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Ex. 158. Put the following questions into reported speech


1. I said to Nick: “Where are you going?” __He asked me where I was going.___

2. They said to them: “What time does the train start?”

3. Ann said to Mike “When did you leave London?”

4. She said to Boris: “When will you be back home?”

5. Boris said to them: “How can I get to the railway station?”

6. She asked me: “Why didn’t you come here yesterday?”

7. I said to Becky: “What kind of book has your friend brought you?”

8. Mother said to me: “Who has brought this parcel?”

9. He said to her: “Where do you usually spend your summer holidays?”

10. Grandfather said to Mary: “What mark did you get at school?”

11. He said to me: Why are you shouting at me?”

12. The teacher asked: “Who has read “Hamlet”?

13. The pupils said to the teacher: “What novels shall we read next year?”

14. Robert said to me: “How much did you earn last year?”

15. The man said to me: “Who are you waiting for?”


Ex. 159. Put the following questions into reported speech.


1. “How long have you been learning English?” the examiner said.

2. “What train are you going to get?” my friend said.

3. “Why didn’t the police report the crime?” the judge said.

4. “Whose car did you borrow last night?” I said to them.

5. “Why is your house so full of antiques?” she asked.

6. “Where were you last night?” he said.

7. “Who put salt in my coffee?” he asked.

8. “How much will it cost” he said.

9. “How many sleeping pills have you taken?” said the nightsister.

10. “When will you join our team?” they asked us.

11. “Where are you going for your summer holidays?” I asked him.

12. “Who did you give the money to?” asked Ann.

13. “Why did our team lose the game?” said Vera.

14. “Who are you waiting for, boys?” asked the man.

15. “Which of you can answer my question?” the teacher asked.

16. “When will your parents arrive in Kiev?” he asked.

17. “When does your mother go shopping?” she asked.

18. “What have you prepared for today, children?” said the teacher.

19. “What game are you playing, children?” said the man.

20. “How much sugar have you put in my tea?” said father.

Общие вопросы


Когда прямой вопрос начинается с вспомогательного глагола,то косвенный вопрос присоединяется к главному предложению при помощи союзов whether или if,имеющих значение частицы ли. Далее производятся те же изменения, как и при обращении в косвенную речь вопроса, начинающегося с вопросительного слова:


Ask (someone) + if + придаточное предложение
Direct question Reported question
Are you watching TV? He asked (me) if I was watching TV.
Do you like sailing? He wanted to know if I liked sailing.
Did you eat raw fish? He wondered if I had eaten raw fish.
Have you found your passport? He askedme if I had found my passport.
Will you fly to Paris tomorrow? He wondered if I would fly to Paris the next day.


Ex. 160. Put the following questions into reported speech.


1. I said to Boris: “Does your friend live in London?”

__I asked Boris if his friend lived in London.___

2. I said to the man: “Are you living in a hotel?”

3. Nick said to his friend: “Will you stay at the “Hilton”?”

4. She said to me: “Have you sent them a telegram?”

5. She said to me: “Did you see Mary yesterday?”

6. I said to her: “Can you give me their address?”

7. The teacher said to Mike: “Does your father work at a factory?”

8. Father said to Nick: “Have you done your homework?”

9. Tom said: “Ann, where are your friends?”

10. I asked my sister: “Will you stay at home or go for a walk after dinner?”

11. I asked Tom: “Have you had your breakfast?”

12. Mother asked me: “Did you play with your friends yesterday?”

13. We asked a passer-by: “Do you know where the Browns live?”

15. She said to me “Are you going to leave Minsk for summer?”

16. She asked me: “How long have you been living in London?”

17. She asked the doctor: “Do you think that simple food is better for children than rich food?” 18. She said “Can you call a taxi for me?”

19. She asked me: “Has Jack given you his telephone number?”

20. Mike said to Jane: “Will you come to the railway station to see me off?”


Ex. 161. Put the following questions into reported speech.

1. “Is a return ticket cheaper than two singles?” said my aunt.

2. “Do puppies travel free?” asked a dog owner.

3. “Have you reserved a seat?” I asked him.

4. “Did they understand what you said to them?” he asked me.

5. “Are you leaving today or tomorrow morning?” said his secretary.

6. “Have you done this sort of work before?” said his new boss.

7. “Did you borrow my dictionary?” he asked.

8. “Do you want to see the cathedral?” he asked.

9. “Have you ever seen a flying saucer?” said the man.

10. “Is this seat taken?” he asked.

11. “Does anyone want ticket for the boxing match?” said Charles.

12. “Did you sleep well?” asked my hostess.

13. “Will you come here again?” Paul asked.

14. “Are you going to have dinner and supper at a restaurant?” my friend wondered.

15. “Do you grow your own vegetables?” I asked.


Ex. 162. A new student, Paul, has come to the college and the other students are asking

Him questions.


1. “What country do you come from?” said Bill

2. “How long have you been here?” said Ann.

3. “Are you working as well as studying?” said Bill.

4. “Have you got a work permit?” said Peter.

5. ”What are you going to study?” said Peter

6. “Do you want to buy any second-hand books?” said Bill.

7. “Have you seen the library?” asked Ann.

8. “Do you play rugby?” said Peter.

9. “Will you have time to play regularly?” asked Ann.

10. “Did you play for your school team?” said Bill.

11. “Are you interested in acting?” asked Ann.

12. “Would you like to join our Drama Group?” she said.

13. “What do you think of the canteen coffee?” said Ann.

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