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Ex. 38. Choose a time expression given below to complete the sentences


Every day, in the morning, now, often, at the moment, rarely

In the morning, today, at present, on Saturdays, usually, never


1. Mother does her shopping __________on Saturdays_________________________

2. We go to school _____________________________.

3. He can’t talk to you. He is talking on the phone ____.

4. They ____go to work on Sundays. They stay at home.

5. We can’t go out. It is raining ___________________.

6. She ________________ walks her dog but ________________ her mother is walking the dog.

7. We eat breakfast _____________________________.

8. She’s eating lunch ____________________________.

9. Father and Mother watch TV ___________________.

10. He ___ eats sweets. He doesn’t like them very much.

11. He likes sports. He ________________ plays tennis.


Ex. 39. Put the verbs into present simple or present continuous.


It’s Sunday at Ann’s house.


Helen: Where 1) is__ (be) David?

Ann: He 2) ______________ (clean) his bicycle. He usually 3) _____________ (play)

basketball on Sundays, but today he 4) ___________________ (not / want)

to play basketball.

Helen: 5) _________________ (be) your father in the garden now?

Ann: Yes, he 6) ________________ (cut) the grass. He 7) _____________ (not / like)

long grass. He often 8) _________________ (say) that he 9) _______________

(want) a perfect garden! I usually 10) ________________ (help) him, but now I

11) ___________________ (learn) some French verbs.

Helen: Why?

Ann: Because I 12) _______________ (not / know) them and we always 13) ________

(have) a test on Monday morning.

Ex. 40. Put in am / is / are / do / don’t / does / doesn’t.


1. Excuse me, do_____ you speak English?

2. “Have a cigarette.” “No, thank you, I ________________ smoke.

3. Why __________________________ you laughing at me?

4. “What _________________ she do?” “She’s a dentist.”

5. I __________________ want to go out. It ________________ raining.

6. “Where _________________ you come from?” “From Canada.”

7. How much __________________ it cost to send a letter to Canada?”

8. I can’t talk to you at the moment. I __________________ working.

9. George is a good tennis player but he ___________________ play very often.

Ex. 41. Find the mistakes, then underline and correct them.


Today is Saturday and we is at the shopping centre. Every Saturday my mother is taking me shopping with her. She is wanting to buy a new skirt but she not lke the one that the lady showing her. I am hating shopping with my mother. She never know what to buy. I look at some lovely trousers now and I want to buy them but I am not having enough money.


1. are____ 2. __________ 3. ___________ 4. __________ 5. __________

6. ________ 7. __________ 8. ___________ 9. __________

Ex. 42. Put the verbs in brackets into present simple or present continuous.

1. He is in the bathroom. I _______________(think) he ____________(wash) his hair.

3. I __________(love) you but you ____________(not / love) me.

4. Listen! Somebody ________________________ (sing).

5. She’s tired. She ______________________(want) to go home now.

6. How often ______________________ (you / read) a newspaper?

7. She’s a school teacher. She _______________(teach) maths.

7. “Excuse me, but you ____________________(sit) in my place.” “Oh, I’m sorry.”

8. I’m sorry, I ________________________ (not / understand). Please speak more slowly.

10. Look at Tom and Jim! They _____________________ (walk) up the hill.

11. I ____________(wear) glasses only for reading and watching TV.

11. What time _______ she_______________ (finish) work every day?

12. You can turn off the radio. I ________________________ (not / listen) to it.

14. They usually ___________(grow) vegetables in their garden but this year they ___________

(not grow ) any.

15. On Sundays they ____________________(have) dinner at a restaurant.

15. I _______________________(not believe) this man’s story.

15. I _______________(look) forward to working in Africa, in Kenya, because it’s such

an exotic country for me.

17. This bike ____________(cost) a lot of money.

18. Someone __________________(wait) for you outside. Who is it?

19. What ________you ____________(think) about this book? – I think, it’s fantastic!

20. ______ you _________ (see) that nice butterfly near the stream?

21. You can’t miss him. He _______________(wear) a white jacket, and he ___________(carry)

a striped umbrella.

22. It _______________(rain) again.

23. I _____________(hear) someone speaking in the street.

24. I _______________ (not want) to go anywhere. I ________________(have) a headache.

25. The sea _________________(grow) calmer. We can go to the beach in the afternoon.

26. What ________ they _____________(laugh) at? They ___________(seem) very happy.

27. You ________________________(always make) mistakes in your tests.

28. Who ________ this suit-case _______________(belong) to?

29. I __________________(see) my employee on Wednesday morning.

30. The world _________________(change) rapidly in such fields as business, art and medicine.


Ex. 43. Choose the correct form.


1. She drinks milk every morning. 9. John _____________ to school now.

a) drinks b) is drinking c) drink a) walks b) is walking c) walk


2. We ______________to the park now. 10. My cat usually ________by the fire.

a) goes b) are going с) go a) sleep b) is sleeping c) sleeps


3. They ________shopping every week. 11. I _________ a letter at the moment.

a) goes b) go c) are going a) write b) am writing c) is writing


4. She often_____________her red dress. 12. They ____in a restaurant every Sunday.

a) wears b) is wearing c) wear a) eats b) are eating c) eat


5. Look! The cat _________ up the tree. 13. Father always _________ the grass.

a) climbs b) is climbing c) climb a) cuts b) cut c) is cutting


6. He never ______________ the dishes. 14. I ____________ to tidy up my room.

a) wash b) is washing c) washes a) hates b) hate c) am hating


7. This book ________________ to me. 15. We ___________ abroad last summer.

a) belongs b) belong c) is belonging a) travel b) travels c) travelled


8. Ann ________________ coffee now! 16. Do you like spaghetti? Yes, _______

a) drank b) drink c) is drinking a) do I b) I do c) I don’t




Past simple правильных глаголов образуется путем прибавления во всех лицах окончания

-ed к форме инфинитива.



Утвердительная форма Отрицательная форма Вопросительная форма
  I stayed You stayed He stayed She stayed It stayed We stayed You stayed They stayed     Idid not (didn’t) stay You did not (didn’t) stay He did not (didn’t) stay She did not (didn’t) stay It did not (didn’t) stay We did not (didn’t) stay You did not (didn’t) stay They did not (didn’t) stay Did I stay? Did you stay? Did he stay? Did she stay? Did it stay? Did we stay? Did you stay? Did they stay?





1. Одноразовое действие, завершившееся в прошлом с такими обозначениями времени,

как yesterdayвчера, last nightвчера вечером, lastweek (month, year)на прошлой неделе

(в прошлом месяце, году) , an hour (a week, a month, a year) agoчас (неделю, месяц, год)

тому назад, in 1987и др.

We moved to London ten years ago. Мы переехали в Лондон десять лет


2. Повторяющееся действие в прошлом.

I playedfootball every day when I was Когда я был ребенком, я играл в

a child. футбол каждый день.


3. Последовательность действий в прошлом.

I gotup, had breakfast and went to work. Я встал, позавтракал и пошел на


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