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Should I Lie to My Parents?

Can you help me? I've fallen in love with a really nice boy I know at college. I'm 16, but I don't have a lot of freedom I'm Asian, and my family have very strict attitudes because of their religion. So I'm not allowed to go out in the evenings, and even if I did go out with this boy during college hours I couldn't tell my parents, because they'd be really upset if they knew I was going out with a white boy. I feel bad about the situation, because I love my parents and they trust me, but this relationship is really important to me. What do you advise? I understand your problem, but I really don't think you should go out with him. It's all right for the two of you to be friends, but you mustn't get yourself into a situation where you have to lie to your parents. Their religious beliefs are an important part of your family life, and it would be a mistake to go against the rules that they have made for you. If you did go out with the boy you would eventually get found out, and then the trust between you and your parents would be destroyed. If you need to talk it over, you could get in touch with a group that gives advice to young Asian women like yourself who are caught between two cultures. Their help is free and confidential.

Ex 455. A. Use the modal verb should to express: 1) inequalities

Model: Why should some people be rich while others are poor?

1. eat well / starve 2. happy / miserable 3. in palaces / slums 4. succeed / fail 5. have everything / nothing 6. educated / ignorant

2) surprise

Model' / was sitting in the park when who (what)

should I see but my teacher (a flying saucer),

1.1 was standing in the queue .... 2.1 was digging in the garden ... . 3.1 was on my way to work ... . 4.1 was looking for something ... . 5.1 was waiting for a bus .... 6.1 was walking along the street ... .

B. Speak about the four things you should have done, and about the four things you shouldn't have done

Ex. 456.Read another letter of a teenager and discuss it in your group

Should I Ask Her Out?

I'm 16, and I really fancy a girl at my school. For the last few weeks I've been getting more and more attracted to her, and it's turning into a very serious relationship. The trouble is that she is Asian, and I know my parents would object if I asked her out. They are Catholics, and they would be shocked and angry if I got involved with a Muslim girl. I respect their beliefs, and I don't want to go behind their backs, but I have to think of myself. What should I do?

The first thing is to make absolutely sure of your own feelings. You haven't been seeing this girl for very long, and there's no point in upsetting your whole family for a relationship that might not last. But if you're convinced that this is the real thing, then you must make sure what your parents' attitude is. Do you really know they wouldn't let you go out with the girl? Maybe they will. Talk the situation over with them-calmly and openly — that you can be certain what they feel instead of just guessing.

If they really do object, you will have to make a decision' You can either respect their beliefs and live the way they want, or you can do what you think is right. If you tell your parents firmly that you're going to go out with the girl, then you won't be going behind their backs, and you will be showing them that you have a right to follow your own opinions, even if these are very different from theirs.


Ex 457. Translate into English

1. Если вы хотите преуспеть, то вам следует набраться знаний, опыта и терпения. 2. Тебе следует проконсуль­тироваться у профессионала, прежде чем принимать какие-либо решения. 3. А не следует ли мне начать брать уроки вождения? 4. Единокровных детей не сле-дует разлучать. 5. Тебе не следует есть так много кон-фет! Это же плохо для тебя. 6. Замороженные продук­ты следует разморозить, прежде чем готовить их. 7. Я убеждена, что тебе следует обратиться к врачу по пово-' ду сердечной боли. 8. В больших городах животных следует держать под контролем. 9. Животных не сле­дует запирать в клетки, им следует жить в естествен­ных условиях. 10. Как настоящему другу тебе не сле­довало бы скрывать правду, тебе следовало все мне рас­сказать именно в тот критический момент. 11. Не следует тебе так много думать о нем. Свет клином на нем не сошелся. 12. Раньше нужно было думать об этом, моя дорогая! Но делать нечего, давай посмотрим, что можно сделать. 13. Вам следовало давным-давно бросить пить и курить. Нужно было думать о своем здоровье смолоду. 14. — Ну откуда же мне знать, как она поживает? — Как близкому родственнику тебе сле­довало бы знать это. 15. Тебе не следовало брать с нее пример все эти годы! То, что хорошо для нее, не может быть хорошо для тебя. Вы абсолютно разные люди. 16. Вам следовало высадить луковицы осенью, если вы хотели, чтобы цветы появились весной.

Ex 458.Give advice in the following using the verb should (have)

1. My eyes are tired. 2. They quarrelled last night. 3. My life is hectic. 4. Bess' boyfriend is too young. 5. What a horrible film! 6. Jack thinks his girl is light-minded. 7. Mr. Snow has gone bankrupt. 8. The roses have faded. 9. I caught a cold last week. 10. Now I'm coughing and sneezing. 11. The police are helpless in this case. 12.1 have developed a splitting headache. 13.1 haven't been getting enough sleep lately. 14. She's been eating only one meal a day. 15. This is my sixth cup of coffee this evening.


Ex. 459.Practise the modal verb should to express reproach in "A Long Sentence Game"

Begin the game by saying: You shouldn't have ...interfered in her affairs. Explain that the first player has to repeat his sentence and to add a new criticism.

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