll be back?

B: I'm not sure. Can I take a message?

A: Thanks, could you tell him the breakfast meeting is cancelled?

B: Certainly, I'll give him the message.

A: Thank you. Goodbye.

B: Goodbye.

A Belarusian company representative is calling the British Oil Company. He wants to speak to John G. Hartley, a sales manager. Unfortunately, Mr. Hartley isn't available, leave a message for him.



Active Vocabulary List


Mr. Large, a manager of the Holiday Tour Company, is calling Joan Atkinson. Mr. Large is interested in making a TV commercial for his company. Talk to Mr. Atkinson, explain the purpose of your call and arrange an appointment.

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