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Ex. 17. Make the positive sentences negative and the negative sentences positive


She’s French. She isn’t French.

I don’t like cooking. I like cooking.


1. She doesn’t speak German.

2. They want to learn English.

3. We are tired and we want to go to bed.

4. John likes watching football on TV, but he doesn’t like playing it.

5. I work at home because I have a computer.

6. Sara isn’t happy because she doesn’t have a nice flat.

7. I smoke, I drink, and I don’t go to bed early.

8. He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink, and he goes to bed early.

9. They know my father very well but they don’t know my mother.

10. He wants to enter the university.

11. I don’t like meeting new people.

12. I learn French because I need it for my job.

13. He knows Spanish but he doesn’t know Italian.

14. I don’t understand this sentence.

15. Jimmy is a bright student.


Еx. 18. Complete the questions, then answer them as in the example.


1. Do__ the girls like football? No, ______they don’t._________________

2. _________ Jim eat beefburgers? Yes, _______

3. _________ you go to school? Yes, __________

4. _________ she drink lemonade? No, _________

5. _________ he help his mother? No, __________

6. _________ they walk to school? Yes, ________

7. _________ fish live in the water? Yes, _______

8. _________ your dog sleep in your bedroom? No, ______________________________

9. _________ you like bananas? No, ___________

10. ________ Ann and Mary visit their grandparents? Yes, _________________________

11. ________ cats drink milk? Yes, ____________

12. ________ you like exams? No, ____________

13. ________ your father know English? Yes, ____

14. ________ your brother and you play tennis? No, _______________________________

15. ________ elephants run fast? Yes, ___________


Ex. 19. Put in do or does where necessary.

1. _________you like playing tennis? 10. What _________ you think of me?

2. _________ your brother like cooking? 11. _________ you learn English?

3. Where _________ she live? 12. Who __________ knows English?

4. ______your mother cook well? 13. _____ your father work in a garage?

5. Where __________ your friends work? 14. How often _____ you go swimming?

6. What ___ your father do in the evenings? 15. How often ____ Dan come to the club?

7. ______ your children go to school? 16. How much _________your bag cost?

8. When __________ you clean your teeth? 17. What floor __________ you live on?

9. When _______your mother go to work? 18. What ___________ your husband do?


Ex.20. Read the following in the negative and in the interrogative forms.


1. You know the answer.

2. He has breakfast at 8.00.

3. He loves her.

4. Some schoolgirls wear uniforms.

5. He trusts you.

6. He tries hard.

7. The park closes at dusk.

8. He misses his mother.

9. The children like sweets.

10. He finishes work at 6.00.

11. He lives beside the sea.

13. This stove heats the water.

14. She has a cooked breakfast.

15. She carries a sleeping bag.

Ex. 21. You sent a letter to Belinda. This is her reply. What questions did you ask her?

The asterisks (*) will help you.


28, Rolton Road Abingdon, Oxfordshire. 22nd June.   Hi! Thanks for your letter. Here are my answers to your questions. I live in Abington, near Oxford. * I get up at 7 o’clock in the morning, * have breakfast at 7.30, and * leave for school at 8.15. * I go to school by car. * My Dad takes me there, and * school starts at 9 o’clock. * My favourite lesson is English, and * Miss Johnson, the English teacher is my favourite teacher. * My best friend’s name is Diana. * My hobbies are stamp-collecting and photography. * My Dad works in a garage. * My brother doesn’t do anything. * He’s only six months old, so * he doesn’t have a job! Bye for now, Belinda  


Example: Where do you live?



Ex. 22. Each sentence has a mistake. Find it and correct it!


1. a She comes from Spain. 6. a He doesn’t play football.

b She come from Spain. b He no play football.

2. a What he do in his free time? 7. a She doesn’t love Peter.

b What does he do in his free time? b She doesn’t loves Peter.

3. a Where lives she? 8. a What you do on Sunday morning?

b Where does she live? b What do you do on Sunday morning?

4. a He isn’t married. 9 a Do you play tennis sometimes?

b He doesn’t married. b You play tennis sometimes?

5. a Does she has two sons? 10 a He doesn’t know the answer.

b Does she have two sons? b He don’t know the answer.





Наречия неопределенного времени ставятся перед смысловым глаголом. Однако, если сказуемое выражено глаголом to beили модальным глаголом, эти наречия ставятся после них.

Sometimes often

She alwaystravels by train. He is seldomlate.

Usually never



Ex. 23. Match the adverbs with the time expressions.


Always usually often sometimes seldom never

1. every morning

2. once a year

3. every day

4. not at all

5. once a month

6. once every 10 years

7. twice a week

8. every Sunday

Ex. 24. Choose one of the activities given in the balloon. Ask other students about this

Activity and note their answers.


Now write sentences about the students that you interviewed.


Example: Eighty per cent (80%) of the students in this class sometimes go dancing.


Ex. 25. Rewrite the sentences. Replace the phrases in italics with the adverbs of frequency.

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