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E. Finish the sentences

1. The lecturer defines markets as ... . 2. The lecturer described the three kinds of economy, which are ... . 3. If a society is the

command economy, ... . 4. There is no society which is completely a command economy because ... . 5. A free market can be described as .... 6. In a free market individual people can pursue their own interests and thus become ... . 7. You are moving the production possibility frontier outwards when .... 8. If you create new jobs and opportunities, you ... .9. The mixed economy means very much what it says because ... . 10. The government role in the mixed economy consists in ... .

18. Translation

What type of economy does your country have? Read the text about market transformations in Belarusian economy and translate it into Russian.

Market Transformations in Belarusian Economy

The Republic of Belarus stands on the road of building a democratic society with market economy. Entrepreneurial structures have been consequently developing in Belarus. The denationalization of financial and banking spheres has been completed. Belarusian market is being saturated with both goods and resources of local produce and with imported goods.

The Belarusian economy reformation goes in several directions, including the reorganization of control of state-owned enterprises, the denationalization and privatization of objects of state property, the establishment of united and equal conditions for operation of enterprises and organizations of various property forms, step-by-step liberalization of economic activities, and provision of freedom of entrepreneurship in combination with application of mechanisms of state regulation, as well as establishment of favourable, corresponding to world practice, conditions to attract foreign investments to the Republic of Belarus.

19. Writing

Write an essay on one of the following topics:

• Why I would Like to be in the Selling Car Business (Dairy Products / Stereo Systems, etc.);

• The Guiding Ideas in Economics;

• The Economic System in My Country.


Word Combinations

7. General Comprehension Read the text and prove that in recent years marketing has become a driving force in most companies. Marketing — a Driving Force of Companies Marketing includes all the business activities connected with the movement of goods and services from producers to consumers. Sometimes it is called distribution. On the one hand, marketing is made up of such activities as transporting, storing and selling goods and, on the other hand, series of decisions you make during the process of moving goods from producer to user. Marketing operations include product planning, buying, storage, pricing, promotion, selling, credit, traffic and marketing research. Underlying all marketing strategy is the marketing concept — "we must produce what people want, not what we want to produce".

UNIT 7. Marketing


Active Vocabulary List


рекламирование, реклама пытаться, пробовать; попытка осознающий торговая марка, бренд послужить причиной;

источник, причина обстоятельства, условия конкурент понятие, идея; общее

представление; концепция постоянно

вера, доверие; правдоподобие решающий; критический сторона, аспект конечный (непосредственный)

потребитель окружение, окружающая

обстановка ярлык, этикетка, бирка завлекать

сбывать; рынок (сбыта) специалист по маркетингу рынок; сфера торговли торговая точка; рынок сбыта множество объявление, плакат калькуляция иен продвижение; стимулирование опознавать, узнавать регулирование, правила возлагать, покоиться (на) комплект, набор сохранение, хранение

Channel of distribution driving force forward thinking hire purchase market share

Retail outlet

Right marketing mix

Social make up

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