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Ex. 81. Put the verbs in brackets into future continuous or future simple


1. Next year they ____________________(live) in Spain.

2. It’s nearly autumn, soon the leaves ___________________(change) colour.

3. At four o’clock on Tuesday afternoon we ____________________(fly) over Paris.

4. Don’t phone them now: they ____________________(have) dinner.

5. I don’t like that man and I ________________________(not help) him.

6. I __________________(work) at home tomorrow. You can call me there.

7. She ______________________(stay) in Leeds all weekend.

8. Your face is dirty. – All right. I ____________________(wash) it.

9. What you ___________________(do) early on Monday night?

10. Will you have lunch with me on the 24th? – I’d love to, but I’m afraid

I ___________________(do) exam then.

11. Let’s hurry up! It_______________ (start) raining in a minute.

12. It’s five o’clock and my girlfriend is waiting for me outside. I’m afraid she _____________

(not wait) long.

13. You ___________________(travel) in summer again? – Yes, we _______________(go)

to the Crimea.

14. During the performance the police ____________________(try) to keep order.



Present Perfectобразуется при помощи вспомогательного глагола to haveв форме настоящего времени (have, has) и формы причастия прошедшего времени смыслового глагола: Ihave worked,he has worked,wehave worked.

Утвердительная форма Отрицательная форма Вопросительная форма
  I have (I’ve) walked You have (you’ve) walked He has(he’s) walked She has(she’s) walked It has(it’s)walked We have (we’ve) walked You have (you’ve) walked They have (they’ve) walked   I have not (haven’t) walked You have not (haven’t) walked He has not(hasn’t)walked She has not (hasn’t)walked It has not (hasn’t)walked We have not (haven’t) walked You have not (haven’t) walked They have not (haven’t) walked   Have I walked? Have you walked? Has he walked? Hasshe walked? Hasit walked? Have we walked? Have you walked? Have they walked?  





1. Действие, которое только что завершилось (обычно с justтолько что).

We have just come home. Мы только что пришли домой.


2. Действие в недавнем прошлом, когда не указано время его совершения.

I’ve bought a new dress. Я купила новое платье.

He has lost his passport. Он потерял паспорт.


В этом случае Present Perfectчасто употребляется с наречиями неопределенного времениalreadyуже, yetеще, everкогда-либо (в своей жизни),neverникогда (за всю свою жизнь), lately(за) последнее время, а также с обстоятельственными словами, обозначающими еще не истекшие периоды времени – todayсегодня, this week (month, year)на этой неделе (в этом месяце, в этом году).

He has already come back home. Он уже вернулся домой.

Mary hasn’t left school yet. Мария еще не закончила школу.

Have you ever seen a tiger? Вы когда-нибудь видели тигра?

I have never been to a police station. Я никогда не был в полицейском участке.


3. Действие в недавнем прошлом, результат которого можно увидеть в настоящее время.

Somebodyhas drunkmy beer. Кто-то выпил моё пиво.

The bottle is empty. Бутылка пустая.


4. Действие, повторявшееся несколько раз и имеющее связь с настоящим.

I have read that book twice. Я читал эту книгу два раза.

He has been to France three times. Он был во Франции три раза.

5. Для выражения действия, начавшегося в прошлом и не завершившегося до настояще-

го момента с глаголами, не употребляющимися во временах группы Continuous.

В этом случае Present Perfect переводится на русский язык настоящим временем.

She has been here since two o’clock. Она (находится) здесь с двух часов.

I have known him for three years. Я знаю его (уже)три года.

Ex. 82. Make up sentences as in the examples.

Bill and Peter (arrive) Bill and Peter have arrived.

We (not clean) our shoes. We haven’t cleaned our shoes.


1. They (not answer) my note.

2. We (repair) our house.

3. Tom (repair) the TV set.

4. I (not finish) my coffee.

5. Your new bike (not arrive).

6. I (listen) to my new record.

7. The football match (not start).

8. She (travel) to many places.

9. She (be) married three times.

10. It (not stop) raining.

Неправильные глаголы (irregular verbs)


11. Tom (win) the race.

12. Matthew (not eat) his sandwich.

13. You (write) to your pen-friend?

14. Who (take) my keys?

15. Karen (sell) her camera.

21. you (see) Emma’s new dress?

22. I (break) my glasses.

23. The postman (not come) yet.

24. We (be) in New York for two weeks.

25. you (buy) Tony a birthday present?

16. She (not buy) a new dress. 26. My mother (make) a cake.

17. She (see) an UFO. 27. Joan (catch) a cold.

18. My parents (leave) for Turkey. 28. My brother (hurt) his leg.

19. Susan (eat) three ice-creams. 29. We (win) a game.

20. They (built) a new house. 30. A thief (steal) a bike.

Ex. 83. Make up sentences as in the example.

Example: I lost a lot of weight. But now I’m too heavy again.

(to put on weight) I have put on weight.


1. My sister was 75 kilograms. Now she weighs 65.

(to lose weight) ______

2. Yesterday my brother was playing football. Now he can’t walk and his leg is in plaster.

(to break his leg) _____

3. Yesterday my friend was playing tennis. Now she can’t write and her right hand is in plaster.

(to break her hand) ____

4. My sister’s hair was long. Now it is short.

(to cut) ______________

5. Yesterday my sister’s hair was black. Now it is blond.

( to dye)

6. My friend was a serious lady. Now she is a frivolous girl.

(to change her image) ________

7. My cousin was in Minsk. Now she is in Moscow.

(to go) ____________________

Present Perfect with JUST, ALREADY, YET






Example: They have justarrived He’s already written a letter.

Ex. 84. Your mother has just come home. She is asking you about what you, your sister,

Your brother and father are going to do. Tell her that everything has already been

Done inserting the verbs needed.


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