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Ex. 136. Put the verbs in brackets into present or past continuous active or passive


1. There are no doors. They ______________________________(paint).

2. The house ____________________________(redecorate) when I arrived.

3. The workers __(make) our street one-way.

4. This type of computers now _(manufacture) in many

European countries.

5. He _____________________(drive) at over 100 kilometres when the accident happened.

6. Look! The banks of the river _________________________(clean) of litter by some high

school students.

7. When I left the laboratory, the lab assistant still _____________________(test) the device.

8. We couldn’t ride that way because the road ___________________________(widen).

9. The countries _____________________(compete) with each other to build the tallest building.

10. Ann can’t use her office at the moment. It ____________________________(redecorate).

11. The photocopier broke down yesterday, but now it’s OK. It ________________________

(work) again.

12. Somebody ______________________(clean) the room when I arrived.

1. There’s somebody walking behind us. I think we __________________________(follow).


Ex. 137. Make the sentences passive


1. Someone is showing her new toys. ______________

2. Somebody was looking for you 5 minutes ago._____

3. They were discussing the problem._______________

4. They are sending Mr Brown to London on business._

5. When I rang the door they were putting the child to bed.______________________________

6. A dog is chasing the child.______________________

7. The wind was blowing the clouds away.___________

8. Somebody was cleaning the room when I arrived.____

9. They are building a new ring-road round the city.____

10. He is always asking me for some money.__________

11. I didn’t realize that somebody was recording our conversation.________________________

12. Somebody is helping her with the housework.______

13. A farmer is building a new barn.________________

13. Jenny was cooking dinner when I got home. _______




Present perfect tense of verb to be (have /has) + past participle Active:They have redecorated the bedroom. Passive: The bedroom has been redecorated.


Ex. 138. Read and translate the sentences into Russian.


1. No mistakes have been made.

2. The gate has been left open.

3. He will have been sent to school by that time.

4. The dinner had been eaten before they finished the conversation.

5. You will have been given an answer by next week.

6. The building had been destroyed by the fire before the fire brigade arrived.

7. I couldn’t open the box as it had been locked by somebody.

8. The book will have been published by the end of the year.

9. I’ve just been offered the ticket for the film.

10. Pushkin’s works have been translated into many languages.

Ex. 139. Make the sentences passive.


Example: They have discussed the question. The question has been discussed.

1. The child has broken the crystal vase.

2. The gardener has planted some trees.

3. She hasn’t cleaned the rooms for weeks.

4. Have the boys broken the window?

5. They haven’t invited Nick to the party.

6. The company has sacked 100 people.

7. The police have accused several people of the theft.

2. They have taken her to hospital.

3. Somebody has split tea all over the tablecloth.

4. Has someone mended the chair yet?

5. Nobody has ever spoken to me like that.

6. I haven’t washed the floor yet.

7. I have cut my finger.

8. The orchestra has played that piece beautifully.


Ex. 140. Choose present perfect or past simple active or passive.


1. When it became clear that he would be moving to Austria, he _____________(sell) the house

to his brother.

2. All the copies of the book already _______________________(sell out).

3. __________the car _______________(sell) for $2000 some days ago?

4. The tickets cost too much and ____________________(sell) badly.

5. Do you know if your neighbours _________________________(sell) their car?

6. According to yesterday’s newspapers, astronomers in Australia ______________(discover)

a planet in galaxy close to ours.

7. A new planet ________________________ (discover) but I don’t remember its name.

8. Radium ______________________(discover) by Pierre and Marie Curie.

9. His father _________________(receive) so many complains about the noise that he told

Chris to sell his drums.

11. Over 50 letters of support _____________________(receive) in the last 10 days.

12. His project ____________________(receive) a lot of attention lately.





Past / future perfect tense of verb to be (had /will have been) + past participle Active:Tom had painted the house. The workers will have finished the work. Passive:The house had been painted. The work will have been finishedby workers.


Ex. 141. When the pupils went back to school after the summer holidays, a lot of things

Had been changed. Write the words in brackets in past perfect passive.


New desks ___had been bought______________________(buy).


1. A lot of trees ____(plant).

2. New lights ______(put in).

3. The classrooms ___(paint).

4. A tennis court ____(build).

5. The fence ________(take down).

6. Five new classrooms ________________________________(add).

7. New equipment __________________________(buy) for the chemistry lab.

8. Showers __________________________(install) in the changing rooms.

9. New blackboards ____________________________(put up) in the classrooms.

10. A school canteen ______________________________(repair).

11. The floor in the gym ______________________________(changed).

10. The whole school ________________________________(modernize).

Ex. 142. What do you think will have been done by the year 2010?

Begin: I think… or I don’t think. . . . Use find, introduce, invent and solve.


Example: I don’t think the drug problem will have been solved.


the drug problem talking robots a cure for cancer passenger transport to the moon the world’s hunger problem supersonic trains new energy source the problem of world peace satellite TV for everyone


Ex. 143. Turn from active into passive. Use past or future perfect.


1 When I came out of the restaurant I found that a thief had taken my car radio.

2 John will have received the paper by tomorrow.

3 I knew why they hadn’t chosen me for the job.

4 They will have given me new medicine before another check up.

5 The builders say they will have finished the road by September.



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