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Тема 7. Перевод абсолютных конструкций

Известно, что абсолютные конструкции представляют собой обособленный второстепенный член предложения с внутренней предикативной связью, имеющий свой грамматический субъект, отличный от субъекта главного предложения.

Абсолютные конструкции могут быть беспредложными и предложными, довольно часто в них опускается причастие, что осложняет их узнаваемость, а тем самым и перевод.

Синтаксические функции абсолютных конструкций весьма различны. Фактически, абсолютная конструкция может выступать во всех обстоятельственных функциях.

Если абсолютная функция стоит в начале предложения, то она переводится, главным образом, обстоятельственным придаточным предложением.

Однако в экономических текстах и, шире, в научной прозе, когда нет необходимости уточнять характер связи между основным составом и обособленной конструкцией, возможен перевод и сочиненным предложением.

В постпозиции абсолютная конструкция имеет, в основном, пояснительную и присоединительную функции, то есть разъясняет и конкретизирует содержание главного состава предложения. В таких случаях абсолютная конструкция переводится сочиненным предложением, например:


The Chairman turned towards the secretary in the same instant, anger twisting his feature

Председатель (правления) в ту же секунду повернулся к секретарю, лицо его было искажено гневом.


Существует логическая односубъектность и разнообъектность абсолютной конструкции.

Логически односубъектные конструкции могут переводиться также русским деепричастным оборотом, например:

The Chairman sat quiet and still, with his eyes fixed on the paper in front of him

Председатель сидел неподвижно, устремив взгляд на лежащий перед ним документ.


Нередко абсолютная конструкция без причастия с предлогом « with » имеет обстоятельственную функцию, часто противительную или уступительную, например:


How can you suggest this with 3 000 workers fired not yet a month ago

Как Вы можете предлагать такое, когда не прошло и месяца после увольнения 3000




1. They welcomed the news of the take-over silently, fear and concern showing in their eyes as they took their seats at the table.

2. He walked to the bank on the first day after the default, the entrance of the building crowded with small investors jostling, jumping, shouting, hitting

3. When he outlined his plan to save the family business, he left complete support, all the employees rallying behind him

4. He spent four month on the job, with very little to show for his effort except a twenty-page report

5. The new managing director was glad to find the company in good shape, its output increasing daily

6. State procumbent orders total about $ 133 billion, fifteen percent going to technology companies

7. Russia lags far behind China, Brazil and India in registered patents, the country remaining susceptible to natural resources prices servings

8. The status-quo is now recognized as an acute economic vulnerability with 80 percent of exports being natural resources like oil and metals

9. Government financing is not the best method to prod companies to be creative, the country’s prosperity lying in a more arm’s length relationship between the government and the business

10. The resource-driven growth model seems to have failed, the country struggling to learn the lessons of its meltdown after the global economic crisis

11. With fears over the economy combining with prediction of, widespread house price falls, estate agents shelves were growing with stock at the start of 2003 and buyers were as rare as City bonuses

12. With so many exciting conferences converted, it’s a wonder the rail industry gets any work done. November, for example, sees the third annual UK rail stations conference


Тема 8. Перевод герундия и герундиальных конструкций.


I. Герундий в функции подлежащего, составной части сказуемого, дополнения и определения переводится при помощи существительного (довольно часто отглагольного), неопределенной формой глагола и, если нет соответствия, придаточным предложением, например:


Attending Board meetings was about the only thing he thoroughly enjoyed

Пожалуй, единственно, от чего он получал истинное удовольствие, так это от посещения заседаний правления.


He is really happy about the company’s performance in this quarter. There is no denying that

Он действительно доволен результатами деятельности компании в третьем квартале. Этого нельзя отрицать.


I must apologize for having kept you so long

Я должен извиниться за то, что так Вас задержал.

I had a feeling of being watched

У меня было такое ощущение, что за мной кто-то наблюдает.





  1. You have only yourself to blame for not having asked for more detailed information
  2. Waiting for the market to stabilize is a lame excuse for doing nothing
  3. Momentarily, the Chairman experienced a sense of anger at having to consider trivia when – particularly now – bigger and vital, issues demanded his immediate attention
  4. He simply couldn’t bear not being the center of attention. Small wonder, he was less than popular with his colleagues
  5. Satisfying the sweet tooth of weight- conscious Americans hasn’t been easy for the food industry
  6. Hearing them talk like that made want to walk away from the negotiations
  7. All the evidence of past words and deeds is against such an agreement being possible
  8. These circumstances taken together prevented his seeing the matter in its proper light
  9. His private business grew. It was hard putting in an eight-hour day and then coming home for another two-to-four hours’ work
  10. The Social Security Secretary said that the welfare system in its current form was a major contribution to the nation’s property. “The system has become a part of the problem – encouraging dependency by passively paying out benefit. Encouraging people to feel that the best they can expect is a lifetime on benefit”
  11. Being in politics is like being a football coach; you have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it’s important (E. McCarthy)
  12. The financial crisis in East Asia has highlighted enough differences in financial vigor and regulatory policy from country to country to try lumping together tiger economies as homogenous group. Indeed, they call for being assessed ,ore discriminately
  13. Five days of talking produced a 17-page communiqué. Alas, there seems to be little clout behind the words
  14. Morgan Johnston, JetBlue’s manager of corporate communications, said the company’s “primary use of Twitter is really centered on maintaining a dialogue with customers”, which happens in the free account.
  15. Central banks appear committed to printing more money. Many fear that eventually this will lead to inflation.


