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Read the text. Think over and suggest the ideas which can prove the necessity of holding different kinds of exhibitions

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Read the text. Think over and suggest the ideas which can prove the necessity of holding different kinds of exhibitions 0.00 из 5.00 0 оценок

Fairs and Exhibitions

Every year a lot of international, national and specialised exhibitions and fairs are held in different countries of the world. The number of countries and companies who take part in them is growing from year to year and the scope of fairs and exhibitions is becoming larger.

The display during these exhibitions includes a wide range of exhibits which show the latest achievements in different fields of industry, science and agriculture of many countries.

Usually fairs and exhibitions are crowded with visitors, who show much interest in the exhibits on display. At international and national exhibitions commercial centres are established where participants can negotiate the sale and the purchase of different goods.

Every exhibition is an eye-opening experience and also a method to advertise products. Fairs and exhibitions are usually held under various mottoes. International fairs and exhibitions pave the way for the consolidation of friendship among countries and nations. They

provide an opportunity to establish profitable contacts and promote mutual understanding among different nations.

The first world industrial exhibition was held in London in 1851. It was a great success. It displayed exhibits of 40 participating nations and the number of visitors reached over 6 million.

Since then world industrial expositions have had a colourful history. Many such events have been held, some of them on a large scale. They have changed not only in size and scope, but also in character and overall purpose. Such events provided opportunities for exchanging scientific, technological and cultural achievements of people of Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Beginning with the early 60s, international expositions began to take new forms, trying to emphasise not only technological progress, but also other aspects of life. They became festivals of industry and culture.

2. Pronunciation

A. Underline the main stress in each word. Practise saying the
words. Mind the stress shift in the pairs of words.

1) exhibit — exhibition;

2) expose — exposition;

3) technology — technological;

4) participate — participation;

5) negotiate — negotiation

B. Cross out the letters in the words which are not pronounced.
Listen to the teacher and check your answers.

Fair, profitable, achievement, range, colourful, provide.

3. Word Study

A. Find international words in the text and write them out Learn
their correct pronunciation.

B. Give Russian equivalents to the following word combina­

to hold an exhibition (a fair); to take part in fairs and exhibitions; from year to year; the scope of fairs and exhibitions; a wide range of exhibits; the latest achievements; to be crowded with visitors; exhibits on display; to negotiate the sale and the purchase; an eye-opening experience; to pave the way for the consolidation; to provide an

opportunity; to promote mutual understanding; to establish profitable contacts; on a large scale; overall purpose; to provide opportunities; to exchange achievements.

C. Match the words from A with their opposites from B.


progress, grow, large, begin, wide, colourful, success, crowded, interest, various, consolidation failure, disinterest, small, disintegration, regress, single, empty, narrow, colourless, decrease, finish

D. Match the words from A with their synonyms from B.


success, visitor, display, field, latest, every, establish, consolidation, profitable, hold, overall, emphasize, products beneficial, integration, general, found, organize, achievement, guest, stress, recent, area, goods, exhibition, each

E. Complete the chart with the missing forms where possible.


Nouns Verbs Adjectives

4. Grammar Focus

A. Find passive sentences in the text. Name the passive forms and translate the sentences.

В. Rewrite the following sentences in the passive.

1. The exhibition displayed exhibits from 40 participating nations. 2. Participants hold business talks, negotiate transactions and sign contracts. 3. Fairs and exhibitions give visitors a good idea of the country's way of life. 4. Companies and firms from Belarus will present a great part of the exhibits. 5. They have traditionally regarded Belarus as an agrarian country. 6. Groups of firms organized several exhibitions of Chinese merchandise. 7. Representatives from nearly 50 large-scale and private firms attended the exhibition. 8. Visitors to the exhibition could buy traditional products for Chinese export. 9. They expect a delegation from the Moscow region to pay a return visit to the PRC next year. 10. Many will visit this new international event.

Diving Deeper

Think of 6 questions about fairs and exhibitions and write them down. Ask your group-mates to answer the questions.

6. Speaking

Tell your group-mates what you consider important to know about:

• different kinds of exhibitions;

• the business side of fairs and exhibitions.

7. Discussion

2015-11-07 1750 Обсуждений (0)
Read the text. Think over and suggest the ideas which can prove the necessity of holding different kinds of exhibitions 0.00 из 5.00 0 оценок

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