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Ex. 76. Put the verbs in brackets into past simple or past continuous

1. I lit the fire at 6.00 and it _____________ (burn) brightly when Tom came in at 7.00.

2. You looked very busy when I ___________(see) you last time.

3. I _________________ (make) a cake when the light went out..

4. When we were in the country last summer I _____________(go) to the wood every day.

5. He _____________ (watch) TV when the phone rang.

6. They _______________(meet) at the station two hours ago.

7. We ___________________(discuss) the latest news from three till four yesterday.

8. I ________________(clean) my teeth and _________________ (go) to bed.

9. My dog ________________ (walk) along quietly when Mr Pitt's Pekinese attacked him.

10. When I arrived she __________________ (have) lunch.

11. I ______________(begin) repairing my camera at six o’clock yesterday.

12. He _____________ (play) the guitar outside her house when someone opened the window

and _____________ (throw) out a bucket of water.

13. When my father ________(come) home yesterday, my mother ____________(make) supper.

14. Rate __________(not go) for a walk yesterday. She _____________(write) a composition

the whole day.

15. My friend ______________(invite) me to the cinema and I _______________(accept) his

invitation with pleasure.

16. When I _____________ (look) for my passport I _____________ (find) this old photograph.

17. When I _____________(go) to school yesterday, I ________(meet) Mike and Pete. They

______________(talk) and ____________(laugh). They told me a funny story. Soon I

______________(laugh), too. I still _______________(laugh) when we __________(come)

to school. After school I ____________(tell) this story at home. My father and mother

_______________(like) it very much.



Ex. 77. Open the brackets. Use past simple or past continuous.


1. I ______________(open) the shutters and_______________ (look) out. The car

__________________________(stand) where I had left it.

2. Suddenly I ____________(realize) that they _______________(not /pay) attention to me any

longer. They _____________________(mutter) something and all_________________ (look)

in the same direction. I ____________(turn) my head and __________________(look) where

they all ______________________(look). A man ___________________(come) slowly down

a steep little street that ______________________(lead) uphill between the house on my right.

3. On my left I ____________(see) the lights of the first house of the village. And I __________

(hurry) towards it through the wood when a sudden flash of light __________(make) me stop.

4. At that time I _______________________(look) for the job.

5. Miss Nobs ____________(not /see) him leave the house. At half past four she _____________

(make) herself a cup of tea in a small recess off the main corridor.

6. The idea first_______________ (occur) to me that afternoon as I _______________________

(back) the car into the garage.

7. I probably ____________(drop) the key when I ___________________(fish) for small change

in my bag at the news-stand.

8. All through the night I _______________(hear) them work, open drawers, drag cases over

the floor. They ______________________ (pack).





Future Continuousобразуется при помощи вспомогательного глагола to be в форме будущего времени (will be)и формы причастия настоящего времени смыслового глагола.: I will be working, they will be working.



Утвердительная форма Отрицательная форма Вопросительная форма
  I will be working You will be working He will be working She will be working It will be working We will be working You will be working They will be working   I will not (won’t) be working You will not (won’t) be working He will not (won’t ) be working She will not (won’t) be working It will not (won’t) be working We will not (won’t) be working You will not (won’t) be working They will not (won’t) be working   Was I working? Were you working? Was he working? Was she working? Was it working? Were we working? Were you working? Were they working?  




Future Continuousупотребляется для выражения длительного действия, которое будет совершаться в определенный момент в будущем.


I will be working in the garden Завтра весь день я буду работать в саду.

all day tomorrow.

This time tomorrow I will be lyingЗавтра в это время я буду лежать на

on the beach. пляже.

Ex. 78. Put the verbs in brackets into future continuous.


1. This time next month I ________________________(sit) on the beach.

2. In a hundred years’ time people ________________________(go) to Mars for their holidays.

3. The garden __________________________(look) the best next month.

4. When you next see me I ____________________________(wear) my new dress.

5. Don’t ring her up at 6.00, she ______________________________(put) her children to bed.

6. That football club has lost some of its players. They _________________(look) for new men.

7. It’s a serious injury but he ___________________________(walk) again in six weeks.

8. This time next Friday I ___________________________(repair) my car.

9. At six o’clock in the evening I _________________________(meet) my mother at the station.

10. Don’t come to me. I’m leaving tonight. I _________________(pack) my things all day long.

11. During the holidays we ______________________________(live) in a hotel.

12. This time tomorrow we ____________________________(move) to a new flat.

13. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to your birthday party on Saturday.

I _____________________________(look) after my little sister.

14. Tom ___________________________(play) computer games from 10 till 12 in the morning.

15. Alice has got a cold. She ___(not sing) at the concert.

16. Jimmy has bought a new car. He ____________________(drive) it the whole day tomorrow.

17. This time tomorrow evening I____________________________ (watch) an interesting

football match on TV.

Ex. 79. What are some of the things you will be doing at these times:


1. 7.30 tomorrow morning

2. 7.15. tomorrow evening

3. 10.30 next Sunday morning

4. 8.00 this evening

5. this time next week

Ex. 80. Pretend you are a husband bombarded with your wife’s reproaches.

a) promise her to do all these things;

B) specify the time (up to the day and the hour) when you’ll be doing it.

Example: - You never clean the carpets!

- I promise I’ll clean them soon.

I’ll be cleaning them tomorrow at 7 o’clock.


  1. You never dust the furniture!
  2. The washing machine doesn’t work. You never repair it.
  3. The knife doesn’t cut. You never sharpen it!
  4. You never walk the dog!
  5. You never pay for the flat!
  6. You never help me about the house!
  7. You never play with the children!
  8. Our flat is always in a mess. You never take your clothes away!
  9. You never cut the grass in the garden!
  10. You never help our son with his lessons!

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