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A Happy New Year to You

May the New Year bring your way Nice, unexpected things each day — New joys, new dreams, new plans to make. Worthwhile things to undertake... And may it bring you peace of mind. Success — the real and lasting kind. The gift of health, the joy of friends And happiness that never ends!


Ex. 443.Use the required form of the infinitive in brackets after the verb may (might)

1. "I will go in first, shall I?" he said. "There's no light in the passage, and you may (fall) over something." 2. For all I hear he may still (live) in that old house of his. 3. Don't reject me, I might (do) a thing or two. 4.1 thought you might (discover) it accidentally during your last visit. 5. You might (get) the soldiers into no end of trouble if they had been convoys. 6. "All right this time," he said. "But you be careful in future, young man, it might (be) a very serious matter." 7. After all, Timothy might (make) a mistake, and the magician might (hide) in the village; it would never do to pass it by. 8. Who knows what may (happen) tomorrow? 9. But for your help it might (turn out) to be hopeless. 10. What a fuss! You really might (spare) me all this! 11. It appeared much better than it might (expect). 12. — How did the boy manage the task? — Not bad, it might (be) worse.


Ex 444. Translate into English

1. — Можно взглянуть на этот документ, инспектор? — Боюсь, что пока нет. 2. Решение может быть очень простым, можешь мне поверить. 3. — Можно мне вызвать портье? — Можно было бы, если бы вы жили в этом отеле. 4. Вы, возможно, приняли меня за сестру. Мы близнецы. 5. Я, может быть, совершаю ошибку, но я не вижу другого выхода. 6. Вы, возможно не осоз­наете этого, но вы великий человек. 7. Я был уверен, что могут появиться другие проблемы. 8. Он уверил нас, что мы можем прийти в любой удобный для нас день. 9. Ребенок поинтересовался, можно ли ему по­смотреть еще два мультика. 10. Он, вероятно, опазды­вает. Застрял, наверное, где-нибудь в автомобильной пробке. 11. Я не уверена, но, возможно, они встрети­лись на чьей-то свадьбе. 12. — Она выглядит так, слов­но ничего не случилось. — Она, вероятно, не слышала последних новостей. 13. Вы могли бы оказать им финансовую помощь! Теперь они обанкротились. 14. — Ты мог бы быть более отзывчивым, дорогой! — Уж какой есть. 15. Она решила, что может воспользоваться машиной отца. 16. На оленей можно охотиться толь­ко лишь в определенное время года.


Ex 445. Fill in the blanks with can or may in the correct form

1. David ... do the work. He is competent enough. 2. You ... take the last copy if nobody needs it. 3. ... I ask you to look after the child? 4. ... you tell us of the final diagnosis? 5. You ... never tell what... come to her mind. 6. A fool ... ask more questions than a wise man ... answer. 7. You ... trust me, and who knows, you ... need me one day. 8. Helen ... grasp the idea, She ... have been thinking of something else. 9.1 never thought that they ... get lost in the area. 10. Alexei .. sometimes forget things, but he ... always admit his fault, 11. —...I smoke here?—No doubt you ..., but you certainly ... not! 12. ... you lend me your bicycle for today? 13. You ... read this paper, it's not secret. 14. -, Why ... she agree to join our party? — She ... be busy or unwell. 15. ... you please open the door? ... I ask you for such a small service? 16. You ... never go back to your past; you have got to move on.


Ex. 446.Paraphrase the following, using can or may in the necessary form.

1.1 wish you would mind your speech. 2. We are upset that he didn't apologize. 3. Daniel wished you had warned him. 4. Nancy's mother wishes her daughter were not so messy. 5. I'm annoyed she didn't offer to help. 6. He wished she would remember to write down his address. 7.1 think it was wrong of them not to invite us. 8. Nobody believes that he built the house all by himself. 9. Would you mind my using your fax? 10.1 don't believe that he is so sensitive. 11. Is it in your authority to cancel the flight? 12. It's irritating the way he treats his wife. 13. Dick thinks it was wrong of her not to consult him. 14.1 think you would remember to send Christmas cards. 15. Evidently they didn't notice us, or they would have greeted us. 16. Is it possible that he should have been so tough? 17. She is crying, perhaps the boss was rude to her. 18. Nobody believes that they have left the country for good.

Ex. 447.Read and translate the following sentences with concessive clauses.

1. However rich you may be, you cannot be sure of happiness. 2.1 will not believe it, though an angel may come and say it. 3. However kind he may be, we cannot count on it. 4. However badly he may work, we must give him a chance. 5. However wise she may be, she won't cope with the task. 6. However powerful a king may be, he cannot buy happiness. 7. Though he may live to be a hundred, he will never learn to be patient. 8. However little money I may have, I'll survive. 9. However much he may try, I still don't believe him. 10. Whatever may happen, life will still go on. 11. Accidents will happen, however undesirable they may be. 12. He is suffering, however hard he may try to hide it. 13. However badly he may have behaved to you in the past, he still remains your brother. 14.1 would gratify all your wishes, however unreasonable they may be.


Ex.448.Complete the following sentences.

1.1 shall buy it, however ... . 2.1 am determined to go, whatever ... . 3. However powerful a king ... , he cannot force his subjects to love him. 4. Although Louis XIV ... powerful, his later days were unfortunate for France. 5. Though he... live to be an old man, he will never change. 6. Although he ... fifteen years old, ....7. Although an elephant ... a powerful animal, ... . 8. Although he ... a thief, ... . 9. Though it... , I will help you to escape. 10. However wise ... , he cannot answer this question. 11. He will never understand, though .... 12. Though you... in China, you will never master the Chinese language. 13. Although Belgium ... , yet it has a very large population. 14. Though you ... a millionaire, you cannot buy health. 15. The ships reached the harbour safely, although ....

