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Ex. 251. Translate the sentences into Russian


1. He must have sold his piano.

2. He may have sold his piano.

3. He might have sold his piano.

4. He can’t have sold his piano.

5. He shouldn’t have sold his piano.

6. He should have sold his piano.

7. He needn’t have sold his piano.

8. He didn’t have to sell his piano.

9. He had to sell his piano.


Ex. 252. Translate the sentences into English.


1. Они, должно быть, уехали в Нью-Йорк.

2. Они, возможно, уехали в Нью-Йорк.

3. Может быть, они и уехали в Нью-Йорк (хотя едва ли).

4. Не может быть, что они уехали в Нью-Йорк.

5. Им следовало уехать в Нью-Йорк (а они не уехали).

6. Им не следовало уезжать в Нью-Йорк (а они уехали).

7. Они могли и не уезжать в Нью-Йорк (а они уехали).

8. Им незачем было уезжать в Нью-Йорк (они и не уехали).

9. Им пришлось уехать в Нью-Йорк.


Ex. 253. Change the following sentences as in the examples.


1. There is some mistake in his calculations. (должно быть) __must be__

2. He was disappointed with my results. (должно быть) ___________________________

3. He is learning Japanese. (неужели) __________

4. She refused to speak to Mr.Brown. (не может быть) ____________________________

5. He promised to help her. (неужели) __________

6. He telephoned Jane yesterday (может быть) ____

7. They will go to the movie. (возможно) ________

8. He found a new job. (мог бы) ________________

9. They discussed the problem with the boss. (возможно) ___________________________

10. You had a very good time there. (должно быть) ________________________________

11. I took a holiday last week. (мог) _____________

12. Johnny is playing in the courtyard. (возможно) _

13. It costs 750 dollars. (неужели) ______________

14. The weather will change soon. (может) _______

15. I won’t have time to do it (возможно) ________

16. There isn’t any water on the moon. (должно быть, нет) __________________________

17. It was not necessary for them to hurry. (не было необходимости) __________________

18. I advise you to work harder if you want to pass your English exam. (тебе нужно) ______

19. I don’t think he should follow your advice. (с какой стати) ________________________

20. Shall I read all these instructions? (обязательно ли нужно) _______________________

21. You didn’t phone me yesterday (могли бы) ____

22. Do it right away. (почему бы вам не сделать) __

23. We start so early tomorrow. (обязательно ли нам отправляться) ___________________

24. Put your sweater on if you don’t want to catch a cold. (тебе следует надеть) __________

25. I don’t often work overtime. (не приходится) ___

26. I don’t know what he thinks about it. (откуда мне знать) __________________________

27. Why didn’t you take a taxi? (вам нужно было) __

28. Don’t talk about Ron like this. (не должен) _____

29. We’ll wait for a few days. (нам придется) ______

30. Buy her some flowers. (тебе следует) _________

31. He bought her some flowers. (и зачем ему нужно было) __________________________

32. They didn’t wait for us. (могли бы) ___________

33. You didn’t warn me they were going to come. (нужно было) ______________________

34. Don’t park your car in front of the entrance. (нельзя) _____________________________

35. It was late and we took a taxi. (пришлось) ______

37. We don’t want to invite the Flynns. They are so boring. (обязательно ли нужно) _______

37. Jane was a good secretary and Mr. Pristley never reminded her what to do. (не нужно было

напоминать) ____________________________

38. Don’t translate this letter. I understand everything. (не нужно) ______________________

39. It was not necessary for us to take so much luggage. (напрасно взяли) ________________

40. The bus was half empty, so it was not necessary for me to stand. (не нужно было) _______


Ex. 254. Translate the following sentences into Russian.


1. May I have a look at this camera?

2. Bill is coughing all the time. He must go to the doctor.

3. You may take a holiday on July, Miss Green.

4. I can’t play Rugby.

5. I must thank him for such lovely present.

6. You shouldn’t drink so much coffee.

7. After breakfast I’ll have to go shopping.

8. Must I read the whole book?

9. You can’t take my car today, George.

10. I could dance very well when I was at school.

11. You shouldn’t make so much noise, children. I have a terrible headache.

12. He can’t have forgotten to send them a telegram.

13. I can’t find David. Where can he be? – It’s difficult to say. He may be at home or he may be

at the club.

