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Read the text and say how important English is in one's business career

English in My Life and in My Future Career

When Ithink about my future career in business I dream of working my way up to the top from a messenger to a president of

F. Find words and expressions in the text with the following mea­nings:

the corporation. Nowadays, however, education plays a central role in the selection of men and women for management jobs. And, of course, it's impossible to make any career in business without good knowledge of foreign languages.

With increased global trade more and more businesses are recruiting students who speak foreign languages. The growing interest of business in foreign languages has driven colleges to expand their programmes. People realise the importance of foreign language proficiency which enhances a person's marketability in any field.

English will be required regularly in my future work. I expect to use English in speaking and listening face to face and in telephone communication. I also expect to use English in reading magazines, professional journals, reports, newspapers, in reading and writing business letters. I need English for broad socio-cultural purposes: to obtain information, to convene at multinational gatherings, and to travel.

I know that nowadays at an airport or in a hotel bar a person of any nationality would address me directly in English without asking whether 1 speak the language: some degree of command is taken for granted.

English is a language of banking and business. Many international firms based in non-English countries conduct their entire operations throughout the world in English. In commerce a salesman sent to any country will negotiate the contract in English.

There are some general interests and activities where I need English, such as: entertainment at home (radio, TV, etc.), friends, social gatherings, films, theatre, music, cultural interests, travel, sports, community activities, transportation, shopping, reading newspapers and many other needs. In other words, English is a commodity people seek eagerly to acquire often at great expense.

2. Pronunciation

A. How are the underlined letters in these pairs of words pronounced? Practise saying the words.

1) recruit — require; 2) speak — realize; 3) gathering — think; 4) ex­pand enhance; 5) convene — central; 6) career — degree.

B. These words contain silent letters. Cross out the letters in the words which are not pronounced. Listen to the teacher and check

your answers.

Business, knowledge, foreign, purpose, whether, would.

Word Study

A. Find international words in the text and write them out. Learn
their correct pronunciation.

B. Give Russian equivalents to the following word combina­

to work one's way to the top; selection for management jobs; to be required regularly; to enhance a person's marketability; speaking and listening face to face; to convene at multinational gatherings; to address a person directly in English; to be taken for granted; some degree of command; to conduct entire operations in English; to negotiate the contract in English; community activities; at great expense.

С Give English equivalents to the word combinations:

играть главную роль; в настоящее время это невозможно; хо­рошее знание иностранного языка; разговаривать на иностранном языке; растущий интерес по отношению к иностранным языкам; использовать английский в говорении; не спрашивая, говорю ли я на этом языке.

D. Match the words from A with their opposites from B.



1) to expect something always to happen or exist in a particular way; 2) this quality makes an employer want to give you a job; 3) knowledge of a particular subject, especially the ability to speak a foreign language; 4) something that is useful or necessary; 5) the activities of buying and selling goods or services; 6) a high degree of ability or skill in something; 7) to improve something, or make it more attractive or more valuable; 8) to try to reach an agreement by discussing something in a formal way, especially in a business or political situation.

G. Supply the sentences with required words. If necessary, change their grammatical forms.

increase realise enhance require obtain

address conduct negotiate seek convene

1. She has to ... her manager's permission before she does any­thing. 2. The measures taken should considerably ... the working conditions. 3. We do not always find what we ... .4. The interview was ... by telephone. 5. Our expenses ... dramatically over the last decade. 6. Shouldn't we ... a meeting about this? 7. The two sides have yet to show their willingness to ... . 8. She turned to ... the man on the left. 9. No previous knowledge of English is ... for admission to the college. 10. It's important to ... that this situation is only temporary.

H. Make adjectives from the names of the following countries.

Great Britain (England), the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Irish Republic, India, Pakistan, France, China, Russia, Spain, Germany.

In which countries from the list above is English used as an official language? Where else is it used as an official language? I. Make nouns from these verbs:

educate, select, manage, know, work, communicate, gather, operate, entertain.

Grammar Focus

A. Find in the text "English in My Life and in My Future Career" sentences with the infinitive and translate them.

B. Finish the sentences. Use the infinitive. Say when the infinitive is used with and without the particle "to".

1. I learn English to ... . 2. To get a good command of the English language I would advise to .... 3. To improve my language skills I'm willing to .... 4. If you want to have a successful career, it is necessary to ... . 5. If you want to get promotion, you must .... 6. No one will ever make me ... . 7. In my childhood I was often made to ... . 8. The company simply cannot afford to ... . 9. Don't press him into making the purchase, let him ... . 10. It was nice of her to ... . 11. I want to know how to ... . 12. Well, speaking about my future career, 1 would like to ... . 13. In the next few years I would like to ... .

C. Find in the text "English in My Life and in My Future
Career" sentences with the gerund and translate them.

D. Finish the sentences. Use the gerund.

1. When I think about my future career in business I dream of ... . 2. I expect to use English in ... . 3. I am interested in ... .

4. I am looking forward to .... 5. I can't get used to .... 6. I am used to .... 7. I enjoy ... . 8. I have difficulty in .... 9. I have no experience in ... . 10. When I was a child, I was terrified of ... . 11. I am surprised at .... 12. I avoid .... 13. I am afraid of ... .

5. Diving Deeper

Answer the questions. Use the text "English in My Life and in My Future Career" for reference.

1. What's your idea of your future career? 2. Is it possible to make a career in business without good knowledge of foreign languages? Why? 3. In what professional and general activities will you need English in your future life and career? 4. How long have you been learning English? 5. Is learning English an easy thing? 6. How can you improve your knowledge of English? 7. Have you ever learnt English outside the education system? 8. Is it expensive to learn English? 9. What other languages would you like to know? 10. Why do the students of your educational establishment learn English? II. Have you read any books (seen films) in English? 12. Have you ever been to any English-speaking country?

A. Look at the picture. What is the chef cooking? Can you guess what the text you are going to read is about?

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