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Exercise 15.Translate the following sentences paying special attention to the use of Complex Object

1. We knew him to be very talented. 2. I want you to attend classes regularly. 3. I saw him enter the classroom. 4. I heard him speak at the conference. 5. Let me think about it. 6. Do you want me to show you my homework? 7. I don’t like you to say such things.8. The doctor wants his assistants to help him. 9. Scientists consider this theory to be highly original. 10. The doctors acknowledge their prognosis for recovery to be over-optimistic. 11. Why don’t you make her pay more attention to her studies?

Exercise16. Replace the following sentences by simple sentence with the Infinitive construction.

Model: I looked out of the window. He crossed the street. I saw him cross the street.

1. He is a famous scientist. I know him. 2. I’ll stay at home and do my home assignment. My mother said so. 3. The surgeon ordered that. The instruments should be sterilized immediately. 4. Nobody expected that. The dog recovered so fast. 5. I heard them. They discussed new methods of treatment. 6. The patient saw the doctor. The doctor entered the ward. 7. He felt the pain. The pain increased. 8. The students watched the nurse. The nurse gave an injection.

Exercise 17. Practice the following according to the model:

Model: A: Do you want to make a speech? B: No, I want you to make a speech.

Do you want to …

1. speak first? 2. attend the conference? 3. make a report? 4. to go to the farm? 5. work at the veterinary clinic? 6. answer the question? 7. examine the sick animal ? 8. work as a volunteer at the animal shelter? 9. go to the library? 10. do this exercise? 11. diagnose the disease? 12. compare the results? 13. administer medicine? 14. explain the problem in detail?

Exercise 18. Pay attention to the translation of different forms of the Infinitive as part of the Complex Object:

1. I know this surgeon to perform operations successfully. Я знаю, что этот хирург проводит операции успешно.
2. I know this surgeon to have performed operations successfully. Я знаю, что этот хирург провел операции успешно.
3. I know this patient to be operated on at our clinic. Я знаю, что этот больной оперируется в нашей клинике.
4. I know this patient to have been operated on in our clinic. Я знаю, что этот больной был прооперирован в нашей клинике.

Exercise 19. Translate the sentences from English into Russian:

1. I know this disease to be very infectious. 2. I know this disease to have been diagnosed in this region earlier. 3. I consider this problem to be very important. 4. I consider this problem to have been thoroughly investigated at the previous conference. 5. I consider this method of treatment to be very effective. 6. I consider this method of treatment to have been very effective over the last decade.

Exercise 20. Fill in the blanks with the suitable verbs. List of verbs is given below (you can use one verb twice):

Permit, make, allow, want, consider

1. I … you to explain the following phenomena. 2. This observations … us to draw some conclusions on the pathogenesis of the disease. 3. His physician didn’t … him to work until January. 4. We … this method to be very interesting. 5. The doctor …us stay in the hospital for two more days. 6. These facts … us reconsider the results of our experiment.

Exercise 21. Translate from Russian into English, using the Complex Object.

1. Я бы хотел, чтобы вы проанализировали результаты. 2. Профессор разрешил, чтобы вы провели операцию. 3. Они считают, что это оборудование надежно (reliable). 4. Эти результаты заставляют нас предположить, что болезнь излечима (curable). 5. Никто не ожидал, что это случится. 6. Не заставляйте меня делать эту работу.

Exercise 22. Translate from Russian into English using the phrases:

to let smb do smth - позволить
to make smb do sth -заставить

1. Врачи не разрешают ему выходить на улицу. 2. Пусть они напишут контрольную работу еще раз. 3. Не разрешайте животному много пить. 4. Заставляйте его делать упражнения каждый день.5. Дайте мне знать, когда она придет. 6. Отпустите его. 7. Он заставил нас сделать работу снова. 8. Не смешите меня. 9. Я не могу заставить его бросить курить. 10. Заставь его выпить лекарство.

Exercise 23. Translate from English into Russian. Find the Complex Object. Define the form of the Infinitive.

1. I expected my sister to be operated as soon as her temperature returned to normal. 2. The physician wanted my mother to follow a bed regimen for several days. 3. The physician thought the intensity of the shadow in the lung to decrease after the treatment. 4. The cardiologist considered the electrocardiogram waves to have changed after the heart attack.

Exercise 24. Use the Complex Object instead of the subordinate clause.

1. The surgeon believed that the patient would recover soon after the operation. 2. Everybody thought that the initial diagnosis would be confirmed by laboratory tests. 3. We didn’t expect that the patient would develop complications in his lungs. 4. Doctors consider that the loss of weight is one of the typical signs of pulmonary tuberculosis. 5. Veterinarians determined that the primary focus of infection had been eliminated. 6. We didn’t believe that this medicine would have any side effects. 7. Doctors expected that disturbances in blood circulation would be eliminated.

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