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Choose the right variant

Выберите правильный вариант

1. Lake Erie is one of the ... Great Lakes in North America.

a) fiveb) fifth

2. Open page 306.

a) three hundreds and five b) three hundred and five

3. He was born on March 15.

a) the fifteenth of Marchb) March fifteenth

4. The meeting is usually held on the ... Monday of the month.

a) first b) one

5. ... of people drink coffee in the morning.

a) million b) millions

Use “some”, “any”, “no” or their derivatives.

Вставьте местоимения “some”, “any”, “no” или их производные.

1. There is ... provocative in her behaviour. 2. ... can help me, I’m totally lost. 3. I have ... interesting news to tell you. 4. Have you got ... English records at home? ... stole money from the cashbox that morning. 6. We have got ... bread. 7. Can you see ...? No, we can’t see ... .8. There was ... in the street because it was very late.

Choose the right pronoun.

Выберите правильные местоимения.

1. ... the greatest gain is to be a loser.

a) sometimes

b) any time

c) some

2. Selfish people think mainly of … .

a) each other

b) themselves

c) they

3. I’ll post the letter ... .

a) by me

b) myself

c) oneself

4. I got the book without ... difficulty.

a) some

b) no

c) any

5. Mr. Jones cut ... while shaving.

a) himself

b) herself

c) oneself

6) He spoke of a man ... name was unknown to us.

a) which

b) whose

c) who

Insert “much”, “many”, “little”, “few”, “a little”, “a few”.

Вставьте местоимения “much”, “many”, “little”, “few”, “a little”, “a few”.

1. I have ... interest in politics. 2. Teachers give pupils too ... homework. 3. Mr. White is ... older than his sister. 4. How ... does it cost to fly to New York? 5. Is there ... time left? 6. Are there ... windows in your flat? 7. There are too ... flowers in this vase. Take ... for your wife.

Translate into English using “some”, “any”, “much”, “many”, “little”, “few”, “a little”, “a few” or their derivatives.

Переведите на английский язык, выбрав правильное местоимение или его производное.

1.У них мало времени. 2. На катке много детей. 3. Сколько у него денег сейчас? 4. Я никого не знаю в этом городе. 5. Он занят. У него нет времени ходить в кино. 6. Сколько у тебя сигарет? 7. Дай мне что-нибудь поесть. 8. У него мало друзей. Он очень одинок.

Make sentences using “to be going to” construction.

Составьте предложения, используя оборот “to be going to”.

1. My parents (to go) to the South next year.

2. Her mother (to buy) her a silver chain for her birthday.

3. We (to visit) you on Monday.

4. When he (to write) a letter to his sister?

Disagree as in the model (both, neither... nor).

Выразите свое несогласие, используя модель ( both, neither... nor).

model: We need both fruit and vegetables.

We need neither fruit nor vegetables.

1. Mike and Jane both have their faults.

2. She likes both tea and coffee.

3. I’ll buy both bread and butter.

Express the same idea in English (either... or, neither... nor).

Скажите это по-английски.

1. Николай принимает душ или утром или вечером.

2. Мне не нравится ни он, ни его жена.

3. Его сестра поедет или в Германию, или в Грецию.


Read the text.

Прочтите текст.

At the Customs.

US Customs inspector Harry Standish arrived at Customs inspection station number eleven. Shortly before that, a red light on a wall panel near the centre the big Customs Hall indicated that an inspecting officer had a problem and needed supervisory help. Most of the passengers, who had arrived aboard Scandinavian Airlines DC-8 from Copenhagen, had cleared Customs and had left. Only this well-dressed American woman, Mrs. Harriet Mossman, who had just returned from a month trip around England, France and Denmark, insisted that all she had were shoes. The total declared value was ninety dollars – ten dollars less than she was allowed duty-free.

The young officer had been suspicious. To begin with, six dresses, all of good quality – had had their labels removed. The cut of the dresses was unmistakable French, so was the tailoring of the fur coat. The same thing was with three expensive sweaters. They also were without labels, and were unmistakable from Scotland, in typical British shades, not available in the United States. All this and much else customs officers learned as part of their training.

"Madam," Inspector Standish said, "is there anything else you wish to declare?” Mrs. Mossman answered indignantly: "There certainly isn't!”

"In that case, Madam," Inspector Standish said, "will you kindly open your handbag!” The woman protested, "But surely, purses are never inspected. I've been through Customs many times ... " "Normally, they are not. But we do have the right."

Reluctantly, Mrs. Mossman opened her purse. Harry Standish inspected a lipstick and a gold compact. When he probed the powder in the compact, he extracted a diamond and ruby ring. There was a tube of hand lotion, partially used. When he pressed the tube near the top, there was something hard inside.

He wondered when smugglers would come up with something original. Such old tricks. He had seen them all many times. He thought of the foolishness of Mrs. Mossman and the many like her. If she had been honest about the coat and dresses, and declared them the duty payable it would not have been great, especially for someone who was clearly well to do. Certainly her handbag would not have been opened and she wouldn't have been caught red-handed.

Translate the text into Russian in written form.

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