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British food: stereotypes and true facts

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How to use cutlery

Good table manners say a lot about an individual's personality. It is important to know the right way to use the cutlery.

Step 1. When you use knife and fork, the knife is held in the right hand for cutting and the fork in the left hand.

Step 2. Cut a portion of the food for a mouthful, do not cut the entire food into small portions before eating.

Step 3. When eating do not wave your cutlery in the air to emphasise a point.

Step 4. Put the knife and fork straight on the plate after use with the blade of the knife facing inwards.

British meals

The usual meals in England are breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Breakfast time is between seven and nine a.m. A traditional English breakfast consists of juice, porridge or cornflakes with milk, bacon and eggs, toast, butter, jam or marmalade, tea or coffee. Marmalade is made from oranges and jam is made from other fruit. Many people like to begin with porridge with milk or cream and sugar, but no good Scotsman ever puts sugar on it, because Scotland is the home of porridge. For a change you can have sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, cold ham or perhaps fish. The English breakfast is generally a bigger meal than they have on the Continent, though some English people like a “continental” breakfast of rolls and butter and coffee.

Lunch is usually taken at one o'clock. For many people lunch is a quick meal. Office workers usually go to a cafe at this time. They take fish, poultry or cold meat (beef, mutton, veal and ham), boiled or fried potatoes and all sorts of salad. They may have a mutton chop or steak and chips, followed by biscuits and a cup of coffee. Some people like a glass of light beer with lunch. Pubs also serve good, cheap food. School children can have a hot meal at school. Some of them just bring a snack from home.

Tea is very popular among the English; it is called their national drink. Tea is welcome in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. The English like it strong and fresh made.

Dinner time is generally between six and eight p.m. The evening meal is the biggest and the main meal of the day. It begins with soup, followed by fish, roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables, fruit and coffee.


a coffee shop – кофейня / a pub – паб / all alone – совсем один, в одиночестве / a bill – счет / to split the bill – оплачивать счет пополам /to go Dutch – оплатить счет вскладчину (каждый платит за себя) / to tip – оставлять чаевые / satisfied – довольный / a waiter – официант / to reserve – резервировать, бронировать / this way! – сюда! / to order – делать заказ / to want – хотеть / I would like – Я хотел бы / to replace – заменить / I’ll be right back – Я сейчас вернусь / to keep the change – оставить сдачу себе

You can eat at pizzerias, restaurants, fast food restaurants, snackbars, coffee shops, teashops, pubs, bars, canteens. They can be expensive, cheap, reasonably priced.

56. Ответьте на вопросы:

Why do people go out for a meal? Do you prefer taking your meal at home or going out? Do you often go to coffee shops? On what occasions? All alone? If you are at a coffee shop with your boyfriend (girlfriend) who usually pays the bill? Do you pay for yourself or do you split the bill? Do you tip if you are satisfied with service? How much do you usually tip? Do you say some nice words to the waiter?

57. Распределите следующие фразы по 2 колонкам (произносимые официантом и произносимые клиентом):

Waiter Client

Have you reserved? / Yes, a table for 3 / This way, please / Follow me, please / Please, be seated / Are you ready to order? / May I take your order? / What do you recommend? / I don’t want … / Do you have..? / Do you have any specials? / Could you bring me .. ? / Can I have…? / And for you, Miss? / I’d like some .. / I’m starving / I’ll have … / I’ll take the same / I don’t feel like eating / I’m not hungry / What will you take for drink? / Have a nice meal / Enjoy your meal / Did you like it? / That’s delicious / I don’t like it / Replace it / Anything else? / Could I get the bill, please? / Sure, I’ll be right back / Just a moment / Do you pay cash or by card? / Keep the change, please /

