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to ask for – спрашивать что-либо / near – около / to go straight – идти прямо / to turn – повернуть / right – направо / left – налево / in front of – напротив / behind – позади / to go on foot – идти пешком / crowded – переполненный / empty – пустой / to lose way – потеряться, заблудиться / to cross – переходить, пересекать / to go the wrong way – идти не в ту сторону / quite – вполне / corner – угол / crossroads – перекресток / (traffic) lights – светофор

69. Answer the questions:

Do you live far from the center? Do you live near the college? Do you live on the outskirts / in the suburbs? What transport do you take to get to the college? How long does it take you to get to the college?

70. Translate the following words and word combinations:

to go straight / on the left / on the right / to turn left / crossroads / side street / the very center of / to go across the square / the shortest way to get there / just in front of / behind / next to / to go on foot / to walk / the bus is crowded (empty) / to lose one’s way / to take a bus / Can you tell me the way to …?/ How can I get there quickly? / to go down the street / road / roundabout / bridge / to cross the street / crossing / on the corner / it’s a twenty-minute walk from here/ opposite the church / Take the first street on the right / It's on the corner of Ninth Street and Pine Street / Are you from around here? / Do you have a map? / Is this the right way for ...? / I'm looking for ... / Follow me. I’ll show you the way / This way / You are going the wrong way / Go left / It's on your left / It'll be on your left / Turn left at the crossroads / Sorry, I’m not from around here / I’m afraid I can’t help you / Is it far (from here)? / It's not far (from here) / How far is it? / It's quite close /

71. Используя словосочетания выше, опишите подробно ваш путь:

1) от дома до колледжа; 2) от колледжа до главного корпуса университета;

3) от колледжа до бассейна; 4) от бассейна до поликлиники


72. Make up your own dialogue “Can you tell me the way to …?”


73. Fill in the missing phrases:

-Excuse me, where is the post office, please?

- ________ at the next corner. Then _________ until you come to the traffic lights. __________ there. The post office is ___________ the cinema.



74. Complete the dialogue using the following words: continue, end, excuse, get, left, next, opposite, right, second, straight on, thank, turn, welcome



- _________ me, how do I ___ to the cinema?

- Go ______ . Turn _______ at the corner. Then take the ______road on your _____ . _________ to the of the road. ________ left there. The cinema is on your _______, _______the castle.

- _______ you very much.

You're ________ .



a trip – поездка, путешествие / profitable – прибыльный / to go sightseeing – осматривать достопримечательности / for fun – для развлечения / unforgettable – незабываемый / means of transport – вид транспорта, средство передвижения / to discover – открывать / customs – обычаи / to practice –практиковать (например, иностранный язык) / abroad – заграницей / destination – место для отдыха; направление.

75. Explain the difference between:

a travel – used when talking about the activity of travelling in general: Her interests are music, sport and travel.

a journey and a trip – used when talking about an occasion when you travel somewhere. Ex.: Hope you have a safe journey. Did you have a good trip?

76. Read and answer the questions:

Is it possible to live without traveling? Tourism became a very profitable business because people are ready to spend their money for the opportunity to have a great time learning about new countries, going sightseeing, resting and enjoying themselves. Millions of people travel around the world just for fun. Travels broaden the mind and give unforgettable memories. Journeys could be made in different ways. With modern services you can go around the world. You can choose the means of transport you like: plane, train, ship, bicycle or you can travel hiking.

Historians say that many thousand years ago our ancestors migrated from one place to another because they were seeking food. Perhaps the historians are right. But there is another point of view. Obviously savage people moved from one place to another because they had absolutely nothing to do and they hated the idea of sitting at the same place.

1. Why did tourism become a profitable business?

2. Name the reasons why people travel.

3. How can we travel? Name the means of transport we can use for travelling.

4. What do historians say about our ancestors’ migration? Is there any other point of view?

77. You are planning a trip abroad. Make a list of things to do, to see, to try.


Do you have enough money and free time for travelling? Do you travel a lot? Do you travel abroad? What’s your favorite destination? Do you travel alone or with your friends / parents? Why? What are your own reasons for travelling?

