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Say whether the following statements are true or false. Correct the statements which are false according to the text

1. Large hotels and motels provide greater number of services and facilities.

2. Conference hotels are specifically designed for business events.

3. All resort hotels operate year round.

4. The business of resort hotels depends on the seasons.

5. Residential hotels serve only their guests.

6. There are no business facilities in extended-stay hotels.

7. Casino hotels may provide conference facilities.

8. It is too expensive to stay in campsites and RV parks.

9. Hostels have full range of services and facilities.

10. Breakfast is always included in the room rate in bed-and-breakfast inns.


Complete the following passage with given words: accommodation, dormitory, occupants, private, residents, establishments, budget, shared, bed, include, staff, backpackers.

Hostels provide -------- oriented, sociable ----------where guests can rent a --------, usually a bunk bed, in a -------------and share a bathroom, lounge and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex, although ---------- rooms may also be available. Hostels may ------ a hot meal in the price.

Hostels are generally cheaper for both the operator and the---------; many hostels have long-term ------ whom they employ as desk clerks or housekeeping ------- in exchange for free accommodation.

In a few countries, such as the UK, Ireland, India, and Australia, the word hostel sometimes also refers to--------- providing longer-term accommodation and where the hostels are sometimes run by Housing Associations and charities. In the rest of the world, the word hostel refers only to properties offering-------- accommodation to travellers or ----------.


There are a lot of new and unusual types of accommodation which have appeared in the hospitality industry recently. If you have already known at least some of them discuss them with the class. Otherwise you have to find this information and make a report (in writing form) on this topic.



The Passive Voice

Пассивный (страдательный залог) или The Passive Voice используется в том случае, когда неизвестно или неважно кто или что совершает действие, выраженное сказуемым. Пассивный залог образуется с помощью глагола TO BE в нужном времени и лице и PAST PARTICIPLE. (правильный глагол +ED или глагол из третьей колонки таблицы неправильных глаголов)




  Active voice Passive voice
Present Simple V/Vs Am/is/are + V3
Present Continuous Am/is/are + Ving Am/is/are +being+ V3
Present Perfect Have/has+V3 Have/has+been+V3
Present Perfect Continuous Have/has+been+Ving  
Past Simple Ved/ V2 Was/were+V3
Past Continuous Was/were+Ving Wa=beens/were+being+V3
Past Perfect had+V3 had+been+V3
Past Perfect Continuous had+been+V3  
Future Simple will+V will+be+V3
Future Continuous will+be+Ving Не существует
Future Perfect Will+have+V3 Will+have+been+V3
Future Perfect Continuous will+have+been+Ving  



1. Hotels are classified according to different features.

2. This restaurant was opened in 2013.


№1 Open the brackets


  1. Hotels (to classify) according to the hotel size, location, target markets, levels of service, facilities, number of rooms, ownership and affiliation etc.

2.Guest amenities at business hotels (to include) complimentary newspapers, morning coffee, free local telephone calls.

3.Extended Stay Hotels (to consider) by guests as "Home away from home".

4.A Hotel or Inn (to define) as an establishment whose primary business is providing lodging facilities for the general public, and which furnishes one or more of the following services.

Motels (to locate) in any setting, but are usually found in suburban or roadside areas.

№ 2Choose the right form


Hotel rooms ...to allow guests to identify their room.

A. are usually numbered

B. number


In the United Kingdom, a hotel ... by law to serve food and drinks to all guests within certain stated hours.

A. require

B. is required

In Japan, capsule hotels... a minimized amount of room space and shared facilities.

A. is provided

B. provide


This style of hotel accommodation ... in Japan and has not gained popularity outside of the country,

A. develops

B. was developed


5. Western variants of capsule hotels known as "pod hotels" with larger accommodations and often private baths... at the moment.

A. are being developed

B. are being developing


Most hotels and major hospitality companies that operate hotels ... widely accepted industry standards to classify hotel types.

A. have been set

B. have set



№ 3 Fill in the gaps using the given words. Use the verbs in the correct form.


To transform, to complete, to want, to add, to overlook, to offer.


Malmaison Hotel is a unique hotel. A former Victorian prison which (…..) into a now stunning boutique hotel offering unique luxury in historic Oxford. Malmaison Oxford truly is the place everyone (…..) to stay, and we're certain, after a night in one of the converted cells, you won't want to leave.

The stylish bedrooms (…..) with luxurious additions including a power shower, mood lighting, CD and DVD players and satellite TV. There is also a divine brasserie and 2 bars, as well as the fabulous original architecture and history to discover.

The in-house restaurant is renowned for its good food and is popular with locals and visitors alike. The restaurant (…..) the bay and the best of traditional, British and continental cuisine from a Table d'hôte menu (…..) there. The well priced wine list and sea view (…..) to your dining experience. The comfortable and spacious lounge and bar are the ideal places to relax, (…..) a satellite TV in the lounge and bar as well as a pool table plus regular evening entertainment.

№4 Change the sentences into the passive voice


  1. Extended-stay hotels combine features of a resort and a residential hotel.
  2. A lot of people who enjoy recreational camping at moderate prices.
  3. Luxury hotels offer the ultimate in décor, butler service, concierge and other services.
  4. We serve dinner at 7 o'clock.
  5. Students and long-term travelers often stay in hostels, where they share beds.
  6. Hostels often organize social gatherings (such as pub crawls) and a couple even have pizza nights.
  7. Ski resorts include accommodations and other facilities opposite to the ski area.
  8. Some ski resorts offer lodging options on slopes themselves, with ski-in and ski-out access permitting guests to ski right up to the door.


№ 5 Match the synonyms.


1. decor a. choice
2. amenities b. exclusive
3. range c. residential hotel
4. unique d. quantity
5. reasonable (price) f. decoration
6. Apartment hotel g. moderate
7. amount h. facilities



№6 Paraphrase.


1)a variety of recreational facilities

2)the business of many resorts fluctuates with the season

3)semi permanent residents

4)highly personalized service

5)uniformed service


№ 7 Fill in the gaps with necessary words.


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