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Ex. 113. Put the verbs in brackets into one of the present tense form.

1. Look! She __________________( wear) the same shoes as me.

2. Vegetarians are people who ___________________(not eat) meat.

3. Someone ___________________(take) my bicycle.

4. I often ____________(see) him but I never ________________(speak) to him.

5. I ______________(buy) a new carpet. Come and look at it.

6. It ____________________(not rain) here since March.

7. My friends ______________(like) meat but ___________________(not like) fish.

8. Where is Tom? - He _________________(lie) under the car.

9. She’s a school teacher. She _________________(teach) maths.

10. How long you ____________________(live) here?

11. How often you ___________________(fall) in love?

12. The postman usually ________________(come) at 9 in the morning.

13. Hey! Somebody _____________________(drink) my coffee! My cup was full.

14. I _____________________(sit) here in the park for an hour, and I ___________(meet) three

friends of mine.

15. I already __________________(break) two plates. Shall I go on washing up?

16. I have a car but I ___________________(not use) it very often.

17. They __________________________(talk) so loudly that we can’t really hear your words.

18. Phil is happy. He___________________ (find) a new job.

19. Alice never ________________(go) to work by bus.

20. I ________________(lose) my key. I must look for it in my bag.

21. You __________________(make) a lot of noise. Please, be quiet.

22. Look! The man __________________(try) to open the door of your car.

23. What time the children ___________________(come) out of school, as a rule?

24. I _____________(ask) you to mend this window since summer. When are you going to do it?

25. It’s a lovely day. The sun __________________(shine) and the birds ______________(sing).

Ex. 114. Put the verbs in brackets into one of the past tense form.


1. When I arrived at his house he still _______________________(sleep).

2. A few months ago they _______________(begin) to build a new block of flats in this street.

3. They _____________________________(walk) in the park for an hour when it began to rain.

4. When the door-bell __________(ring) he __________(stand up) and _______(go) to the door.

5. The fire still ______________________(burn) at 6 o’clock this morning.

6. Last summer I _______________(visit) Riga. I ______________(enjoy) my trip very much.

7. She cut her finger while she ____________________(cut) the bread and butter.

8. He ___________________(come) home by 6 o’clock yesterday.

9. When _______she ___________(speak) to him? - She ___________(speak) to him last week.

10. The car already ______________(go) when I ______________(look) into the street.

11. I _____________(meet) him when he __________________(cross) the street.

12. Last term Ann ________________(make) good progress in her English.

13. When I ____________(get) out, the sun _______________________(shine).

14. Ann ___________(buy) herself a new dress yesterday. She __________(pay) 3 pounds for it.

15. They _______________(eat) everything by the time I ______________(arrive) at the party.

16. Mary _____________________(work) in the shop for 5 years before she became a manager.

17. Our grandmother _____________________(cook) dinner from twelve till two yesterday.

18. They ___________________________(walk) in the park for an hour when it began to rain.

19. This time yesterday I ___________________(lie) on the beach.

20. They __________________(reach) the river by sunset.

21. Ken _________________________(smoke) for 30 years when he finally gave it up.

22. I saw Carol at the party. She ________________________(wear) a really beautiful dress.

23. He _________________(live) in Spain when he was a child.

24. She couldn’t find the book I ___________________(lend) her.

25. I saw Jim in the park. He ______________(sit) on the grass and ____________(read) a book.


Ex. 115. Put the verb into the correct form: present simple (I do), present continuous

(I am doing), past simple (I did) or past continuous (I was doing).


1. We can go out now. It __isn’t raining__ (not / rain) any more.

2. Catherine ___________________ (wait) for me when I _________________(arrive).

3. I ______________________(get) hungry. Let’s go and have something to eat.

4. What _______________________ (you / do) in your spare time? Do you have any hobby?

5. The weather was horrible when we ____________________ (arrive). It was cold and it

______________________ (rain) hard.

6. Lousie usually ____________ (phone) me on Fridays, but she _______________(not/ phone)

last Friday.

7. A: When I last saw you, you ______________________ (think) of moving to a new flat.

B: That’s right, but in the end I ______________________(decide) to stay were I was.

8. Why _________________________(you / look) at me like that? What’s the matter?

9. It’s usually dry here at this time of the year. It ___________________(not / rain) much.

10. The phone _________________(ring) three times while we ____________________(have)

dinner last night.

11. Linda was busy when we _________________(go) to see her yesterday. She had an exam

today and she _____________________(prepare) for it. We ________________________

(not want) to disturb her, so we ____________________(not / stay) very long.

12. When I first _______________(tell) Tom the news, he ________________(not / believe) me.

He _________________(think) that I _____________________(joke).



Ex. 116. Put the verb into the correct form: past simple (I did), past continuous

(I was doing), past perfect (I had done)or past perfect continuous (I had been doing).


1. Yesterday afternoon Sarah ________________(go) to the station to meet Paul. When she

________________(get) there, Paul ___________________________(already / wait) for her.

His train ____________________(arrive) earlier.


2. When I got home, Bill ____________________(lie) on the sofa. The television was on, but he

(not / watch) it. He ___________________ (fall) asleep and ____________________(snore)

loudly. I ____________(turn) the television off and just then he ______________(wake up).


3. Last night I ________________(just / go) to bed and ______________________(read) a book

when suddenly I ______________(hear) a noise. I _____________(get) up to see what it was,

but I ____________________(not / see) anything, so I ________________(go) back to bed.


4. Lisa had to go to New York last week, but she almost ___________________(miss) the train.

She ________________________(stand) in a queue at the check-in-desk when she suddenly

____________________(realize) that she ______________________(leave) her passport at

home. Fortunately she lives near the airport, so she __________________(have) time to take

a taxi home to get it. She ______________(get) back to the airport just in time for her flight.


5. I _______________(meet) Peter and Lucy yesterday as I ______________________(walk)

through the park. They _____________________(be) to the Sports Center where they

__________________________(play) tennis. They __________________(go) to a cafe and

__________________(invite) me to join them, but I _________________________(arrange)

to meet another friend and _________________________(not / have) time.

Ex. 117. Put the verbs in brackets into one of the future tense form.

1. This time next month I ___________________________(bath) in the Baltic sea.

2. By the 8th of April my mother ____________________(work) at school for twenty years.

3. I’m tired. I think, I ______________(go) to bed.

4. I _______________________(work) in the library all day tomorrow.

5. At four o’clock on Tuesday afternoon we _______________________(fly) over Paris.

6. They_____________________ (be) free in some minutes.

7. This time next week they __________________________(go) to the Crimea by train.

8. She __________________(change) her books in the library tomorrow.

9. They ______________________(build) the road by the end of the year.

10. Ring me up at 4 o’clock. I__________________ (have) dinner by this time and we

________________(go) to the concert.

11. – It’s too late to telephone Tom now. – OK. We __________(telephone) him in the morning.

12. When you come in the evening we ______________________(pack) our things.

13. I promise, I __________________(meet) you at the station.

14. We’ll come at 5 o’clock. – OK, I ____________________________(wait) for you.

15. It _________________(stop) raining soon.

16. Susan _______________________(type) from 6 o’clock until 8 o’clock this evening.

17. Young Billy is growing up. By this time next year he ___________________(begin) school.

18. Don’t phone me tomorrow morning. I __________________________(work) on my report.

19. We ______________________________(fly) for twelve hours by the time the plane lands.

20. By this summer we ________________________(read) all the stories in the book.

21. I hope, you ______________________(not forget) to bring me back my umbrella.

22. Before the end of his holiday Bill _____________________(spend) all his money.

23. You __________________(see) us in the park.


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