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Ex. 118. Put the verb into the most suitable tense form


1. I (speak) German a little.

2. I hope you (come) to see us next Sunday.

3. You (have) a dog when you were living in Germany?

4. He (finish) writing his report by the end of last week.

5. At 9 o’clock tomorrow I (sit) at the lesson.

6. I (want) to talk to you now.

7. I ordered a cup of coffer after I (finish) dinner.

8. I’m thirsty. – Oh, I (buy) you some juice.

9. I was so hungry, so I (eat) the sandwich.

10. When I (see) them they (play) football.

11. I (look) for my glasses. Where are they?

12. I (read) twenty pages so far.

13. The last time I (see) Wendy was in 1997.

14. He (write) his report by the end of next week.

15. This time last year he (prepare) for his entrance exams.

16. Last night someone (steal) a car in our street.

17. What’s that music you (listen to)?

18. She said that she (know) him for many years.

19. John (live) in that house since 1962 before he moved to London.

20. George (be) to India three times.

21. Paul (break) the cup when he was having lunch.

22. Peter usually (play) tennis on Sundays but he (not play) last Sunday.

23. We can’t go out. It (rain) hard.

24. The policeman asked them if they (hear) anything.

25. He (translate) this article for 3 hours already and (not finish) yet.

26. He was only 27 in 1963, but he (teach) already at Galton University for five years.

27. The boys were tired and (not want) to dance, as they (play) football for a long time.

28. By the time we all returned from holiday father and Bob (finish) decorating the kitchen.

29. When we entered the room, Nora already (lay) the table and (do) something in the kitchen.

30. Susan (be) ill for a week already. She (catch) a cold last Saturday.

31. He (give) me back the book, (thank) me for lending it to him and said he (enjoy) it very


32. It is autumn. Soon the leaves (change) colour.

33. We just (get) to the top in time. The sun (rise) in a minute.

34. He won’t be wearing uniform when you see him, because he (be) on leave (в отпуске) then,

and they (not wear) uniform when they (be) on leave.

35. You (finish) checking the accounts? - No, not quite. I (do) it in half an hour.

36. I noticed that it (rain) all night and everything was wet.

37. As we (wait) for the bus, a man with a gun ran out of the bank.

38. The professor (review) the material before he gave the test.

39. Where were you at about three yesterday afternoon? – Oh, I (repair) my car at that time.

40. Do you know what you (achieve) in your live by the year 2020?

41. It’s very stuffy in here! I think I (faint). Will you, please, open the window?

42. She (lose) her job last month and since then she (be) out of work.

43. Listen! Somebody (knock). It may be Jim.

44. We (skate) in the park when it (begin) to snow.

45. Every year she (spend) her holidays in the South.

46.When I (speak) on the phone, somebody (interrupt) me.

47. Where’s Susan? – She (eat) her lunch in the café.

48. By the time we left school, we (learn) English well.

49. On his birthday I (present) my friend with a toy.

50. I never (see) such a cat.

51. She (get up) early tomorrow morning.

52. I (see) the children in the morning. They (swim) in the lake for about an hour.

53. What a beautiful dress you (wear) – Thank you. I (make) it myself.

54. Mrs Peters (have) a walk now. She (like) to walk in rainy weather.

55. This company (produce) these cars since 1978.

56. Ring me up at 11 o’clock. I (not sleep) yet.

57. Bill awoke and saw that it was still night, and that the stars (shine) brightly in the sky.

58. Gretta (walk) through the blowing snow for several minutes when a man walked directly into


59. My father (drive) a car for many years. He never (drive) at a high speed.

60. Look, I (know) Francis very well. I (know) him since we were very young men.

61. He noticed that she (cry). Her face was stained (в пятнах) with tears.

63. How about playing a little something for me? - Oh, no! I (not play) for ages.

64. I (not visit) the place yet. I (go) there tomorrow.

65. It was 3 o’clock. The wind (fall), he moon (shine) in the quiet sky.

66. Ring up at 7 o’clock. I think by this time the typist already (type) your papers.

67. My dear. What you (think) about now?

68. It still (rain). It (rain) for days. I arrived at Hereford Square, (shake) the water off my

overcoat and (hang) it up. When I (enter) the sitting room a bright fire (burn) and the lamps

were all on. Antonia, who (sit) by the fire, jumped up and welcomed me. She asked me what

sort of day I (have).

69. I (ring) the bell for the last quarter of an hour.

70. I cannot imagine why I (live) thirty years with a man I dislike so much.

71. They reached the front door and (stand) there, talking.

72. John never (go) to bed before 11 o’clock.

73. I gave her the flowers that I (buy) for her.

74.Young Mako (strike) a match, (light) his pipe, and (approach) them slowly.

75. Let’s go. I (lose) my appetite.

76. She looked at her husband. He (eat) salad.

77. Where is Kitty? – Susan (put) her to bed.

78. I hope, I (see) you on Monday.

79. They ( sail) down the river for many hours before they (come) to the village.

80. Shut the door! The room is full of smell which (come) from the kitchen. Mother (not like)

kitchen smells in the room.

81.Where is your luggage? – I (leave) it at the station. I (take) it tomorrow.

82. Hallo, darling. You (look) very tragic.

83. My father (come) home at 7 o’clock tomorrow. I (do) all my homework by the time he

comes, and we (go) for a walk together.

84. My friend (like) cakes. He (eat) cakes every day. When I (meet) him in the street yesterday

he (eat) a cake. He told me that he (buy) that cake at the corner of the street. Look at my

friend now! He (eat) a cake again.

85. He (enter) the room, (take) something from the desk and (go) out.

86. I (sit) in an armchair and (think) of my coming trip across the North Sea when the door

suddenly (open) and an old friend of mine whom I (not see) for a very long time (enter)

the room.

87. Please, give me a pencil. I (lose) mine.

88. What (happen)? Why you (cry)? You (hurt) yourself?

89. The new school (begin) working last year.

90. You (go) to Great Britain next year?

91. What you (do) this afternoon?

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