II. Герундий в функции обстоятельства переводится точно так же, как причастие, то есть деепричастием , предложным оборотом и обстоятельным придаточным предложением. Если в предложении несколько герундиев выражают последовательные действия, то в переводе они могут стать личной формой глагола, например:


He left quietly without interrupting our conversation.

Он тихо вышел, не помешав нашей беседе.



1. Far from ending the division of Europe, British refusal to enter the euro zone deepened it.

2. On being carefully calculated the cost of conversion to single currency stands at 1,600 pounds to 5,000 pounds for each shop, depending on the size of the firm.

3. By knowing what to expect from red tape, the authorities can help people to cope with the complications they find most daunting about the process of converting to single currency.

4. In relying on Tectonic engineering, punctuality and ergonomics, he ditched his sensible Swedish Volvo for a complimentary BMW last year.

5. German universities are unlikely to appear in the global league without doing away with policy neglect, underfunding and the stranglehold of bureaucrats and politicians on decision-making.

6. In wanting to pay extra for organic meat, fruit and vegetables, consumers show their determination to shun food additives for healthier alternatives.

7. After learning about yet another reform of government services, people worry that this will mean higher prices.

8. In changing the rules of the game the government seeks to provide a fair playground for both big and small players.

9. You can not keep quarrelling with your immediate boss without running your chances of quick promotion.


III. Герундиальные комплексы могут переводиться придаточными и сочиненными предложениями, причем герундий переводится личной формой глагола и выступает в функции сказуемого. При переводе герундия бывает возможна замена глагола на существительное, и в этом случае сохраняется простое предложение, например:



He complained of my walking too slowly.

Он был недоволен тем, что я медленно иду.


He could not approve of our going there.

Он не одобрял нашу поездку туда.



He stayed there without our knowing it.

Он остался там, а мы даже не знали об этом.




1. The difficult thing is that I can not see our CEO being influenced by anybody.

2. He told the meeting of the two companies merging next month, causing a general uproar.

3.Business people are building so-called portals around search tools that are not too good, there being lots of opportunities to show people ads while they poke around. There is a fundamental conflict here, a coup of sorts against customers trying to pass through right away.

4. If a company wants to avert the risk of being acquired, one thing to do is to grow so large as to become indigestible.

5. The Administration failed to prevent the U.S. economic recovery from losing momentum, with growth in manufacturing activity and consumer spending slowing to a crawl in recent weeks.

6. Quite a few financial gurus insist on the Fed leaving rates alone.

7,The rail service objects to the media reporting a collapse in punctuality standards and an avalanche of complaints which exceeded the previous record by 70 percent.

8. In spite of Intel dominating the computer chip market and Microsoft towering over the software industry, their respective industries are now facing a competitor more formidable than any other: the USA government.

9. Masters object to government funding bypassing them, whereas the government contributes funding for bachelor degrees through local education authorities, and PhDs are funded by bodies such as the UK research councils.

10. People are no longer prepared to tolerate senior executives being paid so much more than workers that fundamental questions of equity and even decency have to be raised.

11. Western Europe approved of creating the euro for political reasons, not for economic ones. The economic arguments, sound though they may be, were tagged on later.

12. Dozens of major railway stations are to be upgraded to stop them being overwhelmed by passengers Network Rail said yesterday. The decision comes after managers at some of the busiest stations have had to draw up emergency plans to prevent dangerous overcrowding. Access to platforms at Birmingham New Street is regularly blocked because of the danger of passengers being pushed into the path of the trains.

13. Some employers’ organizations are reported to oppose trade union officials having the legal right to represent employees in the case of any grievance or disciplinary action.

14. Liberals disapprove of the government tightening its grip on the economy.



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Техника перевода экономических текстов

Часть 1

Грамматические аспекты перевода с английского языка на русский



Составитель СТУКАЛОВА Ирина Борисовна



Редактор Н. В. Прядко



Подписано в печать Формат 60х84 1/16.

Печать офсетная. Усл. печ. л. 1,25.

Уч.-изд. л. 1,24. Тираж 100 экз. Заказ .


ГОУ ВПО «РЭА имени Г. В. Плеханова».

117997, Москва, Стремянный пер., 36.

Напечатано в ГОУ ВПО «РЭА имени Г. В. Плеханова».


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