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С Organise a class discussion of the answers to the questions in point B. Compare your viewpoints and choose five most successful goods and services on your local market


A. Is there an advertisement on television or in the newspapers
at the moment that you particularly like? What's it for?

B. Read the advertisements (a—e) and find the words in them
which match the definitions:

1) small; 2) the cheapest on the market; 3) modern; 4) can do different things; 5) easy to use.

a) The software package was so user-friendly that even my sixty-five-year old mother learned how to use it in less than a day.

b) This hearing aid is so compact, nobody needs to know you are wearing it.

c) Be the first on your block to own this state-of-the-art digital music system.

d) This versatile personal organizer functions as a watch, diary, address book, and calculator.

e) Western carpets — great service, unbeatable prices!

C. Which of the adjectives in the box below can you use in an advertisement for the following products:

1) a car; 2) a hotel; 3) beer; 4) shoes?


smart powerful comfortable reliable
delicious clean waterproof refreshing
cen trally- loca ted safe    

D. In pairs, think of some other products and make a list of adjectives to use in an advertisement for them. You can use words from the box or other words. Use your dictionary to help you.



Project work

A. You are a copywriter for an advertising agency and have been given the following information about a new product that is to be put on the market shortly.


Product # 129X Special Skin Lotion available in tubes and jars.

Suitable for all ages, sexes and skin-types, especially those who lead active outdoor lives or are exposed to high levels of air pollution.

Aims: to revitalize the skin and prevent wrinkles.

How to use: after washing, apply to face morning and night.

The manufacturer has asked you to invent a brand name and make an advertisement for this new product. You are free to choose whatever advertising techniques you like. The manufacturer has particularly stressed that he wants the advertisement to appeal to both men and women.

B. Present your advertisements or TV commercials to the class and compare them. In the light of manufacturer's request, decide which one is the most effective.

UNIT 8. Management

Active Vocabulary List


General Comprehension

Read the text and say if the sentences are true or false.

1. One of the constituents of management is controlling. 2. Manage­ment consists of a number of different activities. 3. Defining objectives is one of the tasks of management. 4. The term "product life cycle" reflects the period of time spent on the production of the product.

5. Product life cycle is always taken into account by managers.

6. Extra sales support helps to solve the problem of products which are at the end of their life cycle.

Marketing Management

Management, by definition, is a function of planning, organising, co-ordinating, directing and controlling. Any managerial system, 230

at any managerial level, is characterised in terms of these general functions.

Management is revealed in a variety of specific activities. Marke­ting management refers to a broad concept covering organisation of production and sales of products, which is based on consumer requirements research. All companies must look beyond their present situation and develop a long-term strategy to meet changing conditions in their industry. Marketing management, therefore, consists of evaluating market opportunities, selecting markets, developing market strategies, planning marketing tactics and controlling marketing results.

Strategic planning includes defining the company's long-term as well as specific objectives, such as sales volume, market share, profitability and innovation, and deciding on financial, material and other resources needed to achieve those objectives.

In problems of market selection and product planning one of the key concepts is that of the Product Life Cycle. That products pass through various stages between life and death (introduction — growth — maturity — decline) is hard to deny. Equally accepted is the understanding that a company should have a mix of products with representation in each of these stages. Companies can make far more effective marketing decisions if they have time to find out where each of their products stands in its life cycle.

However, the concept of the product life cycle seems frequently forgotten in marketing planning, which leads to wrong decision­making. This may well be seen in the following story.

A supplier of some light industrial equipment felt that the decline in the sales of his major product was due to the fact that it was not receiving the sales support it deserved. In order to give extra sales support to this problem case a special advertising campaign was run. This required cutting into marketing budgets of several promising products that were still in their "young" growth phase. In fact, the major product has long since passed the zenith of its potential sales, and no amount of additional sales support could have extended its growth. This became quite clear in the end-of-year sales results which showed no improvement. The promising products, however, went into gradual sales decline. In short, management has failed to consider each product's position in its life cycle.


определение времени

урезать, сокращать

какой бы ни; любой; что бы ни


advertising campaign beginning balance cash flow cash inflow cash outflow financial manager in terms of marketing budget negative cash flow positive cash flow product life cycle product mix sales support sales volume unit cost


рекламная кампания начальное сальдо денежные потоки; движение

денежной наличности приток денежных средств отток денежных средств финансовый директор,

менеджер по финансам с точки зрения; в отношении маркетинговый бюджет отрицательный денежный

поток положительный денежный

поток жизненный цикл товара ассортимент изделий стимулирование сбыта товарооборот, объем продаж себестоимость единицы продукции

General Comprehension

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