58. Составьте диалог «В кафе», используя опорные слова и фразы выше:




health – здоровье / to be ill (to be sick) – быть больным / illness (sickness) – болезнь / I have a fever – у меня жар / to have a cough – кашлять / headache – головная боль / to go to see a doctor – пойти к доктору / to take / to make an appointment – записаться на прием / to have a cold – быть простуженным / not to feel well – нехорошо себя чувствовать / to feel sick – испытывать тошноту / to sneeze – чихать / to have a stuffy nose – заложенный нос / to feel nauseous – тошнить / to have a backache – боль в спине / I have a stomachache – у меня болит живот / I have a toothache – у меня болит зуб / My nose is running – У меня насморк / I feel dizzy – У меня голова кружится / I am allergic to flowers – У меня аллергия на цветы / to prescribe a medicine – прописать лекарcтво / a prescription – рецепт / to eat right – правильно питаться / to have a rest – отдохнуть / to stay in bed – оставаться в постели / to take a medicine – принимать лекарство / to recover –поправляться / to take blood pressure – мерить давление / to look over – осмотреть / to get wet – промокнуть / to consult a doctor – проконсультироваться с врачом / What’s wrong? – Что случилось? / I have a sore throat – У меня болит горло / to choose – выбирать / to have the flu – грипп / diagnosis – диагноз.

When an Englishman asks you about your health, he is probably only doing so out of politeness. He is certainly not expecting a detailed medical report, and will be very surprised if you give him one.

Do you think you’re a healthy person? How often do you get sick? How often do you have a cold? What do you do if you get sick? Do you go to see a doctor? Do you take an appointment before it?

Doctor’s Office

I was feeling a little sick, so I decided to visit my doctor. I called her in the morning, and I made an appointment for 9:30 a.m. When I arrived at her office, I had to fill out some papers and a sheet describing my current medical condition. After a few minutes, the nurse called my name and took me back to one of their examination rooms. She took my temperature and blood pressure, and then I waited for the doctor. After looking me over and asking a few questions, the doctor's diagnosiswas that I had a bacterial infection. She wrote me out a prescription for some medicine to take two times a day. After the exam, I went back to the reception area and paid the bill.

59. Распределите по колонкам:

You should …. You shouldn’t …..

eat right / eat more vegetables and fruit / drink hot milk and honey / eat unfresh food / sleep 8 hours a day / get wet in rainy weather / do morning exercises / walk too much in cold weather / drink cold water / air the room / consult a doctor every 3 months / drink much coffee / eat a lot of sweets (salt) / watch TV too much.

60. Распределите следующие фразы по 2 колонкам:

Doctor Patient

Take a seat / What can I do for you? / What’s wrong? / I don’t feel well / I have flu / How long have you had it? / What are your symptoms? / When did the symptoms start? / Since Monday / Where does it hurt? / I have a sore throat / I have a bad cough / Have you taken your temperature? / Do you think it’s serious? / You should stay in bed / You’ll take this medicine / Get well! /



1) When you are feeling unwell, you need to see a doctor. Doctors are busy people so you have to make an appointment. So you have to call doctor’s office. When you make an appointment you choose a date and a time when you can see the doctor. 'Good morning. I'd like to make an appointment to see the doctor today.'
'The doctor is busy this morning, but he is free this afternoon. Is 2 o'clock OK?'

2) When you see the doctor he (or she) might ask you 'What's wrong?' or 'What's the problem?' or 'What are your symptoms?' Symptoms are any feelings of illness or discomfort which are caused by a health problem. E.g. If you had the flu (influenza) your symptoms would be a fever, a runny nose. The doctor may also ask 'When did the symptoms start?'

3) After telling the doctor your symptoms he will tell you the name of your problem. A diagnosis[8] is when a doctor tells you the medical name of your problem.
For example, you tell your doctor your symptoms: 'I have a fever, a runny nose.' Your doctor says: 'My diagnosis is that you have the flu.'

61. Прочтите диалог и составьте подобный.

Receptionist:Dr. Carter's Office.

Ronald:I'd like to make an appointment, please.

Receptionist:Is this your first visit?

Ronald:Yes it is.

Receptionist:Okay. Could I have your name please?

Ronald:My name is Ronald Schuller.

Receptionist:Okay. What about the day after tomorrow on Thursday at 4:00 o'clock?

Ronald:Uh, do you have anything earlier, like 7:30?

Receptionist:No. I'm sorry.

Ronald:Well, Thursday would be fine.

Receptionist:Okay. Could I have your phone number please?

Ronald: It's 643-0547.

Receptionist:Alright. And what's the nature of your visit?

Ronald:Well, I fell from a ladder two days ago and I hurt my ankle.

Receptionist:Look, Mr. Schuller. Please come in today. I don't think your case can wait.

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British food: stereotypes and true facts 0.00 из 5.00 0 оценок

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