78. Write a letter to your friend about your last trip:


to matter – иметь значение / to be founded – быть основанным / to grow – расти/ church – церковь / skyscraper – небоскреб / cathedral – храм, собор / wide – широкий / dirty – грязный / advantage – достоинство / disadvantage – недостаток / fortress – крепость / world-famous – всемирно известный / to attract – привлекать / fascinating – захватывающий / to hesitate – колебаться, сомневаться / to offer – предлагать / to visit – посетить / to miss the opportunity- упустить возможность

79. Tell about your hometown:

I was born in Saransk / It is a small town / it is rather difficult to find it on the map, but it matters for me / Saransk was founded in ….. / It has a great history (or it has no great history) / Nowadays the town is constantly growing / square / park / museum / church / skyscraper / cathedral / the streets are wide (or narrow) / there are many modern beautiful buildings / clean / dirty / it is comfortable to live in / it has many places of interest / the people are friendly /…

80. Answer the questions:

How does your hometown look like in winter? in summer?

Name the reasons why you like (or dislike) your hometown.

What are the advantages (disadvantages) in living here?

Do you prefer living in town or in the country? Why?

81. Read the text:

Saransk is a city in central European Russia and the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. It was founded in 1641 as a fortress. Saransk owes its name to the Saranka river. These days it`s one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Saransk is world-famous for its sport achievements. The home town for many Olympic and World champions, host city for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Very modern and European looking streets attract thousands of tourists from all over the country. It combines historical buildings, fascinating sport objects, crowded malls and cosy parks.

Saransk has one of the most beautiful Train Stations in Russia. The local airport is very small and provides flights only to the neighbor regions, there are no direct flights from other countries. As the city is pretty small, there is only one kind of public transport - bus. Buses are available everywhere from early morning to the late night. Taxi cabs is another way to get around. The prices are really cheap and the drivers are always friendly and outgoing. Saransk is home to many theaters, art galleries, historical places and museums.

82. Продолжите фразу из туристического гида по Саранску. Опишите всё, что можно посоветовать туристу в качестве достопримечательностей:

If you’re thinking of visiting Saransk, don’t hesitate any longer! Don’t miss out on any of the wonderful things that Saransk has to offer! …. ….. …..

83. Продолжите фразы:

Five things to do in Saransk are …

Five things I don’t like about Saransk are …


foggy – туманный / mysterious – таинственный / island – остров / kingdom – королевство / to quarrel – ссориться / to fight – сражаться / an army – армия / a war – война / to end – заканчивать, заканчиваться / to marry – женить / to get married – жениться / area – область / to be situated – быть расположенным, располагаться / to consist of – состоять из / to be separated – быть отделенным / a part – часть / surface – поверхность / a mountain – гора / a plain – равнина / a valley – долина / a lake – озеро / high – высокий / a forest – лес / north – север / south – юг / east – восток / west – запад / to flow – течь / to connect – связывать / to border on – граничить

This Foggy Albion

Where is this mysterious island with such a romantic name as Foggy Albion? The word Albion is the oldest known name of the United Kingdom. It comes from the Latin word "albus," which means "white." And, of course, the Albion is foggy because the United Kingdom is famous for its foggy weather, a constant white fog covered these isles. This name became synonymous with Britain.

The Red Rose as one of the British symbols.

The national symbol of The United Kingdom is the red rose. In the 15th century two rich families - the Lancasters and the Yorks- quarreled about the crown of England. Their armies fought a long war. The Yorks used a white rose as their symbol and the Lancasters used a red rose. The war ended when the member of the House of Lancaster married a woman from the House of York and became the King Henry VII. He made a red rose with white pedal the symbol of England.

84. Answer the questions:

1. Why did the Yorks and the Lancasters quarrel? 2. Who used a red rose as symbol? 3. How did the war end? 4. Who became the King? 5. Why does the red rose have white pedal? 6. What other British symbols do you know? Tell about them.

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