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Раскройте скобки, употребив нужную видовременную форму глагола

1. I usually (to drive) to work. 2. You (to eat) fruit every day? 3. I (not to go) to the Institute yesterday. 4. My parents (to go) to the South next year. 5. There (to be) a museum in this street five years ago. 6. We (not to watch) TV every evening. 7. Those women (to prefer) expensive clothes to cheap ones. 8. Mozart (to write) more than 600 pieces of music. 9. How you (to learn) to drive? 10. It (to be) cold, so I (to shut) the window.

Translate into English. Use Present, Past or Future Indefinite.

Сделайте письменный перевод.

1. Я разговаривал с ним вчера. 2. Я читаю газеты каждый день. 3. Наши друзья приедут вечером. 4. Он на работе сейчас, а вечером он будет в театре. 5. Сколько лет Кэрри? 6. В воскресенье наша семья обычно обедает дома. 7. Мы сели и попросили чашку кофе. 8. Когда он уехал домой? 9. Кто купил эту книгу вчера? 10. На столе нет этого жу

Read the text.

Прочтите текст.

Jim’s Two Jobs.

Jim’s father was the only butcher in the little town of Whiterock. His mother used to help his father in the butcher’s shop to serve the customers and cut up the meat. Then one day just before Christmas she dropped dead on the floor of the shop. Jim and his father had a terrible Christmas that year, and it was very difficult for the butcher to look after his shop by himself in the new year.

Luckily, Jim finished school the next summer and had to get a job. He wanted to buy a motorcycle, so he started helping his father at the butcher’s shop. After a while, he was very good at cutting up the meat, so his father sometimes left him alone in the shop when there weren’t many customers. Jim always liked to have his long, while coat nice and clean. It was a sort of uniform.

Winter came and went, and then it was spring, but Jim still did not have enough money to buy his motorcycle. So he took a second job, working in a hospital during the evenings. This job was hard work, helping to lift people out of beds and take them from one part of the hospital to another, but Jim liked it because he could wear a long, white coat in the hospital, too. He still thought it was a sort of uniform and felt very important when he was wearing it.

One evening when Jim was working at the hospital, he had to take a woman from her bed to the operating room. This was the woman’s first operation, and she was very scared. She thought of how the doctor would cut her up. It was terrible! Then she saw Jim in his long, white coat and remembered seeing him at the butcher’s shop.

“Oh, no!” she screamed. “Not the butcher! Don’t let the butcher do the operation!”.

Translate the text into Russian in written form.

Переведите текст письменно.

Make up all possible questions (general, alternative, disjunctive, special, question to the subject).

Поставьте различные типы вопросов к следующим предложениям (общий, альтернативный, разделительный, специальный, вопрос к подлежащему), обозначьте тип вопроса.

1. Jim always liked to have his long, white coat nice and clean.

2. Jim’s father was the only butcher in the little town of Whiterock.

Answer the questions on the text, choosing the right variant.

Ответьте на вопросы по тексту, выбирая правильный вариант.

Jim’s mother used to

a) only work at home.

b) serve the customers in the butcher’s shop.

c) help Jim with his homework.

d) work at the supermarket.

Jim and his father had a terrible Christmas because

a) another butcher had come to the town of Whiterock.

b) a customer dropped dead on the floor of the shop.

c) it was difficult to get enough meat for all the customers.

d) Jim’s mother had just died.

When Jim finished high school

a) he was sixteen years old.

b) he wanted to buy a bicycle.

c) he wanted to work in a hospital.

d) he had to get a job.

His father sometimes left Jim alone in the shop because

a) there weren’t many customers anymore.

b) Jim was going to take over the shop.

c) Jim was very good at cutting up the meat.

d) the customers liked Jim much better.

Jim took a second job because

a) he liked working in a hospital.

b) he wanted to earn money.

c) he could wear a long, white coat.

d) he wanted to work during the evenings.

Jim felt very important

a) because he was doing hard work.

b) because he had two jobs.

c) when he got his motorcycle.

d) wearing his long, white coat.

The woman was scared because

a) she had never liked the butcher.

b) she was going to the butcher’s.

c) it was her first operation.

d) Jim had never liked her.

When the woman saw Jim, she thought

a). he would give her a nice piece of meat

b) the doctor would come soon and give her medicine.

c) what a long, white coat he had.

d) he was going to do the operation.

Курс, 1 семестр

Контрольная работа №1

Вариант 4

Complete the sentences. Use the verb “to be” in the Present Indefinite Tense.

Вставьте глагол “to be” в настоящем неопределенном (простом) времени.

1. My mother ... a shop-assistant. She ... at work now. 2. Where ... the dog? It ... on the chair. 3. They ... not in Minsk now. They ... in Moscow. 4. I ... 30 years old. 5. Their babies ... nice. 6. ... it time to have breakfast? 7. Why ... the idea bad? 8. It ... six o’clock.

Use “to be” or “to have” in one of the Indefinite Tenses.

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