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D. Lay out the following letters

1. Dear Mr. Jones, Mr. Wolski, our representative is visiting our customers in Germany and England and will be in London next week. He will telephone you when he arrives to arrange a meeting. Yours sincerely, J. Coke.

2. Dear Mr. Harris, I was very pleased to have the opportunity of meeting you again last week and of discussing, among other matters, our future cooperation. 1 am sending you under separate cover some leaflets which will give you technical details of our products. 1 should like to extend a formal invitation to you to visit us and see our factories. I am looking forward to meeting you again. Yours sincerely, T Harrison.

3. Dear Mr. Michalski, Please find enclosed a copy of the letter and prices sent to the buyers whose names you were kind enough to give me. 1 must apologize for the delay, but I have been away a great deal lately. You mentioned the last time when we met that it might be possible to visit Poland in September. 1 would like to confirm that we are most interested, and if an exhibition is going to be staged, we would be willing to take space. I hope that we will meet again in the near future, and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, E.J. Cooper.

9. Letters of inquiry

A. Read the following sample inquiry letter. The body of the letter is in the Russian language. Help V. Smirnov to translate it into English. These word combinations will help you to do the task:

pet food, delivery date, terms of payment, equipment installation, staff training, to specialise (in), to distribute, dealer, requirement, to receive an offer, to place an order.


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