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Ex. 185. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets


1. If I asked him for help, he __would help__(help) us.

2. If you ________________(paint) the walls white, the room would be much bigger.

3. I ____________________(keep) a car if I could afford it.

4. If you ___________________(change) your job, would it affect your salary?

5. If I ______________(win) a big prize, I’d give up my job.

6. What would you do if the lift _______________(get) stuck between floors?

7. If he ___________________(not smoke) so much, he would feel much healthier.

8 If I were you, I ____________________(not put on) the coat. It’s too warm today.

9. If they cleaned the windows, the room __________________(not look) so dark.

10. If the ice ___________(be) thick enough, we’d be able to walk across the river.

11. If I ________________(can) park near my office, I would come by car.

12. If he ever ___polished___(polish) his shoes, he __would look__(look) smart.

13. If he ________________(not spend) hours watching television, he ________________(have)

time to do some jobs in the house.

14. If I _____________(know) his address, I _________________(can) write to him.

15. If we _____________(have) any matches, we _______________(light) a fire.

16. We ________________(take) you to the cinema if we _____________(have) a spare ticket.

17. If someone ______________(give) you a submarine, what you _____________(do) with it?

18. If I ____________(be) you, I _________________(read) this book in the original.

19. Where ___________you (go) if you ______________(want) to buy a snake?

20. If I _____________(have) heaps of money, I ________________(drink) champagne with

every meal.

21. If you _______________(drink) champagne with every meal, you soon ____________(get)

tired of it.

22. If you ______________(go) on a diet, you _________________(lose) weight.

23. If I ______________(be) John, I ________________(marry) Amanda.

24. What ____________you (do) if you ______________(meet) Madonna in the street?

25. If you ever _______________(try) raw fish, you _______________(like) it.





Long form:If I had knownyou were in hospital, Iwould have visitedyou. Short form:If I’d knownyou were in hospital, I’d have visitedyou.



Ex. 186. Match the parts of the sentences.


1 If I hadn’t missed the bus, A he would have gone to the university.

2 If she hadn’t felt bad this morning, B Chris wouldn’t have given me flowers.

3 If the food hadn’t been awful, C she would have gone to school.

4 If he had passed his exams, D nobody would have phoned the fire brigade.

5 If the salary had been good, E we would have eaten it.

6 If it hadn’t been my birthday, F I wouldn’t have been late for work.

7 If she hadn’t shouted “Fire”, G I would have accepted the job.


1 __F___2 ________ 3 ________ 4 ________ 5 _________ 6 _________ 7 ________



Ex. 187. You have a friend who is careless with his /her things.

Write what would you /wouldn’t have happened if he /she had /hadn’t done the


Example: He left the suitcase unattended at an airport. It got stolen.

If he hadn’t left his suitcase unattended, it wouldn’t have gotstolen.

1 She forgot to lock the car. Her camera got stolen.


2 He left his wallet in a restaurant. It disappeared.


3 He didn’t lock the door of his flat. Thieves broke in.


4 She didn’t put her name on her suitcase. Someone took it by mistake.


5 He parked his car without lights. Another car ran into it.


6 She left her parcels on the bus. Someone took them.


Ex. 188. Read the following news items and then complete what the people say. There is

Often more than one acceptable answer. The first one has been done for you.


Ex. 189. Look at these situations and answer the questions. Use the third conditional.


Example: A friend tells you that another friend has been ill and has just left hospital.

You didn’t know this. What do you say?


If I’d known he was ill, I would have visited him.



1. You are playing some loud music in your room. Your sister is in the room next door.

She has a very bad headache, but doesn’t tell you.



2. A friend asked you to lend him some money. You wanted to, but you didn’t have any.



3. You didn’t bring your map of Madrid, so you got lost. What does your friend say to you?



4. You went to bed very late last night and you feel very tired. Your friend notices this.

What does he say?


5. You caught a cold because you went out in the rain without a coat.

What does your friend say to you?




Ex. 190 a) Match a fact in column A with a consequence in column B.


A Napoleon didn’t conquer Russia. Karl Marks wrote Das Kapital. The USA became the most powerful country in the world. Kennedy went to Dallas. The Berlin Wall came down. Hitler came to power. Nelson Mandela was released from prison. B East and West Germany were united. He was assassinated. Many countries became communist.   He didn’t become Emperor of all Europe. English became a world language. Apartheid ended peacefully. Germany lost World War One.


b) Write sentences with if about the facts and consequences.

Example: Perhaps if Napoleon had conquered Russia, he would have become

Emperor of all Europe.



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