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Задание 7. Найдите и исправьте ошибки

1.His son should to help you. 2. They cannot do this exercise yesterday. 3. You ought have told us about his


Задание 1. Сравните формы сказуемого в действитель­ном и страдательном залогах.

arrival. 4. Must I take your dictionary for a while? 5. My children are able swim very well. 6. We have to write a course paper this term. 7. Who may help this man? 8.It should rain tomorrow. 9. Can you play the piano in childhood? 10. Ann asked your daughter but she would answer. 11. Why may we go with you so far? 12. Last winter we often skate.

Задание 8. Переведите предложения на английский язык.

1.Мы сможем ответить на ваш вопрос завтра. 2. Ваш сын умеет хорошо плавать, а умел ли он так пла­вать в детстве? 3. Родители, возможно, приедут на сле­дующей неделе. 4. Он мог бы взять мою тетрадь и пере­писать задание. 5. Можно ей уйти раньше? 6. Вам не нужно переезжать на другую квартиру. 7. Тебе следует заботиться о брате. 8. Он должен учиться лучше. 9. Ин­женеру пришлось применить новый метод. 10. Петр знал, что он обязан помочь сестре. 11. Почему я должен де­лать эту работу? 12. Ей не нужно идти туда.

Действительный залог (Active Voice)

1.We often read books.

2. Ann closed the window.

3. He will write a letter.

4. They are writing tests now.

5. He was testing new device.

6. We shall be making re­ports.

7. I have translated the text.

8. You had done the task.

9. She will have finished the work.


10. He has been doing his les­sons.

11. They had been watching TV.

12. We shall have been read­ing a book.

Страдательный залог (Passive Voice)

1. Books are often read by us. 2The window was closed by Ann.

3. A letter will be written by him.

4. Tests are being written by them now.

5. New device was being
tested by him.

7. The text has been
translated by me.

8. The task had been done
by you.

9. The work will have been
finished by her.

Задание 2. Определите залог сказуемого: Active voice / Passive voice.

1. This country is washed by 3 oceans. 2. At 9 o'clock I was doing my home work. 3. Rostov on Don was founded in 1749. 4. New experiment is being carried on at the moment. 5. Listen, somebody is playing the piano. 6. Have you seen his new film? 7. All exams were passed well. 8. Their telegram will be received tomorrow. 9. The British exhibition has been a great success. 10. Is it raining now? 11. This term we study many

subjects. 12. They didn't know that man. 13. The detective had been seen by all. 14. My children attend interesting lectures. 15. He was going home when I met him. 16. Have the operators been working here since the morning? 17. The boys had watched TV before their mother came home. 18. A.C. Doyle is well known all over the world. 19. The Smiths had been living in this city for along time before I moved here.

20. By the end of the term all course papers had been written.

21. What were you doing in my room? 22. Have they ever been to the United States? 23. The article could have been written in time. 24. Our teacher will have checked up our papers by the end of the lesson. 25. His new book is much spoken about. 26. The delegation will be met at the airport next Wednesday.

Задание 3.

Выберите адекватный вариант перевода ска­зуемого.


анализируются (обычно) анализируются (сейчас) ' были проанали­зированы будут проана­лизированы 5. будут анализи­роваться

1. The results have been just



2. The results are analysed at once.

3. The results are being analysed



4. The results were analysed last



5. The results will be analysed


6. The results had been analysed
by 9 o'clock.

В. 1. Текст был переведен вчера. 2. Текст уже был переведен, когда пришел учитель.

1. is translated 2. are translated 3. was translated

The results will have been analysed by tomorrow.


4. were translated 5. has been translated 6. had been translated 7. will translate 8. will be translated 9. was being translated 10. will have been trans­lated

3. Текст переведут завтра на


4. Текст переводили, когда я


5. Такие тексты обычно пере-

водят дома.

6. Текст будет переведен к

концу урока.

7. Текст только что перевели

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