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The Power of Imagination

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Mr. Brown got to a hotel late in the evening after a long journey. He asked the desk clerk whether there were any vacant rooms in the hotel. At that moment another traveller came to the hotel and asked the desk clerk for a room too.

The only vacant room was a double one. “Do you mind spending the night in that room together?” the desk clerk asked. At first the travellers didn’t like the idea, but just then it began raining hard and they were too tired to go to another hotel, so they changed their minds. Their things were carried in and soon the two men went to sleep.

Suddenly a loud voice woke Mr. Brown up. It was quite dark. “What’s the matter?” Mr. Brown asked in surprise. In a weak voice the second traveller answered: “I’m sorry, but I had to wake you up. I’ve got asthma. I feel very bad. In addition I’ve got a terrible headache. If you don’t want me to die, open the window quickly.”

Mr. Brown jumped out of bed and began looking for matches, but he couldn’t find them in the dark, and the sick man went on: “Air, air, I want fresh air. I’m dying”.

Mr. Brown still couldn’t find the matches, so he tried to find the window. It took him some time, and at last he thought he had found it. But he couldn’t open it. As the voice of the traveller became weaker and weaker, Mr. Brown took a chair and broke the window with it. The sick man immediately stopped moaning and said he felt much better. Then the two of them slept peacefully until morning.

When they woke up next morning they were surprised to see that the only window in the room was closed but the large looking glass was broken to pieces.

Translate the text into Russian in written form.

Письменно переведите текст.

Make up all possible types of questions (general, alternative, disjunctive, special, question to the subject).

Поставьте различные типы вопросов к следующим предложениям, обозначьте тип вопроса.

1. Suddenly a loud voice woke Mr. Brown up.

2. The only vacant room was a double one.

Answer the questions on the text in written form.

Письменно ответьте на вопросы по тексту.

1. What woke Mr. Brown up?

2. What happened to Mr. Brown’s neighbour?

3. What did Mr. Brown begin to look for?

4. Why did Mr. Brown break the window?

5. How did the travellers spend the rest of the night?

6. Why were they surprised in the morning?

Курс 2 семестр

Контрольная работа №2

3 вариант

Put the verb in brackets into the Present Continuous Tense.

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в Present Continuous .

1. Father (to watch) TV now. 2. Listen! Somebody (to knock) on the door. 3. You (to eat) ice cream now? 4. We (not to drive) too fast now. 5. What he (to look for) now? 6. The secretary (to type) our papers. 7. I need an umbrella because it (to rain) now.

Use the Present Indefinite or the Present Continuous Tenses.

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в Present Indefinite или Present Continuous.

1. Run downstairs, your uncle (to wait) for you. 2. Children (to love) to play with sand. 3. What this sentence (to mean)? 4. John (to hate) cats. 5. My friend always (to tell) me the truth, but I see that she (to tell) a lie now. 6. You usually (to drink) coffee at this time? 7. She (to look after) her grandmother now.

Use the correct form of the verb “to be” (the Present Continuous or the Past Continuous Tenses).

Употребите глагол “to be” в правильной форме и времени (Present Continuous or Past Continuous).

1. What ... she writing when mother entered the room? 2. The doctor and the nurse ... taking care of the sick man. 3. Why ... you smoking in the room? It’s dangerous. 4. She ... playing with a child at ten o’clock yesterday.

Use the Past Indefinite or the Past Continuous, the Present Indefinite or the Present Continuous Tenses.

Раскройте скобки, употребляя Past Indefinite или Past Continuous, Present Indefinite или Present Continuous.

1. What you (to do) while I (to write) the letter yesterday? 2. Where is Steve? He (to prepare) for the new trial in the next room. 3. I (not to understand) what Mr. Green (to do). 4. Something (to smell) good. Are you making pancakes? 5. Look at the timetable. I think I (to hear) the bus. 6. Charles (to look) just like his father. 7. The secretary (to come) in and (to say) that a visitor (to wait) for me in the hall. 8. What you (to do) between 9.00 and 10.00 yesterday? – ( to ask) the detective.

Match parts I and II.

Соотнесите 1 и 2 части предложения.

1. He was skating 2. My sister will graduate from the university 3. Mother is making some cakes 4. Jack speaks to us 5. They spend their holidays in the Caucasus 6. I came back late a) now b) sometimes c) last night d) every morning e) next year f) from five till nine yesterday

Translate into English. Use Indefinite or Continuous Tense forms.

Переведите на английский язык.

1. По вечерам мы обычно смотрим телевизор. Сейчас вечер и мы смотрим телевизор. 2. Посмотри в окно! Идёт проливной дождь. У нас часто идёт дождь. 3. Как бежит время! Вчера в это время я плавал в Чёрном море. 4. Экзамен будет трудным. 5. Где Катя? Обычно она сидит в первом ряду. 6. Сегодня мы пойдём в театр. 7. Эти духи пахнут осенью. 8. Когда зазвонил телефон, я пекла пирог.

Make the following sentences interrogative.

Образуйте различные типы вопросительных предложений. Обозначьте тип вопроса.

1. She is looking for her gloves now.

2. Yesterday at 7 o’clock the doctor was driving to his patient.

2015-11-07 3126 Обсуждений (0)
The Power of Imagination 4.80 из 5.00 5 оценок

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