Ex 449. Read the text and translate it. Comment on the words in bold type.

Then it hit me. I had a moment of truth — I wanted to go home. I missed it. I was homesick. I needed to bethere in order to get on with my life. Everybody had been telling me I must dothat, but I hadn't been able to makea move. But now I must moveon immediately.

I must gohome, I must livein that old house Andrew and I had so lovingly made ours. I needed to bein its lovely cool rooms, to be close to my old apple tree and my barns. But if I were to keep my Connecticut homestead, I had to earna living. I could openmy own shop. I could callit Indian Meadows. There could bea cafe as well, serving coffee, tea, cold drinks, soups, small snacks. Nora and Anna could helpme run it. They'd enjoy it, certainly they'd enjoy making the extra money. I experienced such a rush of excitement I couldhardly contain myself.All kinds of ideas were rushing into my head. There mighteven be a catalogue one day.

(after B. Bradford)


Ex. 450.Translate into English

1. Давайте сохраним наше мужество, как бы трудно это ни было. 2. Он не может вспомнить шифр, как бы упорно он ни пытался это сделать. 3. Хотя я и могу потерять все свои деньги, но к нему обращать­ся не стану. 4. Кризис неизбежен, как бы упорно мы ни пытались его предотвратить. 5. Хоть я и мог по­казаться скупым, но я дал то, что мог позволить. 6. Он не поблагодарил ее, хотя мог бы и сделать это. 7. Хотя кризис и будет ощутимым, компания оправится от его последствий. 8. Как бы много он в прошлом ни жертвовал на благотворительность, он и сейчас оста­ется богатым человеком. 9. Как бы плохо она ни водила машину, в отличие от тебя она ни разу не попадала в дорожное происшествие. 10. Что бы ни случилось, река вспять не потечет. 11. Образование может быть большим преимуществом, хотя путь к нему тернист. 12. Что бы вы ни думали, но такие вещи неизбежны. 13. Когда бы вы ни пришли, вам всегда рады. 14. Кем бы ни был этот человек, его нужно судить по закону. 15. Каким бы ничтожным ни был этот шанс, мы должны им воспользоваться-16. Хотя ветер может быть и очень сильным, наша палатка его выдержит.


Ex 451. Read the following wishes and try to realize them in your

What I Wish for You

InspirationMay you dream magnificent dreams and awaken to make them come true. SanctuaryMay your home always be a place of warmth, caring,friendship and sharing. FriendshipMay you have many wonderful friends who love you just the way you are, yet

challenge you to be all that you can be. Work May you find creative work that nourishes

your spirit with joy and fills your pocketbook with green. Well-BeingMay you honor the needs of the body and spirit so as to experience good health always. WisdomMay you let your intuitive self become the supreme authority in your life, and may you always trust what you know from that self. Humor May you cultivate the ability to laugh at yourself and eliminate the habit of feeling sorry for yourself. FreedomMay you live each moment free of worry

about the future and regret about the past. RecognitionMay you realize what an incredible Being you are. RomanceMay you join with mate and together share as much love and affection as anyone could ever want. JoyAnd last, but not least, may you live with

outrageous joyfulness in all your


Ex 452. Translate into English

1. Вы, возможно, правы, но я все-таки не могу со­гласиться с вами. 2. Возможно, он получит первую премию. 3. Мне, возможно, понравится этот фильм, хотч мне не нравятся боевики. 4. Она, возможно, сумеет сдать историю английского языка с первого раза. 5. Она, воз, можно, смогла бы пройти интервью, если бы постара. лась. 6. — Могу я взглянуть на фото? — Да, конечно, 7. Не могла бы я пройти сегодня в банк без пропуска?

8. Вы, возможно, неправильно истолковали мои слова. 9. Когда врач сказал, что я могу покинуть больницу, то я просто не мог поверить в это. 10. Какая жалость, что ребенок не умеет плавать! Это может ему очень пона­добиться в жизни. 11. Каким бы важным это дело ни было, я не могу сейчас им заняться. 12. Кто бы он ни был, он должен играть по правилам. 13. Где бы вы ни были, мы всегда вспоминаем вас с любовью. 14. Как бы вы ни старались, но я не уступлю. 15. Все, что бы он ни сказал или сделал, всегда умиляет ее. 16. Ужас­но, когда ты не можешь вспомнить чье-то имя.


Ex. 453.Read and translate the sentences. Comment on the form and meaning of the verb should.

1. When we say, "Oh, you really shouldn't have", we don't really mean it. 2. You should call us to keep up with the latest IBM security solutions. 3. The report says the country should think twice before joining the European market. 4. A gentleman should be honest in his actions and refined in his language. 5. Children should be seen and not heard. 6. Law makers should not be law breakers. 7. We should consult three things in all our actions: justice, honesty and utility. 8. People should reflect how tender is the Earth's environment. 9. We assured her that we should soon come back. 10. Is it vitally important that I should say "yes"? 11. Had it not been for miserable weather, we should have gone out for a stroll. 12. Well-you should be working now instead of relaxing. In fact you should have finished everything by now. 13.You shouldn't remember the clothes but the feeling they give you. 14. The Admiral's order was that every man should do his duty. 15. How should I know about their arrival? But should I hear something, I'll let you know. 16. But why should I let you in my life? 17. You should always follow your star, me dear, and never listen to anyone!

Ex 454.Read the letter of a teenager carefully and discuss it in 5. Do you agree or disagree strongly with anything that is said?

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