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Задание 7. Найдите и исправьте ошибки. 1. Our specialists can to speak both English and German

1. Our specialists can to speak both English and German. 2. Did your mother see the boys to swim in the river? 3. We are glad to have been written the course papers already. 4. Let me to read and to translate this text at home. 5. His book appeared to have been translate in some languages recently. 6. Both of you are write reports for this conference. 7. He watched them to make this experiment. 8. They seemed to listening to the reporter. 9. You should to visit him.

Задание 8. Переведите предложения на английский язык.

1.Студенты готовы участвовать в нашей конферен­ции? 2. Не будите детей, дайте им поспать. 3. Тебе следу­ет посоветовать брату переехать в Москву. 4. Знать ино­странный язык необходимо для получения работы во мно­гих странах. 5. Мой друг хотел бы купить эту книгу. 6. Отец, казалось, думал о чем-то. 7. Школьники должны знать географию. 8.Эта операция может быть выполнена за 5 секунд. 9. Я вспомнил, что уже видел где-то этого челове­ка. 10. Вот статья, которую нужно перевести на русский язык. 11. Вечером мы пошли в парк, чтобы немного отдох­нуть. 12. Смотреть этот фильм было интересно.





Задание 1. Укажите предложения, содержащие герундий.

1.Speaking good English is my dream. 2. Our writing machine is made in Germany. 3. That building is not so high as this one. 4. Speaking the friends left the room. 5. M. Lomonosov was an outstanding person. 6. Are you sure of having read this book? 7. She likes being asked difficult questions. 8. The device reading is wrong. 9. The boys playing in the yard are my younger brothers. 10. Building is a very old profession. 11. Your car needs repairing. 12. They are writing compositions at the moment. 13. He was ashamed of himself for having left them.

ное герундием. одновремен­ное с действи­ем сказуемого предшест­вующее дей­ствию сказуе­мого

Задание 2. Определите действие, выражен

1. Little children like being read

interesting books. 1.

2. I don't remember having met you


3. There was no way of solving this 2.


4. Do you like figure skating?

5. Thank you for meeting us at the


6. We know of her having been

taught business abroad.

7. They like inviting guests to their


8. Her dress needs washing.

9. The stranger left the room

without saying good -bye.

10. Nobody was sure of his having
left our country.

11. I am awfully sorry for having

interrupted you. 12. What about the idea of going

for a walk?

Задание 3.

Выберите адекватный вариант перевода ге­рундия.


1.At last she finished reading this

чтение читать прочитать прочли прочел прочитав


2. Reading is a very interesting


3. We learn much by learning.

4. Do you remember having read

this newspaper?

5. After reading the telegram he

hurried up to the station.

6. Are they fond of reading?

7. We had the pleasure of reading

in the local paper of your success.

8. Is he sure of having read his own



1. приглашать 2. пригласил 3. приглашение

1. I think of inviting your friends to

the cinema. 2. Thank you for inviting me to

your birthday party.


4.пригласили 5. пригласить 6. пригласим

3. The old man came without being


4. We like inviting guests to our


5. I don't remember having invited

those people here.

6. But they are sure of their having

been invited.

7. Do you like the idea of inviting

our relatives to spend this summer with us?

Задание 4. Определите функцию герундия в следующих



1. подлежащее 2. часть состав­ного глаголь­ного сказуе­мого 3. часть состав­ного именно­го   4. дополнение 5. определение 6. обстоятель­ство

1. What is the best season for


2. The little girl was fond of


3. Do you remember having met

this man before?

4. His duty is sorting the parts in


5. She likes being invited to the


6. One can get much information by


7. Travelling by sea is the best rest.

8. I am sure of having been shown

the photo recently.

9. His method of calculating is



10. The director spoke of organizing some concerts for children.

11. The computer сказуемого function is processing various data.

12. Do you mind going for a walk?

13. Before coming here I visited my parents.

14. Here are the places for sitting.

15. The teacher started checking up their papers.

16. Studying is the way to knowledge.

17. Don't speak of her being ill.

18. Is there any reason for your leaving?

19. After having read his letter I
decided to visit his sister.

20. He thanked me for helping him.

21. The detective left the room without saying a word.

22. Little children like being played with.

23. Are they fond of travelling?

24. The assistants kept on making new experiments.


1. My parents think of buying a little house in the country -side. 2. Their machine needs repairing. 3. We enjoyed listening to his singing. 4. Do you like the idea of going to the South? 5. I am proud of being his friend. 6. Are you sure of having seen this film already? 7. On going home I


met a friend of mine. 8. It continued raining. 9. My greatest pleasure is listening to music. 10. His younger brother is fond of reading detective stories. 11. After reading a letter I returned it to my mother. 12. They know about his having been awarded a Doctor degree. 13. He insisted on our going to the seaside. 14. Ann was not surprised at hearing the news. 15. We do not object to your taking part in our conference tomorrow. 16. Swimming is very useful for your health. 17. The boys entered the room without being noticed. 18. I got tired of waiting for them. 19. Our old house wanted painting. 20. Would you mind my smoking?

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