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Тема 6. Перевод причастий и причастных конструкций


1. Причастие І как часть составного глагольного сказуемого с глаголами, обозначающими положение в пространстве ( to stand, to lie, to sit ) и движения (to go, to come, to walk ) переводятся в зависимости от смысловой структуры – деепричастиями, личной формой глагола, или, реже, неопределенной формой глагола. Довольно часто происходит замена глагола на существительное, которое в данном случае употребляется с предлогом, например:


a) He sat trying to get a grip on himself

Он сидел, стараясь взять себя в руки




b) He stood waiting

Он стоял и ждал


c) Are we going out dancing tonight


Мы поедем сегодня куда-нибудь потанцевать?


Возможен и другой вариант перевода:


Мы поедем сегодня на танцы?


2. Причастие І в функции сопутствующего обстоятельства переводится деепричастием, если оно препозитивно, а также в некоторых случаях личной формы глагола, если оно постпозитивно и передает новую информацию


а) Saying this, he dismissed his secretary

Сказав это, он отпустил своего секретаря.


С этими словами он отпустил своего секретаря.


b) In 1992 he set up his first company, returning to Oxford five years later to finish his

В 1922 г. он основал свою первую компанию, а затем вернулся в Оксфорд, чтобы завершить свое образование.


3.Причастие II в функции обстоятельства, как правило, переводит-ся деепричастием или, что бывает чаще, обстоятельственным придаточным предложением. Причастию II в этой функции часто предшествуют такие союзы, как when, till, once, as if, though, as though, even if и even when, например:


«Why all these questions? Doesn’t the company always act responsibly and within the law?” said the Managing Director, as though surprised.


«С чего вдруг все эти вопросы? Разве компания не ведет всегда все свои дела с полной ответственностью и строго в рамках закона?» - спросил управляющий директор так, словно его удивил этот град вопросов.


4.Причастия I и II в функции определения переводятся русскими причастиями или придаточными определительными предложениями. Развернутые причастные обороты довольно часто переводятся отдельными предложениями, то есть производятся синтаксические замены, например:

A drive around showed many houses for sales owned by the Riders Company


Поездка по окрестностям позволила увидеть множество домов, которые принадлежат компании «Райдерс» и которые она готова выставить на продажу.


Или (в зависимости от более широкого контекста):


Во время поездки по окрестностям мы увидели немало выставленных на продажу домов, официальным владельцем которых была компания «Радерс».

5. Причастия I и II в функции определения, стоящие перед существительным, может переводиться не только причастием, но и прилагательным, если этого требует сочетаемость в русском языке, например: a retired general - отставной генерал.

6. Причастие в комплексах переводится придаточным предложением, например

I visited their company headquarters and found their business being run in a true spirit of social responsibility


Я был в головном офисе компании и убедился в том, что делами компании управляют в строгом соответствии с кодексом социальной ответственности бизнеса.


  1. If given the opportunity, this industry will developed rapidly
  2. When questioned, the Managing Director had to admit dumping waste not far away from the community in which it is located
  3. The company, thought not a bit dented was far from being on the brink of bankruptcy
  4. When considered from this point of view, this matter seems rather serious
  5. He did not usually venture a remark, unless spoken to
  6. Decisions have been taken at Moscow, which if carried out, would lead straight in the direction of less dependence on energy exports
  7. According to a new Apple patent discovered by the blog Apple Patently, which monitors the company’s latest parent fillings, Apple is working on some interesting new camera technologies for the iPhone and iPod Touch that could also be integrated into the Macbook and iMac product line
  8. In one corner of the reception room was a telephone operator, wearing a wired headset and sitting before a push-pull switchboard
  9. The data presented reflect various aspects of the current state of the country’s industry
  10. In the environmental catastrophe foreseen by so many scientists is to be averted, increasing people’s environmental awareness must be made priority number one worldwide
  11. Without a known, clear and measurable objective no coherent strategy is possible. Without an effective and well-executed strategy any objected, however good, is unlikely to be achieved
  12. The industry’s development, thought thwarted, did not come to a standstill
  13. Take a look at Flickr, the popular photo sharing web-site, where the statistics of the camera used to upload images to the site show that the iPhone is by far the most popular compared with other cameras, including Nikon and Canon
  14. The device may be a portable device, such as a dedicated digital still or video camera, a smart phone or laptop/ notebook computer with an integrated camera function or it may be desktop personal computer with a built-in camera function
  15. Among the new features discussed in the patent, the company is exploring new technologies that could adjust the camera flash based on the scene of the photo and the angle the camera is to an object
  16. Senator Saxby Chambliss devoted his entire time to the evils of government debt, “one of the most dangerous threats confronting America today”
  17. The situation might be slightly less troubling if the top managers were industry heavyweights which they are not
  18. As is always the case, there are fees attached to this procedure and when all is in order a Certificate of Incorporation is issued
  19. The devastating suicide bombings of the World Trade Center were not only disfiguring attacks on New York’s celebrated skyline but damaging psychological assaults on all these working in the country’s famous tall buildings
  20. A creditor of an organization is owed money for a goods or services supplied
  21. There are certain brands that are expected to be seen on the shelves and if they are absent the store may lose business
  22. If the suppliers of, for example, a photocopier, sell the customer a maintenance contract, this will ensure that, at least in three years, the customer will have the machine repaired by them and will buy paper and toner from them
  23. Stagnant wages for many workers, rising health care and school tuition costs, the loss of jobs to other countries and other factors have left many middle-class families squeezed
  24. This week the government unveiled a draft bill that, if enacted, would created the most ambitious scheme to foster the modernization drive
  25. Unsurprisingly, the company found itself squeezed out of the burgeoning metropolitan area’s lucrative advertising market
  26. The most damaging result of the computer virus panic of the 1990s is that any data loss can now be blamed on a mystery virus attack, potentially ignoring real software malfunctions or simple theft
  27. Over the last decade or so, western societies have seen themselves confronted by a general trend towards a ‘consumer is king’ cultural mentality
  28. Some restaurants and takeaway businesses in the capital have seen trade dropping for three weeks in a row
  29. The company seems only too willing to break the agreement arrived at with the Chinese following a recent statement by the U.S. State Department
  30. With him at the helm, this business will soon be a thrilling one
  31. Russian business is strangled by bureaucracy, with as many as fifty signatures required to establish a limited company
  32. Money broking is a fast, adrenalin – charged business, where traders are only as good as their last deal and there is intense pressure to meet targets set or risk dismissal
  33. At the moment, New York State agriculture laws say mushrooms picked in the wild can be sold if they’re inspected by ‘an approved mushroom identification expert, “but don’t specify what constitutes expertise.
  34. The air fare price war in Europe, if stepped up, is likely to send budget airlines into a tailspin



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