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Ex. 174. Put the following sentences into reported speech


1. “What are you doing here, boys?” said Kate.

2. “Show me your exercise-book,” father said to Jane.

3. “Did you play chess with your father yesterday?” Helen said to Pete.

4. “Don’t make noise,” said Tom’s mother to him.

5. “My sister knows two foreign languages,” Mike said to the teacher.

6. “What have you prepared for today, children,” said the teacher.

7. “I saw your friend at the library two days ago,” Tom said to his sister.

8. “Will you play football with us?” said the boys to Peter.

9. “Tom, go to bed,” said his mother.

10. “When did you receive this letter?” my friend said to me.

11. “Come to my house tomorrow,” said Lena.

12. “Where are your books, Betsy?” said her mother.

13. “Please, don’t touch me,” he said to me.

14. “Do you like my cake, Ann?” asked her grandmother.

15. “I am very thirsty. Please give me some lemonade,” said Tom.

16. “Have you seen any plays by Shakespeare?” asked my friend.

17. “What did you do at school yesterday, John?” asked his father.

18. “Don’t lie to me Tom,” said Aunt Polly.

19. “Will you play the piano today, Helen?” asked her aunt.

20. “My nephew is a very capable young man,” said the woman.

21. “”I am sure it will rain tomorrow,” he said.

22. “Don’t go out before I return,” mother said to us.

23. “Why did our team lose the game?” said Vera.

24. “Which of you can answer my question?” the teacher asked the pupils.

25. “Open the window, please,” she said to me.

26. “Nothing will change my decision and I will leave for Cape Town tonight,” Mabel said.

27. “How long are you going to stay here?” she asked me.

28. “Lock the door when you leave the house,” said my sister to me.

29. “I want to sit in the armchair,” said the boy.

30. “Will you spend your vocation in Moscow?” said Mary.

31. “Please, don’t take the books from my table,” said Lena to me. “I have specially prepared

them for working at my report.”

32. “Were you present at the meeting yesterday?” she said.

33. “He is one of the best speakers I have ever heard,” he said.

34. “Come at nine o’clock, I will be free at that time and we will have a nice cup of coffee,”

he said.

35. “We arrived in Kiev on Saturday and the next day we went to have a look around the city,”

he said.

36. “I haven’t seen the film you’re talking about,” said Mary.

37. “Don’t be afraid, Nick,” said his mother. “This dog is very clever and it will not do you any


38. “Where have you put my book, Mary?” said Tom. “I cannot find it.”

39. “I am proud of my brother who took the first prize at the competition,” he said.

40. ”I am shivering with cold,” the girl said.

41. “When will you go to the canteen?” he asked me.

42. “Don’t switch on TV, Mary,” the father said. “I’m working.”

43. “Did you like the film you saw yesterday?” asked Helen.

44. “I am very sorry, Kate,” said Mike, “I have forgotten to bring your dictionary.”




1. I told her that I ____________ time to play the piano.

a) have no b) did not have c) hadn’t have


2. Jane answered that she ___________ very early, so she ____________the news.

a) went to bed, hadn’t seen c) had gone to bed, hadn’t seen

b) has gone to bed, hasn’t seen d) had gone to bed, didn’t see


3. Mary told me that she ______________ to leave for London the next week.

a) is going c) were going

b) has gone d) was going

4. The teacher ____________a report on the Civil War.

a) told Lane to make c) told Lane make

b) tell to Jane to make d) told to Jane to make


5. I am surprised to see you. Your mother said you __________ ill.

a) were c) has been

b) are d) had been


6. He asked me if Tom _____________ yet.

a) hadn’t left c) leaves

b) left d) hasn’t left


7. She said that Mary __________ into her flat because she ___________ her key.

a) cannot get, lost c) couldn’t get, had lost

b) couldn’t get, has lost d) can’t get, was losing


8. He said that he ___________ in America for two years.

a) lived c) had lived

b) had been living d) lives


9. Jane ______________worry about her health.

a) ask to me not to c) asked me not to

b) asked not to d) asked not


10. They said that we ___________ when Mary _____________.

a) would leave, came c) will leave, came

b) would leave, comes d) would leave, had come


11. I told everyone that I ___________ to the party at ten, but I _________ as soon as possible.

a) couldn’t come, would arrive c) couldn’t come, arrive

b) can’t come, would arrive d) can’t come, will arrive


12. Mary told me that she _____________ Helen in the park and that she ___________ fine.

a) saw, had seemed c) had seen, seemed

b) had seen, had seemed d) has seen, was seeming


13. He asked me how long I ____________ English.

a) learn c) has been learning

b) am learning d) had been learning


14. He said that his car ____________ a few days ago.

a) was stolen c) had been stolen

b) has been stolen d) is stolen


15. The driver was asked ____________ so fast.

a) do not drive c) not driving

b) has not driven d) not to drive


16. Lames asked us where ___________ the New Year.

a) were we going to celebrate c) to celebrate we were going

b) we was going to celebrate d) we were going to celebrate


17. She said that she couldn’t go into the water because she ___________ her swimming suit.

a) hadn’t brought c) hasn’t brought

b) didn’t bring d) will not bring


18. Lane told everybody that she ____________ a meeting _____________.

a) had, tomorrow c) was having, tomorrow

b) will have, the next day d) was having, the next day


19. The receptionist told us that from our room we ___________ a wonderful view over the sea.

a) will have c) would have

b) were going to have d) were having


20. The hotel owner informed us that he ______________ the police already.

a) is going to call c) was going to call

b) has called d) had called


21. The teacher told Sarah _______________ her exam.

a) not missing c) not to miss

b) do not miss d) did not miss


22. He told me Jack ___________ back in a few minutes.

a) would be c) is

b) was d) will be


23. The manager told us that the exhibition ___________ last week.

a) finished c) is finished

b) finishes d) had finished


24. Mary was sure she ____________ to the conference.

a) will be invited c) would be invited

b) was invited d) would have been invited


25. He explained he ___________ there two years before.

a) had moved c) moves

b) moved d) was moving


26. She said she usually ___________ at six in the morning.

a) gets up c) got up

b) get up d) was getting up


27. Steve said that he _____________for me since five o’clock.

a) had wait c) has been waiting

b) had been waiting d) was waiting


28. The mother asked her son _____________ the dog out for a walk.

a) taking c) has taken

b) had taken d) to take


29. He said that he __________ to study English in 1998.

a) began c) has began

b) had begun d) was beginning


30. Nick said he was very hungry as he ____________ since morning.

a) didn’t eat c) has not eaten

b) had not eaten d) had not been eaten


31. We didn’t know whose things they ____________.

a) are c) can be

b) were d) may be


32. The policeman told me ____________ my car near the office of the company.

a) not parking c) did not park

b) do not park d) not to park


33. I forgot which exercise I __________ do.

a) must c) had to

b) had d) would do


34. My friend said that he ____________ to Canada in spring.

a) would go c) went

b) will go d) would have gone


35. The doctor said I ___________ and could attend lectures.

a) had recovered c) recovered

b) has recovered d) was recovered


36. Mary said that she _____________ that car since her father gave it to her.

a) had driven c) drove

b) had been driving d) was driving

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