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Поставьте предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную формы

1. My students are very nice. 2. She did the work nicely last week 3. Jill goes to work by bus. 4. You will get a nice present for your birthday. 5. They were at the disco last night. 6. Babies have five meals a day. 7. The students take their exams twice a year. 8. The pair of trousers costs seven dollars.

Give three forms of the verbs. Translate them into Russian.

Напишите основные формы следующих глаголов. Переведите их на русский язык.

Understand, have, check, win, marry, write, miss, enjoy, cut, feel.

Use the correct tense forms (Present, Past or Future Indefinite).

Раскройте скобки, употребив нужную видовременную форму глагола.

1. The professor (to speak) five foreign languages. 2. You (to remember) where he (to work)? 3. They (to go) to bed at ten o’clock yesterday. 4. There (to be) many flowers in the vase. 5. The postman (to bring) the mail tomorrow morning. 6. She (not to like) fat meat. 7. These little boys (to be) often naughty. 8. What you (to do) when you are thirsty? 9. I (to like) meat, she (to like) fish. 10. Everything (to go) wrong that Thursday.

Translate into English. Use Present, Past or Future Indefinite.

Сделайте письменный перевод.

1. Питеру понравилось представление. 2. Она не любит кофе с молоком. 3. Мы навестим нашу бабушку завтра. 4. Она была учителем в прошлом году, а сейчас она переводчик. 5. Они говорят по-английски? 6. Они часто читают вслух. 7. После лекции он ответил на все вопросы. 8. Она выиграла соревнование? 9. Кто ходил в театр на прошлой неделе? 10. У моего друга хорошая библиотека.

Read the text.

Прочтите текст.

When Sara became ill.

Mike and Sara were married only for a year when Sara suddenly became ill. It all happened without warning. Sara just woke up one Sunday morning and told her husband she felt terrible. The evening before they had gone to the cinema. On the way home they had stopped at a restaurant for dinner. It had been a normal Saturday evening. When she woke up the next day, Sara said she felt terrible.

“You’ll feel better after a glass of warm milk”, he said to Sara, but she didn’t. She couldn’t even drink the milk, so Mike went downstairs to phone the doctor.

Now Mike and Sara live in the country far from town. Most doctors don’t make house calls, but because Mike was so far from a hospital and sounded so worried on the phone, the doctor said he would come out to where they lived.

Shortly after Mike phoned, the doctor arrived in his car. He was a big man, about 35, and carried a large, black bag. Mike took him upstairs to the bedroom.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to see your wife alone”, said the doctor.

“Oh, yes, okay”, Mike answered politely.

The doctor walked into the bedroom and closed the door. Mike stood waiting nervously outside. He heard the doctor say good morning to his wife and ask her some questions. Then there was silence. After a couple of minutes the door opened, and the doctor came out.

“Could you get me a large knife”, he asked, “a very sharp knife, please, if you have one?” Mike ran downstairs and brought back the big knife from the kitchen.

“Thanks”, said the doctor and went back into the bedroom closing the door behind him. Again there was silence for a couple of minutes. Then the doctor suddenly came out again. This time he asked for a hammer. Mike was very nervous by now, but he ran downstairs and came back with a hammer. The doctor went back into the room again and closed the door behind him. Five minutes later the door opened, and the doctor came out.

“I’m sorry”, he said, “but I’m afraid I need a large saw”.

“A saw!”, shouted Mike. “Shouldn’t we go to the hospital for something this serious? What’s the matter with my wife?”

“I’ve no idea”, said the doctor. “I’m still trying to get my bag open”.

Translate the text into Russian in written form.

Переведите текст письменно.

Make up all possible questions (general, alternative, disjunctive, special, question to the subject).

Поставьте различные типы вопросов к следующим предложениям (общий, альтернативный, разделительный, специальный, вопрос к подлежащему), обозначьте тип вопроса.

1. Most doctors don’t make house calls.

2. The doctor went back into the room and closed the door behind him.

Answer the questions on the text, choosing the right variant.

Ответьте на вопросы по тексту.

What do you know about Sara and Mike?

a) They had been married for many years.

b) They had been married for a short time.

c) They were going to get married in a year.

d) They didn’t want to get married.

What did they do on Saturday evening in the story?

a) They went to see a doctor because Sara was ill.

b) They went to the cinema.

c) They went to see a friend.

d) They stayed at home because Sara was ill.

Why was Mike worried when Sara woke up and felt ill?

a) Sara had been ill many times and was not very strong.

b) He had no money to pay for a doctor.

c) The doctor might not be at home because it was Sunday.

d) Sara had never been ill before.

Why did the doctor make a house call?

a) It was the middle of the night.

b) The weather was bad, and the doctor didn’t want Sara to travel.

c) Mike and Sara live a long way from the hospital, and Mike sounded so worried on the phone.

d) Since it was Sunday, the hospital might be closed.

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