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to avoid stress – избегать стресса / to be on a diet – быть на диете / to improve your health – следить за здоровьем / to relax – расслабляться / to affect – влиять / to consider – считать, полагать / to play football – играть в футбол / soccer – футбол / fitness club – фитнесс клуб / to go yachting – заниматься парусным спортом / to do abs – качать пресс / to lift weights – заниматься со штангой / to go swimming - заниматься плаванием / to go to the gym – ходить в спортзал / to do yoga – заниматься йогой / to do martial arts – заниматься восточным единоборством / do knee bends –приседать / do push-ups – отжиматься / do pull-ups – подтягиваться на турнике / to go jogging – бегать по утрам / work out in the gym three times a week - заниматься в спортзале трижды в неделю / to skate - кататься на коньках / to ski – кататься на лыжах / the adult – взрослые / grown-ups – взрослые / the elderly – пожилые / to keep fit – поддерживать форму / sport facilities – спортивные сооружения / skating rink – каток / swimming pool – бассейн / stadium – стадион / the way you look – то, как ты выглядишь / to look slim and healthy – выглядеть стройным и здоровым / to be crazy about – быть без ума от / to explain – объяснять / choice – выбор / to train hard – интенсивно тренироваться / to avoid smoking – воздерживаться от курения / to give up smoking – бросить курить

62. Answer the questions:

What does “a healthy lifestyle” mean? Do you think you’re a healthy person? Do you care about your health? What do you do to improve your health? What do you think, why people follow a diet? Do you follow a diet? Do you need it? Why? Why not? Do you eat healthy food? What kind of food do you eat? Can we consider an overweight person to be healthy? What’s your way to avoid stress? How do you relax? What helps you relax? Can insomnia affect your health?

63. Answer the questions:

Is sport an important part of our life? Is it popular only among the young? (the adult, the elderly) Do sports help us to keep fit, healthy and slim? Does it make us stronger? Does it teach us to be responsible? Are there many sport facilities (skating rink, swimming pool, fitness club, stadium, tennis court) in your town? Are you interested in sport? Why? Do you care about the way you look? Can sports improve the way you look? Do you want to look slim and healthy? Do you go in for sports? Are you crazy about sports? What sports are you into? Explain your choice. Name one sport you enjoy doing or watching and then name a sport you would like to try in the future.

64. Translate:

You need to train hard if you want to get stronger.

He works out at the gym twice a week.

The world’s most popular sport is soccer[9].



65. Translate the following words and word combinations:

to call / to call back / to hang up / to pick up the phone / to answer the phone / to dial / Thank you for your patience, you’re the next caller / Please stay on the line, your call is very important to us.

ОБРАТИТЕ ВНИМАНИЕ: При назывании по-английски номеров телефонов учитывайте следующие правила:

-называйте каждую цифру отдельно: 24 – two four;

цифра “0” читается oh: 105 – one oh five;

назвав три-четыре цифры, сделайте паузу: 376 4705 – three seven six, four seven oh five;

если рядом находятся две одинаковые цифры, то используйте слово double: 376 4775 – three seven six, four double seven five.

66. Translate the following phrases and make up your own dialogue:

Speaking / Is Bob in? / Is Bob there, please? / This is Emma calling for Bob / May I speak to Mr Brown? / It’s for you / Just a moment, please / Hang on a sec. I’ll get him / her / I’m sorry. He is not here / Would you like to leave a message? / I’ll call back later / Sorry, the wrong number / Could you call back later? /


to waste – тратить попусту, терять попусту / a waste of time – напрасная трата времени / free time – свободное время / to agree – соглашаться, быть согласным / around – вокруг / to differ – отличаться / according to – согласно чему-либо / several – несколько / relaxing – расслабляющий / As for me – Что касается меня / No matter – Неважно / to climb – вскарабкиваться / to collect – собирать, коллекционировать / a horse – лошадь / to knit – вязать / to take pictures – фотографировать / to ride – кататься верхом / to sew – шить / to fish – рыбачить / both – оба / suitable – подходящий

67. Answer the questions:

Do you have much free time? Do you have any hobby? What is a hobby? What is your hobby? Why do you like your hobby? Some people say it’s a waste of time, do you agree? Do you spend a lot of time on your hobby? Are there any hobbies you would like to try? Which hobbies do you think are the most difficult? Why?

68. Tell about your hobbies using the following words and word combinations:

There are many interesting things to do all around us / Hobbies differ like tastes / Everyone chooses a hobby according to his character and taste / I have many (several, a few, only one) hobbies / hobby / My favourite hobby is … / I enjoy … / It is expensive (free) / I love it because it is funny (relaxing) / It gives me a sense of …. / It makes life more interesting / The best thing about my hobby is that … / But I don’t like … / A hobby is what people like to do when they have free time / As for me, I am fond of …. ( I enjoy doing smth) … / It relaxes me / It gives me a sense of satisfaction / It helps me to keep my mind off everyday problems / It is not only “wasting time” as some people say / No matter what kind of hobby a person has, he always has the opportunity of learning from it.

68. Скажите, какие из следующих хобби больше подходят мужчинам, а какие – женщинам:

Playing chess, rock climbing, working out, reading, model trains collecting, astrology, knitting, horse riding, taking pictures, yoga, riding motorbikes, cooking, sewing, fishing, dancing, computers, fashion, aerobics, diving, collecting stamps or coins, travelling, playing the piano, parachuting.

Например: playing chess is more suitable for men (for women, for both).


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