14. You don’t have to go to the shop. We have enough vegetables.

15. I suppose he shouldn’t have touched anything at all.

16. Sh! You mustn’t make so much noise here.

17. Can it be true?

18. I have to call him now because he may go out for lunch.

19. You’ll be able to type very well if you practice regularly.

20. I may be mistaken.

21. I am not able to play volleyball today. My right arm hurts me.

22. I have to feed my dog twice a day.

23. They can’t have bought a car.

24. You shouldn’t have stayed out so long.

25. What can I do for you?

26. It must have been difficult for you to collect all these data.

27. They might have missed the train.

28. I was able to get him on the phone only at 4 p.m.

29. Can he have built a summer cottage?

30. They may come any time.

31. I might buy a house in Boston but I’m not sure I’ll be able to find a good job there.

32. In this picture you can see some young men playing football.

33. I’ll have to work overtime on Monday.

34. Why should I sell my car? It isn’t old enough.

35. I may go to the personnel department tomorrow.

36. He couldn’t have worked there last year.

37. I see no reason why we should worry about him.

38. Frank had to look for a job when he went back to Chicago.

39. Why did you go alone? You might have lost your way.

40. Where can we find him?

41. He must be about fifty now.

42. Why shouldn’t we have accepted their invitation?

43. I can’t go anywhere today. I must water the lawn.

44. He must have found a new job.

45. We were able to find him only in the afternoon.

46. You must remember Andrew. We met him at the conference in Oxford.

47. The window may not have been shut.

48. I can’t afford to buy such an expensive car. Not now, anyway.

49. Could you tell me the way to the station?

Ex. 255. Translate the words in bold type into English.




Молодой Луне пришла в голову прекрасная мысль: “Почему бы мне не сшить себеновое платье? Ямогла бы в нем гулять по небу”, - и она отправилась к портному.

“Не могли бы вы сшитьмне новое платье? – спросила она. – Но оно должно хорошо сидеть”.

“Можете не беспокоиться, - ответил портной. – Оно будетпрекрасно сидеть. Вы такая молодая, такая тоненькая. Позвольте мне снять мерку”.

Когда он снял мерку, Луна спросила: “Когда мне приходитьна примерку?” И он велел ей прийти через неделю.

Однако платье оказалось слишком узким. “Должно быть, я плохо снял мерку, - подумал огорченный портной. – Теперь придется все делать сначала”.

Он опять снял мерку и велел Луне прийти через десять дней.

Платье снова оказалось узким, да и Луна выглядела теперь совсем иначе. “Неужели я опять ошибся?Или, может быть, она так потолстела? – огорчился портной, снимая мерку в третий раз. Ну, теперь все должно быть в порядке”.

Когда Луна пришла опять, это была уже полная Луна. “Это безобразие! – завопил портной. - Надо было предупредить меня,что у вас такая неустойчивая фигура. Не стану я для вас работать!”

Так Луне пришлось обойтись без нового платья.




1. That … be the hotel Jane told us about.

A) mustn’t B) can’t


2. Mr Fox … not come. He sent me to represent him.

A) must B) may C) can


3. They … light the fire to cook their supper.

A) might B) had to C) could


4. Take an umbrella. It … rain lately.

A) might B) should


5. Jack … go to hospital yesterday.

A) must B) had to


6. He … stay the night with us. I won’t let him drive to the country in this rain.

A) could B) have to C) must


7. We’ve got plenty of time. We don’t … to hurry.

A) mustn’t B) need


8. Sorry, I can’t stay any longer. I … go.

A) might B) have to


9. The butler … have stolen the jewels. There is no other explanation.

A) should B)must


10. We … wear uniform at school. That’s why I like it.

A) must B) shouldn’t C) don’t have to


11. You … have phoned from the station. Why didn’t you?

A) must B) have to C) should


12. Today is Sunday, so I … get up early.

A) don’t have to B) mustn’t


13. You have just had lunch. You … be hungry.

A) can’t B) might not


14. Helen … the money from the office. She didn’t come into the office the day it was stolen.

A) can’t have stolen B) must have stolen


15. I … be able to speak better if I practice more.

A) will B) could


16. … you drive before your husband bought a car?

A) should B) could


17. Let’s tell Diana. She … know.

A) could not B) might not

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