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B. Answer the following questions. 1. What does the manager advertise?

1. What does the manager advertise? 2. What does the buyer look for, besides a good price? 3. Will anybody test the batteries? 4. Who can the buyer contact?

C. Find the following points in the letter:

1) reason for writing the offer; 2) answering the potential Buyer's questions; 3) additional information; 4) hope for an order.

D. Make up a letter of offer for 50 refrigerators. Make use
of the plan and the expressions given below.

Paragraph 1. Reason for writing an offer.

We were pleased to learn your interest in ...

Нам было приятно узнать о Вашей заинтересованности в

We are most pleased that you want to buy ... We are glad to say that we can reserve you ... It is good of you to take some interest in our work We take pleasure in sending you the desired samples and offer ... As to your inquiry of ... we are informing you that ...

Мы очень довольны, что Вы пожелали купить ... Мы рады сообщить, что мо­жем оставить за Вами... Было очень любезно с Ва­шей стороны проявить такой интерес к нашей работе ... С удовольствием посылаем Вам выбранные вами образ­цы и предлагаем... На Ваш запрос от ... мы со­общаем Вам, что ...





Active Vocabulary List


General Comprehension

Before reading the text say if the following sentences are true or false, then read the text andcheck youranswers.

1. Face to face contacts are more effective than talking over the phone. 2. When going abroad, a businessman usually makes all the arrangements himself without his partners' help. 3. The Buyers visit the Sellers premises before signing the contract. 4. The Sellers don't visit the Buyers' premises. 5. If you can't keep the appointment, you should inform your partner in advance.

Business Visits

Business visits are very important in the development of trade relations with countries and companies. Personal contacts promote a better understanding not only in foreign trade but in all spheres of human activities.

Normally businessmen contact through telephone calls or correspon­dence. But as the human element is very important they solve main problems more effectively through a personal meeting. During the talks the partners have an opportunity to discuss all problems face to face, to hear out their counterparts' arguments and to come to an agreement easier.

Since a business trip is always limited in time, a businessman usually makes all the arrangements in advance by phone or by telex. If he goes abroad, he will apply for a visa. His partners will support his visa and send him an invitation. They will also reserve accommodation for him and work out the programme of his visit. When all these


preparations are doneand agreed upon a businessman should book his railway or airwayticket. Itis better to do it in advance.

It is commonfor Buyers' representatives to visit Sellers' premises for technical andcommercial discussions either before or after signing a contract.During the visit the Sellers show their premises and workshopsto the Buyers. The latter (the Buyers) have a chance to see the equipment in operation, to be present at the tests at the testing department. If the Sellers offer some modifications in the equipment, theBuyers can see them, discuss and approve immediately.

The Sellers visit the Buyers' premises when they have to revise prices or other terms of the contract or draw up a new contract with their customers. Both the Sellers and the Buyers can meet to discuss different claims if they appear during the fulfilment of the contract.

It is very important to be punctual in business. If you can't keep theappointment, you should notify your partner in advance and fix anew date.


Circle the word in each line which has a different vowel sound. Listen to the teacher and check your answers.

1) advance chance latter department

2) visa apply sign revise

3) trade premises railway claim

4) abroad talk draw promote

Word Study

A. Find international words in the text and write them out. Learn
their correct pronunciation.

B. Give Russian equivalents to the following word combinations:

to be limited in time; to make arrangements in advance; to apply for (to support) a visa; to offer some modifications; to revise prices; to draw up a new contract; to discuss different claims; to keep an appointment; to notify your partner in advance; to fix a new date.

C. Give English equivalents to the following word combinations:

развитие торговых отношений; общаться посредством пере­писки или по телефону; иметь возможность обсудить проблемы с глазу на глаз; выслушать доводы партнера; достигнуть согласия;

заказать номер в гостинице; составить программу делового визи­та; заказать билет; до или после подписания контракта; посетить предприятия продавца; показать предприятия и цеха; увидеть обо­рудование в действии; быть пунктуальным в бизнесе.

D. Make nouns from these verbs:

meet, promote, solve, visit, apply, support, reserve, test, prepare, approve, fulfil, revise, arrange, contact.

Group the nouns according to the way they are formed.

E. Match the words from A with their opposites from B.


approve, easier, common, better, usual, present, always, effective unusual, worse, never, ineffective, absent, harder, disapprove, uncommon

F. Match the words from A with their synonyms from B.


modification, reserve, usual, prepare, talks, notify, normally, latter, in advance, sphere, opportunity book, common, discussion, area, last, inform, chance, beforehand, make ready, change, usually

Grammar Focus

A. Study the following speech patterns.


It is common important unusual difficult, etc. for someone to do something

It is possible for them to accept your proposal. It is important for the company to sign the contract by the end of the year. It was hard for him to make a decision all by himself.

B. Finish the sentences.

1. It is unusual for me to .... 2. It is common / uncommon for me to ... . 3. It is important for me to ... .4. It was surprising for me to ... . 5. It was dangerous for me to .... 6. It is always easy

for me to .... 7. It was hard for me to .... 8. It was pleasant for me to ... .

Both candidatesare very good.

Both of these candidatesare very good.

Both S. Jefferson and F. Simpsonare good candidates.

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